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By: Robert Beal

Battery Tender Plus

No loyal ATV rider in his or her right mind would want to spend a beautiful summer Saturday morning visiting yard sales when they could be out on the trails. But sometimes you make sacrifices for the ones you love. One such Saturday, I was rewarded with a yard sale find like no other I had ever come across.

The typical product review is the result of a journalist or publication receiving a promotional item from a marketing firm or directly from a manufacturer. Not in this case. This product review is the result of a yard sale find bought in brand new condition for a measly sum.

Battery Tender PlusWhen I saw the Battery Tender Plus among the discarded knick-knacks and worn Tupperware containers of a neighborhood yard sale it was like seeing a tulip growing among thistles and ragweed. I quickly snatched it from its humble setting and asked the attentive seller, “How much?” She replied, “What is it?... How about $5?” I agreed and quickly retired from the scene with my prize in hand. Later, I would feel a few pangs of guilt for acquiring this new tool for such a bargain price, but who was I to slap away the benevolent hand of the yard sale angel.

I had seen this product in ATV magazines and at my local ATV dealer, but because its retail price exceeded the cost of my dog’s anti-anxiety medication, I refrained from purchasing one. My patience had paid off. My only hope was that the product would live up to its hype as “The World’s Most Advanced Fully Automatic Battery Charger.”

Living in a suburban area, I don’t get to ride nearly as often as I would like. My machine often sits for weeks (or even months during the winter) without as much as a spin around the yard. Getting the opportunity to go for a ride is sometimes as complicated as launching the Space Shuttle… is the weather right?… is the calendar clear of obligations?… is the riding area closed or over crowded? A mechanical failure is the biggest mission stopper of them all. There is little margin for error and no patience for a dead battery.

Enter the Battery Tender Plus.  Produced by the Deltran Corporation, this marvel of modern convenience holds dead batteries at bay while your machine is idled by weather or a lack of riding time. Simply attach the battery leads to your ATV battery and plug it in; the Battery Tender’s microprocessor does the rest. When first connected to the battery, the Battery Tender delivers a gentle charge to bring the ATV battery up to its full capacity. When its built-in microprocessor senses the battery is close to capacity, it switches over to a “float” or maintenance charge to keep the battery fresh and avoid overcharging and causing irreversible damage. No need to unhook it, no need to unplug it. Just leave it attached until you are ready to fire up your ATV for a day on the trails.

The devise comes with two ways to attach to your battery: traditional alligator clips and a quick disconnect cable harness.
The devise comes with two ways to attach to your battery: traditional alligator clips and a this quick disconnect cable harness.

The devise comes with two ways to attach to your battery: traditional alligator clips and a quick disconnect cable harness. Since I generally remove my battery for storage in the friendlier climate of my workbench, I utilize the alligator clips. But the quick disconnect cable harness would be ideal for someone looking for an easy way to attach the Battery Tender to their machine’s battery. Regardless of which method you choose, the Battery Tender is virtually idiot proof. Flashing lights signal you if you accidentally reverse the polarity of the charging leads. It connects without the typical sparks you often get with traditional battery chargers and is protected with continuous short-circuit protection. Two simple lights signal the charging state of your battery and let you know when a dead battery is charged up enough to use. If only caring for anxiety-ridden dogs were as easy.

Lately, my riding time has been limited even more than usual. Moves to a new house, a new job, and the aforementioned wonder-mutt have put a crimp in my riding plans. Meanwhile, my ATV battery waits patiently, ready for action with the help of my Battery Tender Plus. Seeing it in action, I would not hesitate to drink Maxwell House over Starbucks for the requisite number of days to save up for the retail purchase price.  Its money well spent on a product that lives up to its hype.

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