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ATVA MX Nationals, Pro Am Action First Round Win Goes to Greg Gee

Pro Am Moto 1
It is the first round of racing this season, and this year’s 19 Pro am riders are really looking good. The lap times on some of these riders at practice Friday were outstanding. This year the competition will be “hot” in the Pro am class.

Chris Williams
Chris Williams

The top competitors, Brian King and Clay Holmes, along with a few riders from Florida are moving up from A and B class last year. One very outstanding rider, #7 Devin Heimes, with the Blue Rok Suzuki Team; along with teammate Chris Bowen, #6, are coming from the B class last year. Chris Bowen has a lot of potential in the Pro am class this year. Chris Williams, #188, is moving from the A class to Pro am this year. Chris is aboard Suzuki and looking really good in Friday practice. Williams has a lot of support here. Backed by Walsh Racing he should do really well this season. Sixteen year-old Jake Gunn, #53, riding Yamaha takes the challenge with a lot of his local Florida riders, also very talented racers.

Moto 1 #491 Brian King gets the hole shot as the Pro am class goes up towards the elevator. They all pile up, doubling up on the elevator. Two and three quads landed side by side at the top going into that very sharp corner on the other side of the elevator. All riders are trying to keep themselves in front positions not giving any slack to each other. #11, Jacob Hakala is riding in second chasing #491. #7, the yellow Blue Rok Suzuki rider, Devin Heimes is in third, running strong in this first Pro am Moto.

Hakala is shadowing King watching every move King makes. Hakala is just waiting for a mistake so he can take that first place from King. #79, Holmes, is making a move through the pack and #156, Denton Boyer, is closing the gap on the top three riders. What a battle it is on the track! #137, Mitch Reynolds, makes a move from way back in the pack to get in the fourth spot. Meanwhile, #7 Devin Heimes has picked up the pace laying a comfortable gap between himself and fourth place. Jake Gunn, #53, hits the elevator; his bike misses and backfires as he leaves the launch. This causes him to come up just a little short on the landing of the elevator, and he flips his quad.

#79 Clay Holmes and #3 Cody Harris battle through the pack. Brian King does a good job holding off rider #11 in the six-lap moto. King takes first place in Moto 1 with #11 right behind him in second, and Devin Heimes holding a strong third. Mitch Reynolds is in fourth and Clay Holmes is in the fifth. Jake Gunn is a very lucky kid. He walks away from that wreck with bumps and bruises and a broken steering stem. Good luck next race, Jake!

Pro Am Moto 2
These guys are really fired up today! After Moto 1 they all want to win the first race of the season.

#10 Greg Gee from Ontario, Canada, wins the hole shot, an A class rider last year showing his stuff here in Moto 2. Brian King charges up to try and get first place. Devin Heimes in fourth and #188 Chris Williams puts pressure on Travis Moore to take the fifth spot. These riders are making passes in the air going over the triple showing no fear out there. Eager to win, they battle each other every inch of this track for six laps. Brian King, in the middle of the pack, moves up. He is all over the track taking different lines trying to catch Greg Gee. King triples the infield jump and goes off track falls back a spot.

Greg Gee, a 17 year-old rider, continues to hold first place and Jacob Hakala is in second. Clay Holmes third, Devin Heimes is holding fourth, Chris Williams is holding a strong fifth. As they come around the alligator corner towards the finish line, Greg Gee whips his quad sideways to take the win in Pro Am Moto 2. Gee takes fourth place overall. Jacob Hakala takes the overall win for the Pro am race in round one, followed by Devin Heimes in second, Brian King third, and Clay Holmes in fifth. These are the top five overall Pro am riders in round one of the ATVA MX National.

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