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Keeping the Cool in Coolant by J&T Products

J&T ProductsOne of the biggest things overlooked by ATV manufactures is a way to keep an eye on the coolant temperature of our liquid cooled motors. Heat will wear down and destroy that very expensive motor.

J&T Products has come up with a very nice and well put together kit to solve the problem.

Mechanical Gauge
Mechanical Gauge
12 Volt Gauge  standard
12 Volt Gauge standard

12 volt gauge with LED backlit lighting
12 volt gauge with LED backlit lighting

J&T offers 3 types of gauges for any application. First they have a 12-volt standard gauge, also a 12-volt LED backlit gauge and a mechanical gauge. All gauges have a Lexan plastic lens to prevent breakage. ATV Source tested all 3 on a Banshee and a Raptor.

First part of the job was to open up the well-packaged gauges and insure that all parts were there. The kits were well put together and J&T Products thought of everything needed and supplied it in each kit.

To start installing the gauge, first remove upper plastics, find the return coolant hose, and splice in the sending unit. Find a good 12-volt power source and make connections using the supplied electrical clips. Continue by making a good ground connection, then run wires to your chosen install place for the temperature gauge.

Next you need to cut a 2 round hole where the plastic is flat and has at least 2 inches of clearance behind it to install the gauge.

Install the gauge and make all final electrical connections. (One nice thing to note here is that the 12-volt gauges use a plug connector at the gauge, making it easy to unplug the gauge to remove the fender). Finally, re-install the plastic, and get ready to fire up you ATV.

Start the ATV up and allow it to warm up to operating temperature. Check the gauge to make sure everything is working properly as the unit is running. Once completed, the set-up looks really trick.

Now you can ride, and at a glance, look down and see if your ATV is running at normal operating temperature. If the motor starts to overheat, the temperature gauge will give you that extra needed time to stop and allow the ATV to cool down. In our book this is one of the most important items needed on any liquid cooled motor!

For more information about J&T Products you can visit them at:

J&T Products
Lapeer, Michigan USA
Phone: 810.664.3987
Fax: 810.664.0210

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