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By: Ray Barnard

Viper Winch "Got R Done!"

Viper Winch 3000
Viper Winch 3000

I finally got the opportunity to try out the Viper 3000 winch that was sent to me by Moto Alliance for testing. I just couldn't seem "to get the ball rolling" in my part of the woods when I needed to.

Access to property where the winch could be used was the primary reason that I had to put off the testing. However, when I was afforded the access opportunity, I couldn't have been happier with a product.

After some difficulty on my part (it didn't have anything to do with the winch) in trying to mount the winch on my ATV (I already had a winch on my bike), I opted to mount it on a friend's old, but reliable, Honda ATV.

How did it perform you might ask?

Have you ever seen a "Cheshire Cat" grin?

You would have seen one on my friend as he and I put the winch to task.

The only thing that limited this winch was the lightweight ATV.

We moved some sizeable tree trunks with this winch, and one of those tree trunks was a "doozy."

We tried a tree-saver strap, along with a shackle and the snatch block, to pull the aforementioned large log, and it could have pulled the log with no problem. The only problem we encountered with this setup, as I said before, was the lightweight ATV and not having an opportunity to wedge the ATV against a tree or log for leverage.

Winching a large tree limb.
Winching a large tree limb.

This winch will pull with the best of them, and the fiber cable proved to be as strong, Viper says stronger, plus a lot easier to handle than the steel cable that you see on most winches. All you have to do is put the winch in "free spool," pull the cable out, attach it to what you want to move, re-engage the gear, and this winch will move it.

This winch also just exudes quality. Everything about it looks good, and the mounting instructions were easy to follow.

The Viper Max has about everything a person could want in a winch. The package includes the winch, the wiring, a mounting plate, roller fairlead, a handlebar mount switch, and a remote switch with wiring. Also, there is a snatch block that comes with it.
Purchase a shackle or two and a tree saver strap and you've got it all.

If you go to Tractor Supply or an ATV dealership to buy a snatch block, it will be in the seventy dollar category, or almost a third of what the Viper would cost in its entirety.

There were only two small things I wondered about when my friends and I mounted this winch.

No rubber boots were supplied to cover the wire connections when attached to the winch. Also, I had a two-bolt set-up for mounting the roller fairlead and was provided with one bolt and three nuts with which to attach it. However, in my community there is a fastener store that can provide you with just about any type of nut, bolt, screw or anything else you might need for fastening or mounting just about anything you would want to name. You can take an old bolt or nut into the store, and they will match it. Sometimes they can match the fastener exactly, but at other times it might be a different length or color, but will still suffice to put one back in the mounting business.

With the obvious quality of the Viper unit, I would have to wonder why anyone would pay twice the price for another brand of winch when they could have this one.

How about customer service?

Winching a large log.
Winching a large log.

The Moto Alliance website stresses customer satisfaction.

I, at this point in time, would have no knowledge of this benefit, but as time goes by and the winch is used for other things, I might have a reason to find out.

Do I anticipate having to use customer service?

No! As I said, this preliminary test of the winch has proved to be a pleasure, and I just can't foresee anything going wrong with it for years. Only time will tell.

Check these winches out. If you don't have a winch, it is a relatively inexpensive way to obtain a quality unit. Even if your "other" winch fails, this winch will be much lighter on your pocketbook; and the quality is there.

An old Alka Seltzer commercial used to use the line: "Try it, you'll like it!" and I am sure you will.

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