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The Fallout Volume 2: Review

Cool freestyle tricks are frequently and in your face.

What is it?
It's 45 minutes of some of the most heart pounding, adrenalin pumping, ATV antics ever caught on film. While DVDs like the Carpe Diem series focus on racing-action segments from amateurs to pros, the second edition of The Fallout series is more heavily focused on the ATV FMX scene. What’s that you say? The jump video thing has been done time and time again! Not to worry, the crews from Akraix Entertainment and Studio 411 have raised the bar once again on what is thought possible on four wheels.

What’s Unique Here?
The MTV generation is known for editing work that cuts from scene to scene faster than the human brain can decode. Besides inducing a headache, this brand of quick cutting has been overused in all powersports videos since their VHS format-only days. Fortunately, The Fallout Volume 2 approaches the task of scene assembly with a clean, professional style that makes all of the on-screen feats even more spectacular to behold. This, coupled with the naturally crisp definition of the DVD format, results in a vivid visual package of color and motion.

A few crash segments, OUCH!
A few crash segments, OUCH!

One-Track Mind
While quad FMX gets the lion’s share of attention, this isn’t to say that the film’s producers forgot to include some racing segments and wicked get-offs along the way. The action is kept at a brisk pace from beginning to end, and unlike most free-ride videos, Fallout 2 doesn’t struggle to find filler material between the jump footage.

What to Expect
This video contains breathtaking natural terrain, incredible hang-time, tricks that rival some of the world's best BMX riders, and camera angles that have yet to be witnessed in the realm of ATV videos. The soundtrack consists mostly of scream-rock and lighter punk anthems most certainly intended to pump up the film’s viewers, although at times some of the aerial maneuvers are so graceful that one could almost imagine classical music causing goose-bumps.

The Fallout Series as added mud slinging action along with their usual high flying action
The Fallout Series as added mud slinging action along with their usual high flying action

The industry is becoming increasingly more crowded with quality video entries devoted exclusively to ATV riding. Many rely upon gimmicks to carve their own niche on the shelf. The Fallout series does not find itself in need of any particular marketing gimmicks to get noticed. While the first entry in the series was a bit more groundbreaking in its approach to bring the skills of ATV free-riding to the masses, the second volume keeps to the original formula and only adds to it on account of the ever-increasing creativity of the riders.

Just how impressive are the displays within The Fallout Volume 2? Impressive enough to get hardened industry insiders gasping at just how high the bar has been raised in the ATV free-ride world of late. If it has that type of effect on those of us who surround ourselves with it, imagine what your non-riding neighbors are going to say!

For more info or to order a copy head over to:

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