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By: Jason Giacchino


Product Review: Nail’d
Available for Playstation 3, Xbox 360 and PC $49.95

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Nail’d PS3 Box Art

If the speeds seem a bit over-the-top, wait until you hit a jump. Boosting on the face of one-mile drop-off sends you skyward to levels usually only achieved by Boeing and NASA. Any complaints that it’s difficult to pull off a complicated freestyle trick in the two or three seconds of hang time found in most other games does not apply to Nail’d! We weren’t exaggerating above when we stated that the game encourages riding off a full-mile drop. That must be some suspension package!

While it all comes off as sheer silly good fun (one environment actually has you racing right across the face of a dam), there are a few legit complaints to be found. First, the consistency involved in what justifies a crash is sorely lacking. Sometimes you endo off the side of the Andes Mountains and simply bounce upon impact and land safely on your tires and other times you simply brush a rock and destroy your quad in the process. Additionally, exiting the designated track areas re-spawns man and machine at the point they went off. Fair enough except that with such outrageous speeds and hang-time, it often becomes impossible to determine where these borders actually are.

The graphics are pretty solid, however, and the soundtrack places emphasis on metal bands and thumping beats over accurate engine sounds or exhaust notes. Again, the operative term here is arcade-racing action.

The game does offer 12-player simultaneous online play, which is surprisingly fun should you happen to hook up with some other players with a bit of skill. Perhaps the funniest element of this game is that selecting a male player to operate your vehicle automatically places them in full moto-gear while selecting a female for the same task is exposed-midriff time. Watch that roost, ladies!

In all, your enjoyment of the Nail’d experience will depend heavily upon your expectations going in. Realism is not the name of the game here but instead an opportunity to experience what it would feel like to pilot a jet-engine equipped quad or bike across some of the craziest terrain the planet has to offer. Leaping through burning rings of fire and dodging the rotating blades of massive windmills is pretty wild stuff for fans of racing games and non-fans alike.

For more information, visit their official site:

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