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Mr. Funnel
Removing Gas Contaminants Through Mr. Funnel
Shurhold Industries helps keep your gas more pure during refueling

Review By: Steve Carson

Mr. FunnelHave you ever had an unfortunate event out on the trails that has filled your gas tank with water and debris? Or how about trying to refill your machine with gas in the hardest downpour of rain that you can ever imagine? Shurhold Industries has a simple solution to offer to you with their new product featuring patent pending Mr. Funnel® technology!

Shurhold Industry’s Fuel Filter Funnels can prove to be a great asset to any extreme ATV enthusiasts aside from Aviation and Marine users. The patented Mr. Funnel® technology removes dirt and water from fuel with a special screen type material similar to what is used in fuel filters. The screen sits approximately 1-2 inches from the base of the funnel on a podium that allows an approximate 2 oz. “catch basin.” The filter itself is self-cleaning and does not require a filter replacement. To properly test the funnel, it is recommended to cover 1/3 of the screen with water to confirm that no leaks are present.

Field sample to test if Mr Funnel will remove water.Now to put Mr. Funnel® to the test to see if its standards can really holds up to ATV use, a few field tests were performed. As you can see in the photo, on the left hand side is a container with approximately 4 ounces of gasoline, and on the right is 4 ounces of water.  Imagine attempting to fill your ATV in a torrential downpour allowing copious amounts of water to enter and contaminate your fuel. This is something that you can see when we combine 4 ounces of water with 4 ounces of gasoline to simulate a worst case scenario.

Mr. Funnel® is able to decontaminate your fuel, or prevent contamination because the bell of the funnel is large enough to keep any water from flowing around and into your tank.

Side-by-side is the finished filtration by Mr. Funnel.Amazingly Mr. Funnel® filters out only the gasoline and leaves behind only a thin layer of gasoline on top of the water left in the funnel!  Here side by side is the finished filtration by Mr. Funnel® which astonishingly secures the thought that this product really does filter water from gasoline in a contaminated mixture.

How many ATV’s do you think have attempted to cross a stream they didn’t realize was as deep as it looked and inadvertently ended up flipped over? A great way to get some nasty contaminants in your fuel tank! With the help of a gas can and Mr. Funnel® you can clean your fuel and hopefully get running to get you home safely. To give Mr. Funnel® the ultimate test I used some dirt off a driveway containing small crushed rocks and mixed it in some water to get a muddy effect.  Worst case scenario now occurs when this muddy contaminated water gets into the gasoline that’s sitting in your tank!

Contaminated fuel with dirt and rocks.Everyone knows that your machine cannot and will not run with contaminated gasoline, and if it tries your left with clogged jets, not to mention scoured piston walls and rings and possibly damaged valves as well. It can turn out to be a pretty expensive disaster to ATV users in this scenario. Mr. Funnel® is here to offer some assistance in getting the contaminants out of your fuel tank , and you back on the road to recovery!

This is the gasoline that was salvaged from the contaminated mixture.  And this is the mixture of the muddy contaminant with a small fraction of fuel that was unable to be filtered.

The difference between loosing fuel compared to what you can save.I can afford to loose less than ¼ of an ounce of fuel rather than have my gas tank filled with contaminants such as mud and water. I believe that if you are looking for a great item to add to your emergency stash of tools and toys for your ATV’s, Mr. Funnel® is an absolute must for venturing into the wilderness where anything can happen. I highly recommend Mr. Funnel® for anyone that wishes to traverse water on a day to day basis, and also for unexpected weather while filling up your machine. This product has me convinced that it can safely treat your gasoline. The picture to the left is of the same 4 ounces of water and 4 ounces of gasoline I originally started with.  The left most bottle is the final bit of gasoline left after the tests were completed.

I trust Shurhold Industries’ Mr. Funnel® enough to pour the final product of filtered gasoline into my own gas tank on my 2005 Honda Rincon. I believe that Shurhold’s Mr. Funnel® is a brilliant and revolutionary necessity for extreme ATV riders that like to take to the extremes.

For more information regarding Shurhold’s Mr. Funnel® and many more American Made products go to

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