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Tric Trac
The NEW Houser Racing TricTrac System adjusts caster automatically while you ride.

1st Photo
Turning & Corning

When the ATV decelerates for cornering, the front end compresses. The TricTrac uses this compressive energy to force the upper a-arm forward. The caster is decreased and the ATV will corner better.
3rd Photo

When the ATV accelerates on straight track sections, the front end lifts up. The TricTrac forces the upper a-arm backward. The caster is increased and the ATV will gain control at higher speeds in a straight line.

How does it work?
Before, riders could have only one caster setting for each ride. The TricTrac utilizes the infinite number of caster settings needed and sets itself while you are riding.

It moves your upper ball joint forward or backward depending on the track conditions. As the rider accelerates on straight track sections, the TricTrac A-Arms will drop down and the upper a-arm will automatically move back. As the rider decelerates for tight turns, the A-Arms will rise up and the upper a-arm will move forward.

Will the TricTrac damage my ATV's frame mounts?
NO! The TricTrac was designed NOT to exceed the limits of the shock. The TricTrac should never touch the frame mounts if installed correctly.

What kind of material is used for the TricTrac Components?
The TricTrac shaft is made of stainless steel. Houser Racing decided that stainless steel was the best choice for this application. It is tough and tolerant to harsh weather conditions. The TricTrac nut is made of a special plastic material. We can't reveal the secret material's name, but we can assure you it is stronger than brass, bronze or aluminum. This special plastic nut will not change tolerance with harsh environments or wear down faster that a typical bushing.

What happens to the SLICAST?
The TricTrac System has been designed to “include” the SLICAST option. The SLICAST option allows you to make personal adjustments on each a-arm. These adjustments are special to each rider.

Is it hard to install?
No! The TricTrac A-Arms are installed the same way any set of aftermarket A-Arms would be installed. There is one extra piece to install and that is it. Check out the install page.

If I don’t race regularly, is the TricTrac still for me?
Absolutely! The TricTrac was designed to give the ATV more control no matter what it is trying to achieve. Having more control of your ATV will take less stress off of your body and you should have more energy during your riding experience. Whether you are riding in the fields at home or the National MX Championship, you will have better control of your ATV.

Is it available now?
Since the TricTrac is new, Houser Racing has not stocked our shelves at this time. These A-Arms are made to order. Go to the Houser Racing Home Page, Login and place your order. Sorry folks, you must wait a small lead time of six weeks.

PO Box 215
423 Beech St.
Green Camp, OH 43322
Fax: 740 528-4112

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