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ATVA MX National
New Classes and New Rules Announced For The
2007 AMA ITP/Moose ATV National Motocross Championships
Presented by Parts Unlimited

Morgantown, WV - The ATV Promoters Group (ATVPG), in cooperation with AMA Racing and the ATVA, announces new classes and new rules for the 2007 AMA ITP/Moose ATV National Motocross Championships Presented by Parts Unlimited.

The most exciting news is the evolution of the AMA Pro ATV Championship. Since its inception, the ATVA nationals have showcased its fastest and best riders in the “Pro Class”. Now, these riders will be recognized as professional racers by AMA Pro Racing, and will carry the newly-created AMA Pro ATV license.

To supplement the Pro riders, this year’s series includes 31 amateur classes. Last year’s Pro Am Unlimited and Pro Am Production classes have been combined into one Pro Am class. A new Pro Am Women’s class will showcase our premier women racers. Pro Am Women riders may be classified as “A” riders at non-national events. Amateur women racers can compete in the Women’s class for amateurs. The restructuring of the Women’s class will better address the varying levels of competition in those ranks, and enable newer racers to compete with riders of their skill level.

A new Vet 30 Plus B/C class will accommodate the growing number of veteran racers. In the mini-quad ranks, changes have been made to keep the classes consistent with the changing machines available to the youngest ATV racers. In the Youth classes, engine displacement reductions will not be permitted to meet class limits.

The new rules also clarify the definition of ‘Limited’ in the Production Limited and 50cc Stock Limited classes, as well as specifying approved machines and modifications in the youth classes.

Finally, a sound level limit of 99db will be enforced in 2007 for all classes, in order to bring the series in line with the rest of AMA Racing.

These changes are set forth in the ATVA Supplemental Rules, which supplement the AMA Sports Amateur Competition Rulebook. Visit for the complete, updated supplemental rules.

Complete Class List
1 AMA Pro ATV 450cc max. 4-Stroke Production
2 Pro Am 450cc max. 4-Stroke Production
3 Pro Am Women 450cc max. 4-Stroke Production
4 450 A 91-450cc 4-Stroke, 91-265cc 2-Stroke
5 450 B 91-450cc 4-Stroke, 91-265cc 2-Stroke
6 450 C 91-450cc 4-Stroke, 91-265cc 2-Stroke
7 Open A 451cc and up 4-Stroke, 266cc and up 2-Stroke
8 Open B 451cc and up 4-Stroke, 266cc and up 2-Stroke
9 Open C 451cc and up 4-Stroke, 266cc and up 2-Stroke
10 4-Stroke A 91-450cc 4-Stroke Production
11 4-Stroke B 91-450cc 4-Stroke Production
12 4-Stroke C 91-450cc 4-Stroke Production
13 Production A 91-450cc 4-Stroke Production
14 Production B 91-450cc 4-Stroke Production
15 Production C 91-450cc 4-Stroke Production
16 College 16-24 91cc-Open
17 Junior 25 Plus 91cc-Open
18 Veteran 30 Plus A 91cc-Open
19 Veteran 30 Plus B/C 91cc-Open
20 Senior 40 Plus 91cc-Open
21 Women 91cc-Open
22 Production Limited 91cc-Open
23 Youth Production (13-15) 91-200cc 2-Stroke, 91-300cc 4-Stroke
24 90 Production Auto Sr. (12-15) 71-90cc 2-Stroke, 125cc 4-Stroke
25 90 Production Auto Jr. (8-11) 71-90cc 2-Stroke, 125cc 4-Stroke
26 90 Modified (8-15) 71-90cc 2-Stroke, 125cc 4-Stroke
27 90 CVT (8-15) 71-90cc 2-Stroke, 125cc 4-Stroke, Belt-Drive
28 70 Shifter (6-11) 51-70cc
29 70 CVT (6-11) 51-70cc, Belt Drive
30 70 Production Single Speed (6-11) 51-70cc
31 50 Production Auto (6-8) 0-50cc
32 50 Limited Auto (4-6) 0-50cc

The 12-round series revs up on March 10-11 with the ATV Southern Nationals at Mill Creek MX Park, located in Pell City, Alabama, and concludes August 11-12 with the Loretta Lynn’s Dirt Days, in Hurricane Mills, Tennessee.

About the AMA ITP/Moose ATV National Motocross Championship Series Presented by Parts Unlimited:
Sanctioned by the AMA and ATVA, the AMA ITP/Moose ATV National Motocross Championship Series is the nation’s premier amateur and professional ATV motocross series, and is hosted by many of America’s premier motocross facilities. The 12-round series approaches its 21st season with the Pro class newly under the wing of AMA Pro Racing. The 2006 series hosted over 8,000 entrants, making it America’s largest and longest-running ATV National Motocross series. Series sponsors include title sponsors ITP Tires and Moose, and presenting sponsor Parts Unlimited. Premier and feature sponsors include ATV Sport, MotoTees, Scott USA, Maxxis Tires, Elka Suspension and H-Bomb Films/Division Four. Associate sponsors include Weekend Warrior Trailers, Denton Racing, and Hinson Racing. Media partners include ATV Insider, ATV Rider and

About AMA Pro Racing:
AMA Pro Racing is the professional racing division of the American Motorcyclist Association (“AMA”). 2007 will mark the inaugural year for AMA Pro ATV Racing, as the sport’s top pro riders will be recognized as professional-licensed racers by the AMA Pro Racing division. Founded in 1924, the AMA has an unparalleled history of pursuing, protecting and promoting the interests of the world's largest and most dedicated group of motorcycle enthusiasts. The AMA focuses on rights, riding and racing through its government relations work, by sanctioning road and off-road riding activities and overseeing professional and amateur racing events. For more information about AMA Pro ATV Racing, visit

About the ATVA:
The ATV Association (“ATVA”) is the official sanctioning body of the amateur divisions of the ATVA ITP/Moose ATV National Motocross Championship Series Presented by Parts Unlimited. The 9,000 member ATVA is the sister organization of the 260,000 member American Motorcyclist Association (“AMA”). ATV racing has experienced phenomenal growth at the rate of 25% in the past two years alone, and continues to gain momentum and support, outselling off-road motorcycles annually. Each round attracts 600-700 racers who compete for bragging rights to one of 31 amateur national titles. For more information about ATVA, visit

About the ATVPG:
The ATVPG is comprised of the 12 individual promoters that host the AMA ITP/Moose ATV National Motocross Championships, presented by Parts Unlimited. The goal of the ATVPG is to raise awareness of ATV motocross through the production of professional and amateur championship racing events. For more information on the ATVPG and the ATV National events they produce, go to

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