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By: Tim Donaldson

H-Bomb Films

How do you like Your Huevos?
Video Review – H-Bomb Film’s Huevos 11

How do you like your huevos? Scrambled; sunny-side up; or over-easy? Better decide, because H-Bomb Film’s producer, Wes Miller, has just dished up another serving of huevos with the release of his latest film, Huevos 11, and although the members of the Bomb Squad need a healthy dose of huevos to complete their acrobatics, they likely prefer to keep their own personal pair in the original, unscathed form. Huevos, for those less savvy in Spanish linguistics, are eggs. ¿Comprende?

Huevos 11 delivers more of the same, high-quality imagery with which viewers of the Huevos series have come to expect. Wes Miller has continually stepped up the quality of the footage with each release. So, first-time viewers of this film series will experience the culmination of Wes Miller’s videographic talents. As with Huevos 10, this film was shot with high-definition equipment–intensifying the realism. Add the various camera angles and POV’s, the action really comes alive on the screen.

The journey of Huevos 11 takes viewers throughout the world. With event venues like Pont De Vaux, Costa Rica, and other Latin American destinations, enthusiasts get a glimpse of the international ATV scene.  Pro riders also get into the action, showcasing their skills on the track, like Steel City, and at some of their favorite riding destinations. With scenic backgrounds such as the wooded trails at McGill’s, the endless sand dunes of Glamis, and the desert mountain wilderness of the Sticks–Huevos 11 delivers enough eye candy and intense riding action to please avid ATVers.

Huevos 11 brings viewers closer to the action by filming with a helicopter. This unique filming perspective captures high-flying leaps at Elsinore, letting the viewing audience catch glances from the riders at eye-level. Point-of-view filming in Huevos 11 gives viewers the opportunity to see the subtle techniques used to perform in-air maneuvers and what it is like to hang from the handlebars with the tips of your toes, never planning to perform a back flip on your quad but still would like to know what it is like. No problem. The POV perspective captures some of the Bomb Squad’s best performances, giving wannabes a taste of the experience.

Wes Miller also features the GNCC and Mud Nationals in Huevos 11. Viewers will likely want to take a bath after watching Mud Nat, where riders are uninhibited as they blaze through the muck, and mud racing is taken to the extreme. Capturing more scenes from the mud is the White Trash Bash segment, where the crazy antics of a bunch of good ole’ boys is caught on film. Huevos 11 wouldn’t be complete without a crash segment, the Yard Sale, and the Bomb Shelter highlights more high-flying acts from the Bomb Squad. The side-by-sides get into the action, too, as Dana Creech and BC Vaught demonstrate the agility of the Polaris Ranger RZR.

Huevos 11 continues Wes Miller’s tradition of providing high-quality ATV filming at its best. With high-resolution, super slo-mo, unique filming perspectives, and the pulse-pounding action of extreme ATVing, Huevos 11 will likely be another hit with fans. For more information about Huevos 11 and H-Bomb films, visit

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