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By CJ Rena Johnson

Scala Rider Q2: Go on and let them get inside your Head!

Perfect Companions
Perfect Companions

When I was first approached to do a review of a Bluetooth headset device, I really hoped it was not going to be one of those static-filled annoying devices that I had tried before.  I said yes and received it in the mail a few days later.  To say the least, I was very pleasantly surprised.

I was happy with it right out of the box, actually.  The set came with two full headsets already factory preset to work together seamlessly.  I pulled them out of the box, plugged the chargers into the wall, then plugged the Bluetooth units into them.

I then reached in the box and pulled out the helmet mounts.  It was a simple matter of loosening two little screws on each clamp, slipping the bracket hold onto the edge of my helmets and tightening the screws back down for a very snug and secure fit.

I took the provided little alcohol swab and wiped out the inside of my helmets in the ear insets, then pulled off the strip on the back of the speakers, stuck them into the hole, and set the helmets back down.  I finished getting ready to go.  When I got to the trailhead, I slipped the blue tooth units into their slots on the helmet mounts and pushed the button.  I adjusted the mouthpiece and said hello.  At the same time, my partner had decided to say hello back to me.  We both smiled as we heard each other loud and clear.  It was as if we were right there inside each other’s head.

There was no static whatsoever.  I was immediately impressed.  There was no waiting for the other one to speak or stop speaking, or any time lapses between speaking and hearing.  There was no echo, just crisp, clean communication.

Scala Bluetooth Headsets: Excellent for meeting out on the Trails
Scala Bluetooth Headsets: Excellent for meeting out on the Trails

We hit the run switch on our quads and were pleasantly surprised not to hear any feedback in the headsets.  Still crisp and clean.  We hit the gas and were off running.

After only a few minutes of using it, I knew I never wanted to go back to not having one.

We were using it on an ATV Trail System during a night ride this first time, and it came in SO handy.  We were able to alert each other to possible dangers that were coming up.  One of the first areas we were riding in was quite muddy and some of the areas a bit steep.  We were able to say to the other one to hold back until we got to the top and to let the other rider know if it was something we thought they could get up.  We avoided several pitfalls this way and spent a lot more time riding than getting our quads unstuck or out of unruly mud pits.

The Scala Rider Q2 also came in very handy as we were trying to shoot some video for the story we were doing.  We were able to get far enough ahead and tell the other rider to hold back until we had our equipment ready so we could film them as they approached different obstacles or challenges that we wanted to record.  It was great not having to second-guess everything.  It also helped when the lead ATVer met other riders on some of the more narrow trails.  We were able to alert the riders behind us to prepare for oncoming traffic.

At a certain distance, you can begin to hear a bit of static, which is actually a good thing when ATVing because it alerts you to the fact that your riding partner is either pulling too far ahead or falling too far behind.  You can begin to hear enough change in the background in plenty of time to ask your buddy what is going on and if he or she is all right back there.

Scala Rider Q2 Fits Snugly In and On Helmet
Scala Rider Q2 Fits Snugly In and On Helmet

It also helped us a couple of times when the lead rider missed a turn.  We were able to let them know before they went too far, without having to try to catch them when we were already going at full speed.  That in itself was helpful on this trip.  We were also able to communicate to the riders behind us when the leader took an unexpected fork in the trail and let the others know which way they went.  It was also great to let each other know when we were hungry or ready for a break.

A couple of our test riders arrived later than we did, but this time we did not have to wait for them.  We told them to call us when they got there, and we took off.  We rode, had a great time and when they got there, my headset alerted me to an incoming call, which I answered with the touch of one button.  They clearly heard which trailhead we were closest to so they could meet us there.

Throughout the entire trip, we never experienced any background noise from the engines or other riders.  We listened to the radio and I even hooked mine up to one of my MP3 players for some great listening out on the trail.  I cranked the music up and felt like I was in the middle of an ATV video being filmed.  Oh wait, that’s right, I was!  Moreover, the Scala Rider Q2 was there to make it an even greater experience.

We had an awesome weekend, and I attribute a great deal of that to having the ease and convenience of ready communication with us during the entire ride.

When we did finally head back toward the parking area, I decided to use the GPS capabilities to find a nearby restaurant where we could go eat and talk about the ride and the awesome new Scala Rider Q2.  I was happy to hear my favorite restaurant was only a few blocks from the riding center.

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