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By: Tim Donaldson


Tamarack “Boom It” Dry Storage ATV Box for ATVs
“Born to be Wild!”

“Get your motor runnin’; head out on the trails; lookin’ for adventure; and whatever comes our way … ”  Wait!  I don’t think Steppenwolf’s 1968 classic, “Born to be Wild”, mentions the word trails in the lyrics.  Frankly, it doesn’t matter, because once riders strap Tamarack’s “Boom It” Dry Storage ATV Box onto their ATV, the adventures will be found on the trails.  Not, out on the highway!

The Tamarack “Boom It” Dry Storage Box features a high-end JBL Marine stereo and two 5”, 75-watt waterproof speakers.  It is Sirius ready, MP3 player compatible, and offers radio pre-set capability.  While it is not uncommon to see riders with home-made stereo systems on their ATVs, Tamarack’s “Boom It” doubles as dry storage box – maximizing the available storage area on the ATV.

Similar in base frame size as Tamarack’s Wrap-Around Quad Trunk, the “Boom It” is made from an ultra-durable polyethylene which is designed to withstand extreme temperatures and will not crack, warp, or dent. Keeping the internal contents of the storage box clean and dry, “Boom It” is watertight and features a new, contoured, angled lid to shed off water.

Boasting universal mounting capability, the “Boom It” will attach to most tubular and composite ATV racks.  All mounting hardware is provided for a quick and easy installation. Riders will also take comfort on the back/armrest, while sitting and jamming to some tunes at the camp or on the trails, knowing that there is a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty on the JBL stereo.  Plus, the “Boom It” is available in Black, Red, and Dark Green – providing optional colors for a rider’s specific requirements.

Tamarack, building on their reputation of providing quality ATV accessories, has delivered another hit!  The “Boom It” has been designed to withstand the typical elements found out on the trail.  The weather-resistant, JBL Marine stereo delivers clear sounds with a volume range that can be easily heard over the sound of the engine and through the muffle of the helmet.

Though providing ample volume, Tamarack does advocate being considerate to other riders while riding on public lands.  In view of the efforts that are being made throughout the industry to maintain available and gain additional land privileges for motorsport enthusiasts, we recommend that riders use the Tamarack “Boom It” responsibly – maintaining the efforts of providing a positive image of the sport. Also, deer or other wildlife may give a glance, similar to Simon Cowell’s on American Idol, while you sing along with your favorite tune.  Be advised, this is different than the “deer in headlights” look!

The “Boom It” can be affixed to the front or rear of an ATV rack. Whereas the stereo controls are much more accessible in the front, the rear rack positioning offers better forward visibility–since the box sits rather tall–and the comfort of the back/armrests while taking a break. The “Boom It” is not designed for use as a back/armrest for a second rider or while a machine is in operation.  The obvious limitations to the rear positioning orientation are the limited access to the controls and the added weight of the box and its contents which may contribute to lightening of the ATV’s front-end.

Serving as an acceptable compromise, we chose to keep the “Boom It” in the, likely more popular, rear rack placement orientation.  Whether positioned on the front or rear rack, the height of the box would have equally limited access to some tight spots when trying to creep under low-lying trees or other obstacles. As for working the controls, we found that loading our favorite MP3 playlist was sufficient for providing the appropriate tunes we needed until our next stop.

Overall, the Tamarack “Boom It” Dry Storage Box is a high-quality ATV compartment that provides stereo tunes for your ATV while preserving and adding storage space to your ATV racks. So, if you love getting psyched up with some jams while climbing a sand dune or hill, blasting through a mud bog, racing one of your buddies, or just leisurely driving down the trails with some classical music–the Tamarack “Boom It” is the boom box for you!  Just do the rest of us on the trail a favor and keep the bad sing-alongs down to a minimum!

For more product and purchasing information for the Tamarack “Boom It” Dry Storage Box and Tamarack’s other ATV accessories, visit

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