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By: Tim Donaldson

Product Review: QuickSeals Baggie Storage System

How many times have you been out on the trail and opened up a bag of chips or some other packaged snack food and wished that you had a way to re-seal the bag for the return trip? If you’re like me, probably only once!

First of all, a bag of chips will likely turn into a bag of highly-refined powder by the time you are ready to eat them. Then, if you are brave enough to actually open up the bag of pulverized contents, there is no way of assuring that the package will not re-open on the way home. If you haven’t experienced this personally, you can certainly imagine what the inside of your ATV bag will be like at the end of long, rough journey.

Step 1: Remove lower adhesive.
Step 1: Place QuickSeals on a flat surface.  Peel & remove protective cover from the lower adhesive.

Step 2: Place package on adhesive seal.
Step 2: Lay food package on the lower adhesive tape.  (Position package about 1 inch higher than the tape strip.) Press firmly to seal.

Step 3: Remove upper adhesive, and fold down flap.
Step 3: Lift "folded" flap over food package.  Peel & remove protective cover from the upper adhesive tape strip.  Fold down flap.  Press firmly to seal tape across package.

Now, there is a new product on the market that will ensure that packaged food contents remain where they belong. Appropriately named QuickSeals, the baggie system is a versatile, easy-to-use, food storage system that converts almost any packaged food item into a resealable storage container.

The QuickSeals Baggies are easy to use. Remove the lower adhesive strip.  Place the package onto the adhesive seal.  Lift the folded portion and simply remove the upper adhesive strip. Fold down the flap and you’re all set!  Instantly, the original package has an adaptive, easy open and close slider that keeps food fresh and contained.

Hey, if you like crushed cookies, you can be sure that with the QuickSeals baggies they will remain in the package, keeping your ATV bag contents free and clear of tasty food debris. However, we recommend that you bring along the more robust snacks that can handle the jarring and jostling of a typical ATV ride and leave those fragile food items back at the camp where the QuickSeals will be more than adequate for keeping those packaged food items fresh for before and after-ride enjoyment!

Not only are QuickSeals great for outdoor use, they can be primarily used at home.  Inventor of QuickSeals - Denise Bein - explains, “QuickSeals was created out of the kitchen by a need of necessity. With a family and many opened boxes of cereal, chips, and frozen goodies, I wanted our young children to seal up packages to hold the freshness in and stop the waste of money.”

When Ms. Bein was asked why someone should choose the QuickSeals storage baggies rather than the traditional bag clips or alternative storage methods such as those where the product is removed and placed into a separate sandwich bag, she responded, “Bag clips do not form airtight seals; sealing with QuickSeals keeps food fresher longer and keeps out bugs. Using a sandwich bag means discarding the original packaging which contains cooking instructions and nutritional information.  This is always good to have on your freezer products that you need to bake.”

After launching the product in January 2007, QuickSeals has expanded its selling dispersal around the world with widespread retail distribution at common marketplaces throughout the country expected by June of 2008. Currently, consumers can purchase QuickSeals at Publix Supermarkets, Bed, Bath, & Beyond, LTD Catalog, and some Wal-Mart stores. Also, the product is available online at

The QuickSeals Baggie Storage System has several available sizes and can be used for a host of applications, even box tops. Whether you need them out on the trail, camping, or at home, QuickSeals can keep freshness in and the bugs out!

Visit for more product application/information and up-to-date pricing and purchasing details.

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