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The Bozo Look

After With WPSA announcer Mark Straubanger

Springville, TN (July 25, 2007): What started out as a friendly "hair for win" challenge between Team Rockstar/MSR/ProTaper/Suzuki/Yoshimura and David Screws, the publisher of ATV Racin' Extra, escalated into a full blown benefit drive during the WPSA's AMSOIL Wild Cat Open Championship round in Rossville, IN on July 21st and 22nd.

After raising almost $13,000 to help the family of Chris Earlywine, who had passed away recently due to heart complications, at an auction benefit on Saturday evening, the word spread throughout the Pro, Amateur and Youth pits about the Suzuki/Screws wager. Once it was learned that the publisher's hair was at stake if Suzuki won the SuperQuad Pro 450 feature race, the buzz around Sunday's events became "I'd pay money to see that."

With this in mind, the wagering parties went into negotiation mode and came up with a plan. Screws would have his head shaved, regardless of whether Suzuki won or not, if the people could raise at least $1000 for the 88LiveToRide and Mobile Medical Unit funds. This offer created a frenzy of donations and before one could sharpen their clippers, the deal was sealed.

At high noon, hundreds of racers, families, friends and fans gathered around the Suzuki rig and watched as the publisher's hair was sheered. Ryan Cox, mechanic for Team Suzuki's Chad Wienen, had first shot at the white locks since he and Wienen were the instigators of the original friendly challenge. Cox's "BoZo" the clown cut proved a crowd favorite but quickly disappeared as Shannon Miller, a WPSA staff member and race mom, gave Screws a little more respectable style to his now considerably shortened "hair do".

When all was said and done, the "Benefit Buzz" had raised well over $1000 for the 88LiveToRide and Mobile Medical Unit funds and had sent friends of the publisher in search of sun screen for his newly exposed scalp.

(Photos provided by Tom Willig/Suzuki)

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