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Race Rail MX
Pirelli Race Rail MX Tire

Race Rail MX Tires
Race Rail MX Tires

A product developed by professional MX riders in the United States, with the performance to win championships and yet still ready to meet the demands of amateur riders and their machines: RACE RAIL MX.

Tested and developed in the United States by PRO MX riders
Designed to offer excellent traction and high-speed stability in all conditions

The new Pirelli ATV range.
The new Pirelli ATV range.

Product Positioning
The Race Rail MX will stand along the Race Rail XC in the sport segment: the XC is specifically designed for cross country competitions, characterized by long distance races, mostly in mid soft conditions. The Race Rail MX has been developed to offer an outstanding performance on mid-hard to intermediate terrains, which are the most common conditions in today’s motocross tracks.

The figure 1 shows the application of the PIRELLI product range after the introduction of Race Rail MX.

Product Description

In order to reach the challenging target of developing a high performance racing tire it is necessary to meet the demands of the rider and to them with the following benefits:

  • Precise braking performance at the limit with excellent feedback
  • Offer optimum handling for quick lap times
  • Increase traction when exiting turns
  • Maintain a high performance level for the entire race, regardless of conditions.

To reach all these challenging targets, Pirelli engineers have focused on all of the technical characteristics of the tire, by optimizing three main parameters:

  • Structure
  • Compound
  • Tread pattern design
  • Every single detail is designed to reduce the lap and overall race time.

Tire Structure
For MX applications the structure represents the backbone which bears all stress and the strain generated by the ATV during the race.  The main features of the new structure are:

  • New rear profile for increased grip and braking
  • Special front and rear profiles for sharp carving and aggressive steering
  • Reinforced sidewall for bump absorption and forward bite
  • Balanced weight for neutral handling and mid-air maneuverability
Matt White runs Race Rail MX's in the ATVA MX series.
Matt White runs Race Rail MX's in the ATVA MX series.

The advantages of the new structure are:

  • The special Pirelli carcass absorbs the shock from jumping to increase forward traction and ease the change of direction
  • Very predictable handling improves feedback in all conditions
  • Larger contact patch enhances steering traction

The final result is a balanced elastic behavior of the carcass, which promotes high cornering precision that maximizes the contact area between the tire and the ground. Thanks to these characteristics it is possible to increase the limit of lateral grip and to open the throttle earlier then ever before.

The experience of both GNCC and MX races and tracks helped bring a proven compound that performs perfectly for MX racing. The new compound is specifically developed to have excellent traction and durability.

Tread Pattern Design
The need for more performance let our designers introduce a new tread pattern on the Race Rail MX, characterized by:


  • V-shape knob pattern to provide improved steering
  • Aggressive knob centerline for an increased contact patch, improving steering and handling response as well as braking response
  • Half shoulder knobs inclination for a progressive bite


  • Tread design to give full contact patch and traction in any riding conditions
  • Staggered center knob design for great holeshots
  • Angled mid shoulder knobs for more lateral thrust during cornering
  • Mid-shoulder knobs design improves sliding traction

The new design is aimed to give maximum performance to decrease lap times over the race distance.

Product Benefits
The result of optimizing tread pattern, structure and compound delivers a product that allows riders to reach the best performances on the racetrack. For example: compare the contact patch area of one standard MX ATV fitted by Pirelli Race Rail MX and by the competition, the results are:

  • rear tire has a wide contact patch area to ensure maximum traction in every situation (3 rows of knobs always on the ground).
  • smaller front area (-20%) for precise steering and a uniform pressure on the knob centerline to ensure the maximum directionality.
  • Race Rail MX set shows better steering and curving performances, eliminating every "front push" tendency with improved traction over the competitors.


        Ply-Rating Section Width Overall Diam. Knob Height Max Load Min/Max PSI Rim Width Tire Weight
  IP Code RACE RAIL MX FRONT     (inches) (inches) (inches) (Ibs) (Ibs) (inches) (Ibs)
19" 1714300 AT 19x6-10TL NHS F 4 P.R. 152 475 12/32 147 7.0 10X0X5.0 8.32
20" 1714100 AT 20x6-10TL NHS F 4 P.R. 155 504 12/32 163 7.0 10X0X5.0 9.03
  IP Code RACE RAIL MX REAR                  
18" 1714200 AT 18x10-8TL NHS R 4 P.R. 257 460 17/32 242 7.0 10X0X8.0 11.97
18" 1714400 AT 18x10-9TL NHS R 4 P.R. 250 464 17/32 242 7.0 10X0X8.0 12.32
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