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BEDNET - Secure ATV Hauling System

By: Brian Goley

The accidental loss of unsecured cargo can result in vehicle damage, highway collisions, or worst case fatalities. All truck owners should make sure their truck’s cargo is properly secured before taking off down the road. Preventing damage to the truck, its cargo, and insuring the safety of fellow motorists is always a challenge to the truck owner. Especially us ATVers who haul our ATV’s everywhere we go. A product developed by BEDNET would like to take the worry out of securing your ATV in the bed of your truck.

The BEDNET is a weave of two-inch seat-belt-style polyester straps (1 & 4) with durable polyethylene coated high-carbon-steel hooks (5) at all four corners. The webbing’s sew pattern is a heavy duty “Box X” (2) using industrial strength polyester thread. The “Quick Tite” buckles (3) are a one-piece design and made of super tough Nylon to help protect your truck’s finish. Its design adjusts to fit any size cargo. Simply pull the adjust strap to tighten the “Quick Tite” buckles and lift tabs to the buckles to loosen and remove.

Some of the unique features of the BEDNET:

  • The BEDNET utilizes its very own patented “Quick-Tite” Buckles. They are made of super tough nylon and contain no moving parts. The buckles are designed to tighten and release with ease.
  • Every BEDNET is constructed of high strength 2” polyester webbing sewn together with industrial strength polyester thread.
  • All components of the BEDNET have been designed to help protect the finish of the pick-up truck.
  • Every BEDNET comes with a durable storage case that easily slides behind the seat.

BEDNET says it is strong enough to hold an ATV, or just about anything, in place. ATV Source has been using this product for sometime now and has made it one of our first options when needing to secure cargo in our trucks. But have we replaced all of our tie downs with the BEDNET when carrying our ATV’s? Unfortunately the answer is No. There are times when the standard tie down is required over the BEDNET.

The Reason:

The BEDNET is designed to drape over any cargo in the bed of the truck. Once all four anchor hooks are secured to the bed, each corner strap assembly is pulled tightly to create downward pressure on the cargo. This downward pressure concerned us as we noticed the ATV’s fenders where also forced downward causing them to bend. This bending could lead to fender damage. We also had some difficulties with other ATV equipment that was covered or protruded through the webbing such as hand guards, brake and clutch levers. If you do not properly place the BEDNET in the right position before tightening the straps, you can cause damage to these items by bending or breaking them. Does this mean you can’t use the BEDNET to secure an ATV? Not necessarily. You will have to be extra careful when placing the BEDNET over the ATV. As with any tie down system, you must periodically check the tightness of the straps for long hauls. We found that the "Quick Tite" buckles can loosen up as your cargo shifts.

Recording the time needed to place 4 tie downs on an ATV vs. the BEDNET system, we found the total time was the about the same. The BEDNET does come in handy for securing other cargo. We highly recommend the product if you haul a lot of cargo or cargo that extends above your truck bed's side rails.

We did like the added feature of when you are not using the product.  It can be stowed away in a hard plastic storage case that you can keep tucked away behind the seat.

BEDNET is available in different colors and must be ordered to fit your particular model truck. If used properly, the BEDNET Cargo Restraint System can make your ATV secure in the bed of your truck.

Contact Information:

P.O. Box 6091
Knoxville, TN 37914
Phone: (866) 4BEDNET
Web Site:

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