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6 Hours of ATV America 12 Hours of ATV America

Improvements for Maxxis 6 & 12 Hours of ATV America Tour Underway

12 Hours of ATV Amercia
12 Hours of ATV Amercia

Terrell, TX (March 20, 2007) – Many riders, including GNCC pros Brandon Ballance, Chris Bithell and Chris Borich, have labeled the Maxxis 12 Hours of ATV America as the most fun they’ve ever had while racing an ATV! With many improvements and lower prices in store for 2007, Fast-Trak Promotions predicts many new riders will attend their unique events and see for themselves what all the fuss is about.

The 2007 Maxxis 6 & 12 Hours of ATV America schedule is now official. America’s only team endurance series, the Maxxis 6 Hours of ATV America, tips off in Greenville, Texas on May 26th. The 6th annual Maxxis 12 Hours of ATV America will be held Nov 10th, also in Greenville, Texas. Along with the new schedule, Fast-Trak Promo announced several improvements (listed below) for both the 6 and 12 Hours of America events. “We’ve had plenty of meetings and discussed a lot of ideas with many people in the last year. With all the exciting new improvements we’re expecting an average of 50 teams at each of the 6 Hours rounds and over 100 teams at this year’s 12 Hours in November. Special thanks to CT Racing’s Allen Knowles for his helpful insight,” says promoter John Pellan.

2007 Improvements

New Multi-Machine Rule
Topping the list of new improvements is Fast-Trak’s new multi-machine rule. This year both 6 and 12 Hours of America events will allow one ATV per teammate. The multi-machine rule is available for all classes. As in year’s past, only one machine will be allowed in the pits or track at all times. Teams with sponsor or machine conflicts that wish to race more than one ATV will swap out their quads at the impound area just past the finish line. With this, teams electing to “Ironquad” the race will have a slight time-advantage over teams that switch machines at rider changes. Fast-Trak feels this new change will attract twice as many teams and allow its unique events to progress further.

Lower Entry Fees and a Shared $30k Purse!
Next on the list of changes are prices and purses. All 6 and 12 Hours gate admission will be lowered from $20 to just $10 per person. Pro entry fee is drastically reduced from $1000 per team to just $300! Meanwhile 12 Hours purse money is increased to a guaranteed $20k and very well may exceed $30k come race time! What’s more is this purse money is no longer reserved for professional teams – every team, regardless of class, is now eligible for this overall purse! 6 Hours of America entry fees will remain at $150 per team. Pro entry for the 6 Hours of America will be $300 per team with a 100% pro purse. Ironman entry will remain at $50 for the 6 Hours races and $100 for the 12 Hours event.

Contingencies, Awards and Rewards
Above and beyond participation awards, many new lucrative one-of-a-kind class and overall monuments will be awarded. Amateur teams are not only now eligible for overall purse money; they’ll also win a plethora of contingency thanks to over twenty participating sponsors! And thanks to sponsor, ATV, the overall winning team and the Industry class winning team will receive a free advertisement of their choice on ATV Lastly gas cards will once again be given out at the Maxxis 12 Hours of America.

More Noteworthy Changes
12 Hours of America intermission will decrease from two hours to one. A special youth race, which takes place right through the pit area, is scheduled for the half time intermission. As for media coverage, six major ATV industry publications will once again publish multi-page features and the 12 Hours of America will once again receive television coverage.

Classes remain the same with Pro, A, B/C, +30, Utility Expert, Youth 13-15 and Ironman. An Industry class will once again be added for the 12 Hours of America event, (2/3 of the teams must be employed by the team name). Once again points will be kept for the 6 Hours of ATV America Series and credited to the rider of record. This year 6 Hours of America Championship awards will be presented in front of all the media on the podium during the 12 Hours of America riders meeting on Friday evening Nov. 9th. 6 Hours of America Champions also earn free entry for their team at the 12 Hours. “Add it all up and bar none, no other event has ever offered so much to its riders for so little. And we haven’t even told you about some of the other exciting things in the works. I can’t wait, we’re going to have a blast this year,” explains Fast-Trak’s John Pellan.

Many improvements are also being made to the already impressive Caddo Point playground in Texas. The city of Greenville has jumped on board in an effort to insure that the 6 and 12 Hours of America events stay in their city for years to come. "The 12 Hours of America is as big as Texas and has become one of the most looked-forward-to-events in our sport. It is a great honor that it’s now held on our property, and we’re committed to do what ever it takes to make this event the number one ATV event in the world. This year’s race is going to be amazing,” says Caddo Point’s, Barbara Miller.

2007 Maxxis 6 & 12 Hours of ATV America Tour
Maxxis 6 Hours of ATV America
May 26 6 Hours of Texas Caddo Point Motorsports Greenville, TX
June 10 6 Hours of Kentucky Daniel Boone MX London, KY
July 14 6 Hours of Wisconsin Arkansaw Cycle Park LLC. Arkansaw, WI
Aug 11 6 Hours of New York Thunder Ridge Cycle Park South Edmeston, NY
Sept 29 6 Hours of Missouri Midwest Motorsports Kahoka, MO
Maxxis 12 Hours of ATV America
Nov 10 12 Hours of America Caddo Point Motorsports Greenville, TX

For more information on the Maxxis 6&12 Hours of ATV America check out each respected website; and

For more information:
Fast-Trak Promotions, Inc.
Brent Deen, Marketing Manager
(972) 951-3649 or (440) 461-4858

About Fast-Trak Promotions, Inc.
Fast-Trak Promotions, Inc. was founded in 1997. The company’s mission statement -- “Taking ATV racing to a higher level” will forever be the reason for its existence. Fast-Trak has promoted highly successful ATV Grand National events throughout the country. Fast-Trak won the ATV Sport People’s Choice ATV Promoter of the Year Award twice.

Over the years Fast-Trak has also promoted stand alone events like Legends 2000, The Maxxis Country Rockin’ & Racin’ Festival, Maxxis BUCCS - Buddy-Up Cross Country Survival, (a team hare scramble series in Ohio). And the biggest for last, the Maxxis 6&12 Hours of ATV America, a unique race in its own category - one team, three riders, competing for six and twelve hours on a track specifically designed to incorporate all the major disciplines of today’s ATV racing.

Fast-Trak’s events have been featured in many printed media outlets and have received television coverage on Fox, Fox Sports Net, ESPN, Speedvision, The Learning Channel, The Discovery Channel, The Men’s Channel, MTV among others.

Fast-Trak is also the backbone of; the online magazine has avalanched into the most read online ATV orientated publication! With over 100 combined years of ATV racing and recreation experience, ATV Scene has an abundant source of knowledge and respect in the industry. Approaching its 10th year, delivers the connection that fuels the ATV enthusiast's lifestyle with fresh, no-nonsense, say-it-like-it-is information.

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