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Branson Products - ATV Cool Power Clamp on Cooling FinsSometimes we need a little more cooling on our air-cooled ATVs. Heat is one of the biggest killers of Horsepower and engine life.

Cool Power has come up with a helpful solution for this problem. They formed aluminum fins that attach to your cooling fins on your cylinder to create a larger cooling area to disperse heat in a more efficient manner.

Cool-power offered us a chance to test the new cooling fins. First we ran our test unit for 30 minutes at Little Sahara state park in Waynoka, Ok. (Sand will overheat a motor quickly) to insure the motor was running hot. We checked the engine temperature without the Cool-power fins and the oil temperature. The cylinder temp was running at 239 degrees and oil temp was at 137.4 degrees. The outside air temperature was at 74 degrees. Not a really hot day but still enough to over heat an air-cooled motor.

Next we installed 30 Cool Power fins on our TRX300ex to give them a try. The kit comes with 30 cool-power fins and a tube of silicone adhesive. Installation only takes about 15 minutes. Before installing Cool Power Clamp On cooling fins, make sure the engine cooling fins are clean and dry. To install Cool Power Clamp On cooling fins, apply a small bead of adhesive on the clamp on cooling fin where it will contact the existing fin. After contacting the existing fin, push the clamp on cooling fin an additional 1/4 inch or slightly more onto it. Once the fin is in place, allow 24 hours for a full strength bond to develop before riding. We suggest first clamping the clamp on fins in place without the adhesive to get a good idea of where they will fit and look best.

Next we took our test unit out on the same trail and ran it the same 30 minutes as before. The temperature out on the dunes was now at 85 degrees up 11 degrees from the day before. After our 30-minute ride was completed, we took the cylinder temperature and oil temperature.

The results were as follows, on an 11 degrees hotter day, our cylinder temperature was down to 230 degrees and oil temperature was down to 133.6 degrees. Not bad for a 11 degree hotter day which figures out to a 20 degree temperature drop on our cylinder and 15 degrees cooler oil temperature. Any product that can help cure heat related wear and horsepower loss is a valuable addition to any air-cooled motored ATV or Motorcycle. The cost of the Cool Power Clamp on fins are, $39.95 for 30 cooling fins and enough silicone to install them. A small price to pay for the extra cooling your engine will receive.

For more information, contact:
Branson Products
8438 N 56 th Ave
Glendale AZ 85302
Phone: 623.931.5826
Web Site:

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