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By: Tim Donaldson


Do the Makers of the TigerTail Tow System Have a Tiger by the Tail?

The TigerTail stores for easy access when you need a tow rope.

The expression, “having a tiger by the tail,” is said to mean that once a dangerous or troublesome venture has begun, the safest recourse is to carry out the act through to the end.   In other words, once you let go of the tiger’s tail it may eat you, so it’s best to just simply hang on to the end!  Though ATV riders actively seek the thrills of similar types of adventures, being prepared with the right equipment can make the difference between a great or burdensome day of riding.

The makers of the TigerTail Tow System, thinking of the predicaments and complications out on the trail where having a tow rope or strap would come in handy, have designed a fully retractable tow strap.  Simply recognized as the TigerTail, the system is designed to provide a quicker, cleaner, and easier means of using and storing an ATV tow rope.

While convenient use is inherently problematic with conventional tow straps, the TigerTail is instantly available for immediate, hassle-free use.  No more digging through the storage bag to find the rope or unweaving it from one of the racks.  The TigerTail Tow System works with a totally retractable spooling mechanism, removing the need to place a muddy tow strap back in the bag after its use.  With the TigerTail’s simple functionality, it neatly retracts on the spool and is ready for its next use.

Since constant tension is kept on the tow strap at all times–there is no risk of sagging, rolling up in the tires, or clogging with mud.  Riders using the TigerTail Tow System can simply pull directly in front of their stranded pal, unspool the tow rope, attach, and go!  After some friendly banter for the rescue, all that’s necessary for storage is to allow the spool to retract and secure the hook to the TigerTail frame.   The TigerTail’s ease of use leaves more time for fun on the trail.

Made from a synthetic, wear-resistant material–the TigerTail’s rope boasts an 8,000-pound tensile strength.  With a load rating greater than the stoutest of winches, the TigerTail is more than adequate in doubling as a winch anchor.   So, when using the TigerTail Tow System to pull one of your buddies out of the mud, there is a much greater chance of burning up your CVT belt than pulling this tow rope apart.

Installation is a matter of removing the stock OEM hitch and replacing it with the specific ATV brand mounting plate.

As for installing, it is just a matter of attaching the TigerTail to one of the custom-made mounts which are made specifically for ATV brand and model.  Once the mounting plate is securely fastened, the TigerTail quickly attaches with a few bolts.  The complete installation takes less than 15 minutes.   Since the mounting plate is sold separately, be sure to specify the desired make and model information for the ATV.   Additionally, the TigerTail Tow System comes with an optional TigerSkin which provides protection from the elements while riding or traveling.

Overall, we are pleased with the performance of the TigerTail Tow System.  Operating as promised, the TigerTail does provide a quick, clean, and easy way of utilizing and storing a tow rope – adding convenience and seat-time to a day out on the trails.  So, rather than worry about having a tiger by the tail, blaze on–knowing that rescue is only a TigerTail away!

For additional product and ordering information for the TigerTail Tow System, visit

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