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By: Tim Donaldson

Stealth Workshop

Stealth Workshop Powersport Utility Bag – How Will You Use It?
“A Versatile Tool Bag for the Powersports Enthusiast”

My young daughter is at a really fun age right now. I’m saying this as opposed to having one that’s a teenager.  One of her favorite thrills is to hide from everyone and to later disrupt their standardized fecal routine, if she can. She’s a little sneaky and likes it when someone jumps or gets startled from her stealthy ambush. As you can imagine, Grandma and Grandpa find this a little disheartening. Whether it’s coming home from work to hang my coat in the closet or to sit in a chair to have her leap out from within or behind it, she’s my covert little princess that’s ready to pounce at any moment’s weakness. While she can typically be seen with a blanket draped over her head, thinking that she’s invisible, there are many times where she is genuinely successful at preying on the unwary.

Like my ostensibly shy and bashful little daughter, some packages are more than what they appear, and as the old cliché states, never judge a book by its cover. The same is true with SWS’s Powersport Utility Bag.  From a distance, it looks like any other standard tote. However, a closer examination reveals that this is no normal utility bag. Designed with multi-function in mind, the Powersport Utility Bag serves as portable carrying tote and as an activity hub on stationary powersport vehicles. Providing a unique advantage for ATV enthusiasts that are on the go or out on the trail, the SWS bag acts as a portable working surface with multiple storage options.

Key features of the Stealth Workshop Powersport Utility Bag include a hard shell work surface with parts sorters, two removable tool organizers, two interchangeable clear-faced pockets, and two large storage pockets. With the removable and interchangeable tool organizers and clear-faced pockets, users can customize the bag to more closely match their needs. While it may be confused that the SWS Powersport Utility Bag is a pannier or saddlebag, it is actually only in open mode while the bike is stationary and is closed when the vehicle is operating. The large storage pockets open, together with the non-skid sidewalls, to provide a cinching grip around the gas tank, seat, or front/tail racks and enable a stable and reliable working surface–something of a luxury out on a remote trailside.

Though our focus for the SWS Powersport Utility Bag was maintenance oriented, the bag is versatile enough to be used for a number of purposes on or off the trail. With the ability to add and remove compartments, the possibilities are almost endless. On the trail, SWS offers an optional Travel Strap Kit which securely keeps the bag fastened on the machine and ready for quick and easy access. At home, the SWS Powersport Utility Bag is a handy storage companion in the garage and can be used for purposes ranging from storing photography equipment, first-aid supplies, rags and clean-up items, to gloves and other essentials. The internal parts tray can also be removed to even allow the secure placement of a laptop computer for motor tuning.

Sturdily made, the SWS Powersport Utility Bag is a worthy addition to any ATVer’s arsenal of gear. Priced at $89.95, it is a reasonable investment to keep essentials handy and portable. Though items inside will be subject to the watery and muddy abuses that aggressive riders may throw at it, careful planning to keep the bag clean and dry will be rewarded by the bag’s ability to provide plentiful, organized storage. The bag really is stealthy in its ability to concisely store a lot of items, so don’t judge it solely on outside appearance. The only question, as put by Stealth Workshop, is how will you use it?

For more information about Stealth Workshop, SWS, and the Powersport Utility Bag, visit

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