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By: Jason Giacchino


Taking Citrawipes out for a Ride

CitraWipeMuch like the hordes of chicken wing aficionados around the world, ATV riders are not strangers to greasy hands. Only unlike the chicken wing eaters, we are no longer forced to carry those overly-folded wet-wipes that shred apart long before they manage to clean anything. What’s worse is finishing a repair and heading into the house to wash up only to leave a grease slick on all of the doorknobs, faucets, and even in the sink’s basin once the grease leaves your hands. Thanks to Zogics latest development, the Citrawipe, we need worry about greasing up our mitts no longer both in the workshop and out on the most remote of trail sides.

What’s a Citrawipe?
Think an individually packaged 9x7" baby-wipe made of low-linting non-woven fabric that comes pre-saturated with a cleaning solution made from oils extracted from citrus rind. Remove that alcohol-inspired odor and replace it with a soothing blast of orange, and you pretty well have the concept.

Does it Work?
They absolutely do! There is a reason most household cleaners include orange-oil: It cuts through grease but isn’t overly harsh on the skin. Zogics includes a layer of aloe vera and lanolin into the formula for added moisture protection. The grease quickly wipes away rather than smears against the material. One wipe was plenty enough to get the job done even after the messiest of all ATV repairs: Replacing the chain. While removing grease may be the main appeal for many, these wipes also make light work of mud, grass stain, crusty dirt, mucus, or just about any other material commonly encountered out on the trails.

The wipes come packaged in twin individual foil packs that are plenty thin enough to store under your seat. The best idea is pick up a few packs next time you’re at the dealership and slip them into position under your saddle and to forget about them. Rest assured, you’ll remember they’re there when you need them and trust us when we tell you that you’ll be glad you have them when that day comes.

How Much Are They?
Our local dealer sells them individually for $3 per twin pack or $59.99 for a case of 60 (30 twin packs). They’re also available directly from Zogics at the following link:

Best of all, you can feel good about purchasing Zogics products as the company donates at least one percent of their annual sales to environmental organizations worldwide.

The product is cheap, easy to store, and works effectively. Citrawipes under your seat are like having a role of TP in your backpack when nature calls a hundred miles from civilization; some products are easy to overlook when you’re out shopping; but when the moment arrives where you need them, they instantly become the best investment you’ve ever made.

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