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10 Classes Competed at the 3rd Round of the NASMOTO Ohio SuperMoto GP

Zac Willett #47 corning on 2 wheels.
Zac Willett #47 corning on 2 wheels.

Santa Monica, CA - June 18, 2007 - Ninety degrees and azure skies greeted the competitors at the third round of the NASMOTO SuperMoto Regional Qualifier for the Wheeling Cycle Supply Presents NASMOTO Ohio SuperMoto GP at the famed Circleville Raceway Park in Circleville, Ohio.

The most entertaining and hotly contested battle of the day happened in the ATV Amateur class with the racers running on the knife edge of adhesion. By race time the field was cut in half because of numerous equipment failures as teams attempted to dial-in their ATV racers for the high-speed asphalt sections. Marc Noreuil got his racer set up right and went on to take the win ahead of hard charging John Odenhahl. In the Pro ATV class Zac Willet took the win over Eric Jennings.

The second great battle of the day goes to AMA Racing Sr. Director of Technical Development Kevin Crowther running a Yamaha and competing
with local fast man Mike Jenkins (KTM) in the Amateur +35 Vet class. From the drop of the flag to the checkers the lead was always in hot contention. Jenkins finally took the win by a wheel and the two competitors could be seen shaking hands and giving high-fives after the combat.

AMA SuperMoto Factory Yamaha pro racer, Mark Burkhart, designed the dirt track section that provided a double rhythm section, several table tops and a very fast transition from the dirt to the asphalt. The design allowed the racers to take the conservative line around the jumps or take seconds off their lap times by charging the jumps section.

Local hero, Andrew Hyder, had the SMX Open class well in hand and celebrated with an outstanding wheelie only to find his celebration was a lap early. His mishap opened the door for Dave Arnold of Richmond Hill, Ontario to put his Machine Racing, Troy Lee Design racer on the top of the podium with Hyder in hot pursuit. Bloomington Powersports team has a good day in the SMX 250 class with Paul Allison taking the win over Arnold and teammate Chase Guthrie.

Other items of note include Columbian roadracing class champion, David Gaviria, using his knee dragging style to good advantage and taking the SM1 Open win. Also, Hoosier tire showed up and is looking to make their mark in the ATV Supermoto marketplace.


NASMOTO SMX OPEN: 1. Dave Arnold, (Hon); 2. Andrew Hyder, (Yam); 3. Rick Crist, (KTM); 4. Chase Guthrie, (Kaw); 5. Ryan Kerr, (KTM); 6. Cory North, (KTM); 7. David Gaviria, (Hon).

NASMOTO SMX 250: 1. Paul Allison, (Kaw); 2. Dave Arnold, (Hon); 3. Chase Guthrie, (Kaw); 4. Ryan Kerr, (KTM); 5. Todd Simms, (Hon).

NASMOTO SM1 OPEN: 1. David Gaviria, (Hon); 2. Jason Pope, (Suz); 3. Shaun Kuchler, (Hon); 4. Greg Wilson (Yam).

NASMOTO SM2 250: 1. Kyle Schluter, (Yam); 2. Emerson Conner, (KTM).

NASMOTO OPEN AMATEUR: 1. Emerson Conner, (KTM); 2. Scott Kuchler, (Yam); 3. Greg Wilson (Yam); 4. Tom Pollock, (Hon); 5. Jason Webb; (Hon); 6. D.J. MacGillivray, (KTM); 7. Tom Lefever, (Yam).

NASMOTO AMATEUR +35 VET: 1. Mike Jenkins, (KTM); 2. Kevin Crowther, (Yam); 3. Eric Kirgis, (Yam); 4. Eric Craner, (Hus); 5. Bob Vokac, (Suz); 6. Mike Baker, (Hus).

NASMOTO AMATEUR NOVICE: 1. Jason Webb, (Hon); 2. Tom Pollock, (Hon); 3. Joshua Eck, (Yam).

NASMOTO AMATEUR BEGINNER: 1. Ari Relford, (KTM); 2. Max Goodroe, (Hon); 3. Eric Lewis , (Hon); 4. Eric Miller, (Yam); 5. Austin Bell, (Suz).


NASMOTO ATV PRO: 1. Zac Willett, (Dur); 2. Eric Jennings, (Suz); 3.
Scott Zollans, (Hon); 4. Jason Steadman, (Yam).

NASMOTO ATV AMATEUR: 1. Marc Noreuil (Hon); 2. John Odenhahl (Yam); 3. Billy EB Binghousen (Hon); 4. Blake Eller (Hon); 5. Brian Cataline (Suz); 6. Daniel De Stillon (Hon); 7. Ty Martin (Suz).

NASMOTO was created in 2004, in partnership with the AMA, to grow SuperMoto racing at all levels. Taking a grassroots approach by working with local clubs and promoters across North America, NASMOTO?s goal is to provide premier racing experiences for racers, fans, promoters and sponsors. New SuperMoto clubs are forming everywhere as the sport grows in the amateur ranks. To get involved as a promoter or racer, or for more information about rules, classes and regional and national events, please visit, email or call (416) 907-6817.

Sponsors and supporters include KTM, Kawasaki, Aprilia, Yamaha, Husaberg, Seventy/Thirty, Supermoto Magazine, XBUX, Wheeling Cycle Supply and UmbrellaGirls USA.

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