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ENGLISHTOWN, N.J. (Aug. 19, 2007) -- John Natalie, Jr. won a tight SuperQuad Pro 450 final, and Chris Borich handed Can-Am its second consecutive Manufacturers' Championship after winning a wild and muddy QuadTerrain Challenge final during Sunday's Raceway Park National at Old Bridge Township Raceway Park. The race was Round 9 of the WPSA PowerSports ATV Tour.

The races will be telecast on ESPN2 on Sept. 14 at 5 p.m. EDT.

SuperQuad Pro 450
Natalie (No. 13 Elka, Maxxis/Honda) took the lead early in the event and seemed to have the race well in hand. That is, until Chad Wienen (No. 44 Team Rockstar, MSR, Pro Taper, Yoshimura/Suzuki) moved up to second. Dogging Natalie during the final laps of the event, Wienen nearly took the lead in the uphill section, but Natalie just held him off and went on to take his fourth victory of the 2007 season.

Unofficially, Natalie pads his lead in the Riders' Championship. Meanwhile, Suzuki's domaninance this season showed, as a Suzuki quad needs only to start the final at the next race to clinch its second consecutive Manufacturers' Championship.

"Chad Wienen is just an amazing athelete. He is in such good shape," said Natalie. "I could run his pace at the beginning, but at the end I was just hanging on. I dug deep on the final two laps and pushed it as hard as I could. Seeing the white flag gave me that little bit of extra energy I needed.

"I'm going to go home, train really hard, I'm going to come out in as good a shape as Wienen and I'm going to whip his butt," joked Natalie. "We're going to my home state (Pennsylvania) for the final race, so I'll have a lot of fans there. That'll just rev me up. I'm ready to go."

QuadTerrain Challenge
Just as the QuadTerrain Pro Stock final took the start, a massive rain storm enveloped Raceway Park, turning the track into a morrass. Borich (No. 2 Warnert Racing/Can-Cam), as he has five other times this season, came out on top. Scott Kilby (No. 207 Warnert Racing/Can-Cam) and points leader Jesse West (No. 888 West Racing/Arctic Cat) completed the top three.

"We just had that one bad race with the mechanical problem. Without that, we probably would have won all of them," said Borich. "This Can-Am and my Warnert Racing team have just done a great job this year.

"We were getting ready to go, and the rain just started coming down," added Borich. "The logs and the rocks were unbelievably hard to get through. It really didn't change my strategy, though. I tried to get out front early, keep my momentum going and it worked out today."

Special award winners were:

SuperQuad Pro 450
The QUAD Magazine Holeshot Award ($1,000): Keith Little (No. 12 Lonestar/Honda) Biggest Mover ($500): Rocco Arno, Jr. (No. 101 Sparks Engines/Honda)

QuadTerrain Pro Stock
Holeshot Technologies Rock'n'Roll Award ($1,000): Kilby Biggest Mover ($500): Borich (No. 24 Suzuki)

Other winners during the weekend were:

Pro SuperSport: Kyle Fiebelkorn (No. 11 Jack Link's/Arctic Cat Prowler)
SuperQuad Pro Am: Greg Gee (No. 10 Fox Shox/Honda)
A Class: Eddie Degeneffe (No. 40 Janssen Motorsports/Honda)
B Class: Randy Richman (No. 40 Honda)
C Class: Mike Hennings (No. 424 Hellbound Racing/Yamaha)
Women A: Angela Butler (No. 1 LoneStar Racing/Honda)
Women B/C: Michelle Suciu (No. 5 Wheelz Up Racing/Suzuki)
16-24: Greg Gee (No. 10 Fox Shox/Honda)
Plus 25: Dane Heilman (No. 07 JPMX/Honda)
Plus 35: Randy Hurst (No. 50 RH Aluminum/Honda)
Open Amateur: Andrew Pruzinsky (No. 14 Lost Creek Cycles/Suzuki)
Production Lites: Cody Janssen (No. 25 Janssen Motorsports/Honda)
0-50cc Limted Auto Clutch CVT 4-6: Jordan Digby (No. 88 OMF Wheels/DRR)
0-50cc Production Auto Clutch 6-8: Trevor Miller (No. 59 Millmark Construction/Cobra)
51-70cc Production Auto Clutch 6-11: Nicholas Gennusa (No. 15 Zebu Forno Bakery and Cafe/Honda and Cobra)
0-70cc Shifter 6-11: David Nevrotski (No. 24 Rath Racing/JB & Cobra)
71-90cc 2 Stroke, 75-125cc 4 Stroke 8-11: Brian Kincfogel (No. 106 Janssen Motorsports/Honda)
71-90cc 2 Stroke, 75-125cc 4 Stroke Production 12-15: Aaron Beer (No. 707 Pittman Racing/Cobra)
90cc Production CVT Belt Drive 8-15: Alex Kersey (No. 321 RC Motorsports/DRR)
75-125cc 4 Stroke Production 8-15: Zakary Burke (No. 711 The Preowned Outlet/Honda)
90 2 Stroke Modified 8-12: Jesse Skvarek (No. 32 Kymco USA/Kymco and Fischer)
Supermini: Jeffrey Rastrelli (No. 28 Hetrick Racing/Honda)

Complete results are available at

The next race for the PowerSports ATV Tour is the season finale, scheduled for Sept. 15-16 at Field of Dreams in Boswell, Pa.

About the PowerSports ATV Tour
The PowerSports ATV Tour is North America's premier professional ATV racing circuit, featuring QuadMX, QuadTerrain and SuperSport Pro series action as well as more than 20 amateur classes for adults, women and children. The Tour is sanctioned by the World PowerSports Association, North America's most respected snowmobile and ATV sanctioning body, and a promoter of ATV and snowmobile racing on both the regional and national level. For more information, please visit

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