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By: Vicky Eaton

ATVA MX National at Mill Creek MX Park in Pell City Alabama

Jason Dunkelberger
Jason Dunkelberger

Keith Little followed by John Natalie battle for 2nd place.
Keith Little followed by John Natalie battle for 2nd place.

Joe Byrd and Harold Goodman
Joe Byrd and Harold Goodman

Start of Moto 1
Start of Moto 1

Pro Moto # 1
At the first moto of the season last year’s champ Joe Byrd was first at the gate with John Natalie, Digger Doug Gust, and of course, the “Alabama Slammer,” Keith Little. Dustin Wimmer is now with team Suzuki, and Doug Gust is his racing partner. Harold Goodman is back along with Pat Brown, Jason Dunkelberger, and Joe Havisto returning this year. Also there is the number 16 of Jeremy Lawson, Matt White, John Ragon, Justin Bres, and a rider from Quebec Canada, Richard Pelchat. Russell Shoemaker who won the 4-stroke A class has skipped the Proam to ride Pro this year. Others present were Chad Wienen, Neil Likens, Thomas Hager and Alex Trompen. The track looks really good.

Bumble Bee, #708, is first off the gate and wins the holeshot. Goodman leads the rest of the Pro riders up the hill with Joe Byrd in 2nd Keith Little in 3rd, Byrd passes Goodman to take the First place position on the first lap John Natalie moving up in 4th position, Harold Goodman goes off the track loosing the 2nd spot.

Richard Pelchat from Canada has lost a wheel as he was going up and over the triple. Pelchat is out for this moto 1. Doug Gust is working through the pack; Natalie has made it past Keith Little putting Natalie in second place, and is working on catching Joe Byrd.

John Natalie is looking good for this season, and Dustin Wimmer, aboard Suzuki, is running in 4th. Natalie is now reeling in Joe Byrd. Digger Doug is in 5th and Russell Shoemaker is in 6th followed by Jeremy Lawson. Byrd has gone off the track in the rhythm section, but he is still on his quad nearly going into the pond. Natalie is in the lead and you can hear the fans cheering for Natalie. Byrd has gotten back on the track, but is one lap down, and Pat Brown is running with a flat tire. Meanwhile the Canada rider has retired from this race breaking his axle. Jeremy Lawson has worked his way up to 5th. Natalie wins the first pro moto of the season followed by Keith Little, Dustin Wimmer in 3rd and his partner Digger Doug in 4th.

Joe Byrd
Joe Byrd

Doug Gust
Doug Gust


Pro Moto 2
Off the gate and grabbing the holeshot another Honda, is #12 Keith Little. Little must hear the crowd cheering him on. Little is leading up around to the elevator with John Natalie on his tail and Joe Byrd behind Natalie in 3rd. Natalie passes Little in the back of the track to take the lead position. Keith falls to 2nd place. Joe Byrd passes Keith to take the 2nd spot, and Chad Wienen is making his way up the pack, gaining speed. All 6 top riders are on Hondas. #14, having problems, has pulled off the track. Wienen and Lawson are making passes moving up putting Joe Byrd in the 5th position. Richard Pelchat has made it back for this moto. Wienen is gaining on Little to take the 2nd spot, and they race side-by-side up the triple on passes Keith little. Natalie has disappeared somewhere in the back of the track. Wienen has made his way from 8th spot to take the lead of this second moto.

Natalie gets back on the track but is a lap down. Jeremy Lawson is still charging in 3rd to take 2nd from Keith Little. It is a three-way battle to take that 2nd spot and Digger Doug is moving up fast. Doug has passed Keith to take 2nd coming from the 6th position. Gust moves like fire through these other racers. Lawson still charges strong, not letting up on the 3rd spot; rides Little around the track, but Keith isn’t giving in. Chad Wienen is way out in front. This is a rider to look out for this season. Wienen looks like Doug Gust in 2005. Gust would totally leave the other riders behind. That is what Chad Wienen is doing. It is an unbelievable job out here for this guy. Jeremy Lawson takes Keith Little. Now Lawson is in the 3rd spot charging up on Doug Gust on the last lap.

The overall top three winners for this first Pro Race of the season is Jeremy Lawson leading with 40 points. That is really good for Jeremy Lawson, an exceptional rider, and Doug Gust on the last few laps, just lit his Suzuki on fire charging up the to the second place position. Gust is coming back strong for this moto 2. Chad Wienen wins the second moto and is awarded a 3rd spot podium position. Wienen said he passed half the pack to win the second moto. Stating that he has months and months of training, and never gives up even when he gets a bad start. Keep your eye on #44 this year. Keith Little takes 2nd at the first Podium for the season. Little was hoping to win for his home state fans, but feels good that he gets a podium and a holeshot award. Jeremy Lawson takes the overall win for the start of the race season. Lawson says he didn’t get a good start, but is going back after this race and train hard practicing his starts. Lawson is another young rider that last season was impressive, and you can tell he has been training hard because it shows this weekend here at Mill Creek MX Park. Congratulations to these top three guys.

Overall position for 2007 ATVA National for Round One

  1 16 Jeremy Lawson
  2 12 Keith Little
  3 44 Chad Wienen
  4 13 John Natalie
  5 68 Russell Shoemaker
  6 75 Joe Havisto
  7 55 Doug Gust
  8 19 Jason Dunkelberger
  9 7 Joe Byrd
10 98 John Ragon
11 191 Dustin Wimmer
12 32 Matt White
13 199 Pat Brown
14 36 Michael Brown
15 215 Thomas Hager
16 99 Justin Bres
17 46 Richard Pelchat
18 542 Alex Trompen
19 14 Neil Likens
20 708 Harold Goodman

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