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By Robert Janis

NOVA Speciality Fluids and Finishes

Keeping Your ATV Shining

Owners of all-terrain vehicles understand that because of the nature of the beast, their ATV is going to get dirty. Whether it is used as a utility vehicle on the farm, a recreation vehicle on the trails, or a racing vehicle on the track, dirt, or desert course, it is going to get messy. Also, probably ATV owners wouldn’t want it any other way.

However, then there are times when you want your pride and joy to look as shiny as it deserves. So you may rely on all purpose cleaners you can buy at the hardware store. Usually, these formulas fall short of achieving the best shine. No doubt you wonder why no one has come up with a substance that has been formulated to specifically improve the finish of ATVs.

Well, actually there is such a product. It is called Plastic Gloss, and it is offered by a company called Nova Fluids of Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. The owner of the company, James Anderson, owns an ATV, and he is passionate about it. He wants it to look good, and he has discovered that other ATV owners want their machines to look good, too. “It occurred to me that owners of ATVs were very passionate about their machines, but there wasn’t anything out there that is an effective appearance product specific to ATVs,” he said. “There were products one can buy from a hardware store, but they are not specifically formulated for ATVs.”

So he came up with Plastic Gloss, a shine product. Once applied it acts like Teflon. Dirt and grime can be removed by simply spraying the ATV with water from a hose. He mixed the formula himself. The process evolved over time as he would keep improving the formula in the garage of his home and then test it on his compost --or recycling--bin. He had discovered that the material used for the outer portion of the bin is made of the same material as an ATV. “So I would come up with a formula and then test it out on my compost bin. As I improved the formula, I would test it on the bin. Eventually I had the shiniest recycling bin in the region.”




Once he had the formula just right, he bottled it and then went on the road to sell it. He traveled by truck or flew to a location and rented a car so that he could demonstrate the product to dealerships that sold motorcycles and ATVs as well as hardware stores. He went through Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, Prince Edward Island, half of Ontario, and corners of Quebec demonstrating Plastic Gloss. Soon after these trips the orders started coming.

He now has a loyal dealer network in Canada, and he also sells the product in small quantities through his website (

He hasn’t traveled to the U.S. yet to show off the product. However, he said that he has received phone calls and e-mails from American ATV owners who have stumbled upon Plastic Gloss. He is selling quantities of the product in the U.S. through his internet site.

He said that he is open to creating a dealer network in the U.S. or just filling requests for the product one dealer at a time. If you want to be a dealer, you can simply call and talk to James Anderson. The toll free number is: 1-800-610-2436. Also, see the “UTube” video of Plastic Gloss.

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