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By: Tim Donaldson


Video Review – Teramark Films – ATV Pulse 4x4 Quad Action

ATV Pulse 4x4 Quad Action

Have you ever heard the phrase “Snow Birds,” referring to the flocks of northerners moving to the south to avoid winter’s wallop? The first sign of falling leaves sparks a hiatus to warmer climates for those not wishing to endure the sting of Jack Frost, only beckoning their return when the trees begin to reclaim their foliage. Let it be known that the riders of Rockman ATV’s ATV Pulse 4x4 Quad Action fit no such category.

Starring the Snow Riders’ Crew, ATV Pulse differs from the freestyle acrobatics featured in many ATV films. In this film, extreme is captured in the form of climate and riding conditions. Appearing invincible, the Snow Riders conquer the northwest’s best trails of mud, snow, sand, and rock.

With chapter titles like Shiver and Ascension, viewers can expect to see frigid terrain with waste-deep snow. The movie also highlights a segment featuring ATV Tracks, a track system that completely replaces tires for unlimited mobility in the deep stuff. As they state in the film, “It’s never too deep or cold!”

Don’t expect to watch this movie without a fleece blanket, even in July! Just when the terrain appears somewhat tamable, Elsie takes a frigid dip in the ice in Big Creek, Idaho. Imagine a dip in the icy water! That’s not the only abuse that the Snow Riders Crew and their ATVs endure. The crew subjects their quads to the Juniper Dunes and Canyon of Destruction with 4x4 action on dunes and rocks, featuring reverse wheelies, jumps, deep-water crossings, and a few spills and tumbles.

Also, viewers of ATV Pulse will get a glimpse of’s 2007 National Ride in Wallace, Idaho. The picturesque scenery of receded snow in the mountains and wildlife is the backdrop for a bunch of folks getting out and having a great time on their ATVs. Watch, as in some cases, riders use chain saws to cut through icy snow to safely navigate the mountain.


With other title segments such as Give Me Liberty and Snow Riders, there is plenty of high quality, digital clarity, ATV action for viewers. Special features include a Behind the Scenes look at the film, where you get to see the tow ropes, ATVs getting stuck, and riders taking some slips and tumbles.

ATV Pulse is all about a bunch of buddies sharing their experiences to viewers about the extreme adventures of high mountain trails of the northwest. “Backwoods winters are not for everyone; you must be well-equipped, and knowledgeable. For the adventurous and hardy, experienced and seasoned, you will in every day have the thrill of your life.” – ATV Pulse.


Capture the spirit of the extreme ATV enthusiast. Enjoy the high-quality clarity and stunning visual imagery; go out and get your copy of Rockman ATV’s ATV Pulse. We also recommend grabbing some winter gear for your viewing comfort! Please visit for more product and ordering information.

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