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ATVA Natioanal MX Series


Morgantown, WV (October 23, 2007) – The ATVPG in association with the AMA and ATVA announce the final list of recipients to be honored at the upcoming Awards Banquet for the 2007 ITP/Moose Racing AMA/ATVA National Motocross Championships presented by Parts Unlimited.

Riders ranked in the top 10 in their class will receive awards. To qualify for national ranking, riders were required to compete in a minimum of 4 of the 12 national events.  Final rankings were then determined by the best 9 finishes in the Pro Am and Amateur ranks, and the best 8 finishes in Youth classes. All rounds were counted for Pro class ranking. Ties were resolved by awarding the higher position to the rider having the most 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc. place finishes.

Riders are encouraged to review their information listed below for accuracy and to contact the ATVPG to report any errors in spelling or otherwise, at or call 423-323-5497.

Award recipients will be honored at the annual ATVA National Motocross Awards Banquet Saturday evening, November 10th, at the Grand Resort Hotel and Convention Center in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee.

Contingency prizes will be awarded to the top five finishers in each class, and must be picked up at the banquet.  All contingency products will be distributed at the banquet.  National Class Champions and second place finishers should contact the ATVPG to provide sizing information for contingency product.

In addition to the banquet awards and prizes, the top 20 in each class will receive Championship Certificates in recognition of their accomplishments directly from the ATVA.

Riders unable to attend the banquet can make arrangements to have their awards shipped to them for the cost of shipping by contacting the ATVPG.

The Awards Banquet will feature a buffet-style dinner, Versus TV clips from the ATVA MX series, a photo gallery, 50/50 Drawing Boards, door prizes and more!  Attendees will also be treated to the world premiere release of H-Bomb Films’ epic, “Natural Born Killers,” a 90-minute feature film.  All riders and their families are welcome.

Weekend Warrior “Supercross” Model trailer
Weekend Warrior “Supercross” Model trailer.

Along with contingency prizes for the riders, the evening will be highlighted by the grand prize give a way of the Weekend Warrior “Supercross” Model trailer as displayed throughout the 2007 season. The trailer will be given away by a drawing consisting all of riders present at the banquet. The trailer will be on hand for the lucky rider to take home, so bring your trailer hitch!

Tickets are $30 each for adults and $20 for children ages 5-11. Kids 4 and under are free. Pick up your tickets at the door.   For advance banquet reservations, download the form at

Make checks payable to:  ATVPG and send to: ATVPG, 313 Maple Lane, Blountville, TN 37617.  Phone: 423-323-5497 or Fax: 423-323-3870.

Cast your vote for the Specialty Awards with the ballot, which must be sent in or e-mailed prior to the event. Specialty Awards go to each of the following:

  • Rider of the Year
  •  Most Improved Rider
  •  Sportsmanship Award
  • Hard Luck Award
  •  Good Samaritan Award
  •  Rough-N-Ready Pit Crew
  • Knucklehead Award
  •  Rookie of the Year
  •  Sponsor of the Year

The Grand Resort Hotel is “the Meeting Place of the Smokies,” with shopping, music and lights! The community offers plenty of activities, kicking off Pigeon Forge’s Annual Winterfest on November 9, just in time for the banquet!

There’s the Trolley Tour of Lights with over four million lights, Dollywood’s Smoky Mountain Christmas holiday festival in the famous themed amusement park, along with more than 200 shops and boutiques.  Pigeon Forge shopping has been voted one of the top shopping destinations in the Southeast.

For hotel reservations call 1-800-251-4444 or log on to The room is $69.77 plus tax. Make sure you say, “I want the ATV Banquet Rate!”

Make your reservations by Saturday, November 3—the banquet is less than one month away!
See you there!

AMA Pro ATV Class

1          Joe Byrd   Union City, TN                              520 pts
2          Jeremy Lawson   Battletown, KY                   491 pts
3          Patrick Brown   Pittstown, NJ                         394 pts
4          Michael James Brown   Bullville, KY              277 pts
5          Justin Bres   Oakdale, PA                              258 pts
6          Dustin Wimmer   Center Valley, PA               191 pts
7          Christopher Tait   Lumberton, NJ                   191 pts
8          Doug Gust   Salem, WI                                   168 pts
9          Chad Wienen   Galena, IL                              167 pts
10        Keith Little   Spruce Pine, AL                          147 pts

ATVA National Class Award Recipients
Pro AM

1          Clay Holmes   Lexington, TN                         260 pts
2          Nick DeNoble   Denmark, WI                         194 pts
3          Greg Gee   Simcoe Ontario                           179 pts
4          Travis Moore   McKenzie, TN                                    128 pts
5          Brian King   Grindstone, PA                            104 pts
6          Jacob Hakala   New Ipswich, NH                  99 pts
7          Cody Harris   Sioux City, IA                           83 pts
8          Chris Bowen   Land O Lakes, FL                   73 pts
9          Kristopher Boothby   Dwight, ON                   72 pts
10        Aaron Meyer   Harrison, OH                          57 pts

Pro Am Women

1          Angela Butler   Laveen, AZ                             260 pts
2          Heather Byrd   Union City, TN                       250 pts
3          Adrienne Cooper   Maricopa, AZ                    148 pts
4          Tammy White   Maryville, TN                                    111 pts
5          Jamie Jones   Bowling Green, KY                 67 pts

450 A

1          Travis Moore   McKenzie, TN                                    241 pts
2          Andrew Travis   Warren, PA                           217 pts
3          Michael Brewster   Oneida, TN                      192 pts
4          Ricky Deering   Bremen, GA                         171 pts
5          Jordan Gallagher   Fenwick, MI                     110 pts
6          Cody Gibson   Englewood, TN                       102 pts
7          Doug Obie   Kent City, MI                              95 pts
8          Joey Wyngaert   Ferndale, WA                      93 pts
9          Jake Schlosser   Beloit, OH                           85 pts
10        Jeffrey Gibbs   Florence, AL                          59 pts

450 B

1          Chad Raymond   Geneva, OH                       239 pts
2          Matt Shapaka   Orrville, OH                           193 pts
3          Adam Smith   Gadsden, AL                            169 pts
4          Zack Towery   Clay, KY                                 144 pts
5          Zach Martin   Middletown, OH                       134 pts
6          Jesse Rutherford   Mount Vernon, OH          132 pts
7          Matthew Hildenbrand   Ruffs Dale, PA          75 pts
8          Mark Roy Jr   Greenback, TN                                   72 pts
9          Bo Thomas   Sebree, KY                                69 pts
10        Joshua Michael   Vidor, TX                            68 pts

450 C

1          Adam Blackburn   Lodi, OH                           234 pts
2          Michael Long   Smiths, AL                              175 pts
3          Christopher Everhart   Fresno, OH                116 pts
4          Dakoda Taylor   Leoma, TN                           90 pts
5          Levi Baker   South Zanesville, OH                 86 pts
6          Daniel Jones   Morganton, NC                       65 pts

Open A

1          Tommy Tantillo   Manorville, NY                    255 pts
2          Ronnie Provence   Canehill, AR                     161 pts

Open B

1          Larry Miner   Canton, OH                               223 pts
2          Keil Carter   Hanson, KY                                182 pts
3          Andrew Gibson   Cambridge, OH                  122 pts
4          Don Ivester   Toccoa, GA                               101 pts
5          Walter Ogle   Maryville, TN                            97 pts
6          James Blake Foote   Blaine, TN                     91 pts
7          Jacob Parsons   Douglasville, GA                  70 pts

Open C

1          Jeffery Gibbs   Florence, AL                          204 pts
2          Kevin Smith   Gadsden, AL                            189 pts
3          James Allen   Youngstown, OH                     128 pts
4          Michael Homesley   Kings MT., NC               103 pts
5          Richard Kyer   LeRoy, WV                             88 pts
6          Adrian Sheriff   Eastanollee, GA                    69 pts
7          Philip Gala   Huntersville, NC                         69 pts
8          Justin Sears   Elkton, KY                                51 pts

4-Stroke A

1          Cody Gibson   Englewood, TN                       195 pts
2          Matthew Butler   Mattaponia, VA                    178 pts
3          Michael Brewster   Oneida, TN                      163 pts
4          Ricky Deering   Bremen, GA                         152 pts
5          Christopher Holden   Addison, NY                  148 pts
6          Mark Vaia  Export, PA                                    95 pts
7          Joey Wyngaert   Ferndale, WA                      94 pts
8          Brian Ace   Stroudsburg, PA                          86 pts
9          Austin Britt   Musella, GA                                71 pts
10        Earl Bishop  Bellevue, MI                               66 pts

4-Stoke B

1          Adam Smith   Gadsden, AL                            208 pts
2          Zack Towery   Clay, KY                                 186 pts
3          Derek Swartfager   Knox, PA                         156 pts
4          Travis Brown   Jacksonburg, WV                   96 pts
5          Jesse Kruszka   Orchard Park, NY                82 pts
6          Joshua Michael   Vidor, TX                            81 pts
7          Matthew Hildenbrand   Ruffs Dale, PA          78 pts
8          Walter Ogle   Maryville, TN                            70 pts
9          Cory Spence   Marion, VA                             68 pts
10        Tyler Lowe   Hartsville, SC                             65 pts

4-Stroke C

1          Jamen Davidovich   MT Pleasant, PA           245 pts
2          Michael Long   Smiths, AL                              207 pts
3          Lance Hancock   Michigan City, IN               162 pts
4          Levi Baker   South Zanesville, OH                 83 pts
5          Bobby Wilkerson   Murray, KY                       83 pts
6          Shane Hadley   Atmore, AL                            79 pts
7          Cory McIntosh   Lebanon, OH                       79 pts
8          Jason Chuey   Sharon Center, OH                76 pts
9          Joel Johnson   Clinton, MS                             76 pts
10        Curtis Taylor   Leoma, TN                              72 pts

Production A

1          Nick DeNoble   Denmark, WI                         256 pts
2          Andrew Travis   Warren, PA                           172 pts
3          Matthew Butler   Mattaponia, VA                    152 pts
4          Chris Bowen   Land O Lakes, FL                   126 pts
5          Christopher Holden   Addison, NY                  108 pts
6          Jordan Gallagher   Fenwick, MI                     101 pts
7          Doug Obie   Kent City, MI                              98 pts
8          Devin Heimes   Zephyrhills, FL                      90 pts
9          Jake Schlosser   Beloit, OH                           76 pts
10        Earl Bishop   Bellevue, MI                              70 pts

Production B

1          Matt Shapaka   Orrville, OH                           184 pts
2          Chad Raymond   Geneva, OH                       163 pts
3          Derek Swartfager   Knox, PA                         129 pts
4          Dan Holnaider   Latrobe, PA                           122 pts
5          Zach Martin   Middletown, OH                       120 pts
6          Mark Roy Jr   Greenback, TN                        100 pts
7          Jesse Kruszka   Orchard Park, NY                99 pts
8          Clay Lachowsky   Zolfo Springs, FL              91 pts
9          Jesse Rutherford   Mount Vernon, OH          79 pts
10        Charley McManigul   Wendell, NC                 61 pts

Production C

1          Jamen Davidovich   MT Pleasant, PA           248 pts
2          Adam Blackburn   Lodi, OH                           215 pts
3          Michael Long   Smiths, AL                              170 pts
4          Lance Hancock   Michigan City, IN               138 pts           
5          Dalton Millican   Drummonds, TN                  91 pts
6          Shane Hadley   Atmore, AL                            91 pts
7          Christopher Everhart   Fresno, OH                79 pts
8          Cory McIntosh   Lebanon, OH                       76 pts
9          Chad Giddings   Cullman, AL                         50 pts
10        Lance Hodges   Atmore, AL                           50 pts

College 16-24 years

1          Chris Williams   Dade City, FL                        207 pts
2          Greg Gee   Simcoe Ontario                           160 pts
3          Doug Lanzer   Cambridge, OH                       144 pts
4          Zach Martin   Middletown, OH                       119 pts
5          Clay Lachowsky   Zolfo Springs, FL              118 pts
6          Dan Holnaider   Latrobe, PA                           115 pts
7          Lance Lowe   Hartsville, SC                           85 pts
8          Jonathon Ven John   Eureka, MO                  71 pts
9          Andrew Gibson   Cambridge, OH                  54 pts
10        Walter Ogle  Maryville, TN                             49 pts

Junior 25 Plus

1          Kristopher Boothby   Dwight, ON                   196 pts
2          Mark Vaia   Export, PA                                   163 pts
3          Chris Curless, Cedar Springs, MI                   146 pts
4          Justin Norman   Lawndale, NC                      141 pts
5          Brad Caraway   Lanesville, IN                        119 pts
6          Gray Parker   Humboldt, TN                          98 pts
7          Lane Coile   Jefferson, GA                             92 pts

Veteran 30+ A

1          Chris Curless   Cedar Springs, MI                  189 pts
2          Ronnie Provence   Canehill, AR                     165 pts
3          Lane Coile   Jefferson, GA                             128 pts

Veteran 30+ B/C

1          BJ Sosebee   Talma, GA                                246 pts
2          CD Musick   Verdunville, WV                         204 pts
3          Robert Cagle   South Pittsburg, TN                152 pts
4          Terry Monroe   Alma, WV                              87 pts
5          Jesse Parker   Millington, TN                         84 pts
6          James Perry   Adolphus, KY                          69 pts
7          Dennis Smoot   Morristown, IN                      61 pts
8          Seth Fligge   MacKinaw, IL                             51 pts

Senior 40+

1          Tommy Tantillo   Manorville, NY                    270 pts
2          Erik Rice   Pine Grove,  WV                           159 pts
3          Philip Vann   St Martinville, LA                                   155 pts
4          Andy Burchett   Lewisburg, KY                      153 pts
5          Richard Kyer   Le Roy, WV                             101 pts
6          Hank Dehart   Ridgeway, VA                         81 pts
7          Marlin Hitschmann   Hoisington, KS               81 pts
8          James Perry   Adolphus, KY                          78 pts
9          Chris Frye   Sedalia, MO                                62 pts
10        Mark Barnett  Woodville, MS                         40 pts


1          Amber Vann   St Martinville, LA                     186 pts
2          Beth Monroe   Alma, WV                                124 pts
3          Jenny Skinner   Hopedale, OH                      90 pts
4          Angela Adkins    Charles City, VA                  81 pts

Production Limited

1          Keil Carter   Hanson, KY                                199 pts
2          Terry Monroe   Alma, WV                              181 pts
3          Justin Farmer   Nebo, KY                               150 pts
4          John Forman   Floyds Knobs, IN                    148 pts
5          Travis Blake   New Martinsville, WV              70  pts

Youth Production (13-15)

1          Neal McGrath   Bradenton, FL                       235 pts
2          Jeffrey Rastrelli   Palm City, FL                     160 pts
3          Andrew Spence   Marion, VA                         140 pts
4          Tanner Riden   Troy, IL                                   125 pts
5          Johnney Adams   Perbroke, KY                     102 pts
6          James Murrah   Pearl River, LA                     98  pts
7          Mark Madl   Kathleen, FL                               96  pts
8          Josh West   Roopville, GA                              87  pts
9          Cameron Premo   Nashville, TN                    47  pts
10        Chandler Premo  Nashville, TN                      35  pts

90 Production Sr (12-15)

1          Cody Tittle   Florence, AL                               230 pts
2          Zack Hammond   Palm Bay, FL                    161 pts
3          Colby Gilchrist   Florence, AL                         136 pts
4          Lukas Skalisius   Troy, IL                                127 pts
5          Tyler Thomas   Sebree, KY                            102 pts
6          Lane Guy   Paragon, IN                                  78  pts
7          Wyatt Evans   Warsaw, IN                             77  pts
8          Timothy Gunn II   Gastonia, NC                     70  pts
9          Taylor Braswell   Belmont, NC                       63  pts

90 Production Jr (8-11)

1          Taylor Seale   Denham Springs, LA               220 pts
2          Chase Horton   Arcadia, SC                           211 pts
3          Cole Tittle   Florence, AL                                183 pts
4          Caston McConnell   Anderson, IN                  165 pts
5          Zachary Gyolai   Bethlehem, CT                    133 pts
6          Alex Szymborski   Holt, MI                             119 pts
7          Benjamin Brocato   Muscle Shoals, AL          103 pts
8          Niall Broussard   New Iberia, LA                      65  pts
9          John Oliver   Scottsville, KY                           52  pts

90 Production CVT (8-15)

1          Caston McConnell   Anderson, IN                  221 pts
2          Ariel Monroe   Alma, WV                                178 pts
3          Erik Havert   Wolcottville, IN                          147 pts
4          Tanner Stockton   Jamestown, TN                122 pts
5          Justen Blake   New Martinsville, WV             109 pts
6          Timothy Gunn II   Gastonia, NC                     91  pts
7          Austin Klebba   Gulfport, MS                          67  pts
8          Bailey Howard   Cumming, GA                      62  pts
9          Logan Howard   Cumming, GA                      58  pts
10        Taylor Braswell  Belmont, NC                                    53  pts

90 Modified (8-15)

1          Jeffrey Rastrelli   Palm City, FL                     180 pts
2          Houston Hinton   Florence, AL                       177 pts
3          Alexander Nickerson   Riverdale, MI             175 pts
4          Brett Musick   Verdunville, WV                       158 pts
5          Cody Tittle   Florence, AL                               156 pts
6          Lukas Skalisius   Troy, IL                                108 pts
7          Jacob French   Zimmerman, MN                   102 pts
8          Jake Howald   Winnebago, IL                         71   pts
9          Tristan Hardin   Deland, FL                             61   pts
10        Tommy Bane  Carthage, TN                          47   pts

70 Shifter (6-11)

1          Brett Musick   Verdunville, WV                       223 pts
2          Cole Tittle   Florence, AL                                193 pts
3          Chase Horton   Arcadia. SC                           193 pts
4          Alex Szymborski   Holt, MI                             170 pts
5          Cole Sepesi   Milan, MI                                   137 pts
6          Alec Miller   Pataskala, OH                            134 pts
7          Tyler Peters   Chippiwa Lake, OH                  108 pts
8          Hannah Fuhrman   Brighton, MI                     85 pts
9          Zachary Gyolai   Bethlehem, CT                    69 pts
10        Jacob French   Zimmerman, MN                   64 pts

70 Production CVT (6-11)

1          Johnny Loos   Brookville, IN                           220 pts
2          Christian Horne   Cookeville, TN                    202 pts
3          Erik Havert   Wolcottville, IN                          183 pts
4          Jacob French   Zimmerman, MN                   166 pts
5          Cody Smith   Seville, OH                               156 pts
6          Zachary Wentz   Lambertville, MI                  91 pts
7          Zachary Szappanos   Mentor, OH                 72 pts
8          Devyn Dehart   Ridgeway, VA                       71 pts
9          Logan Gritter   Plainwell, MI                           54 pts

70 Production SS (6-11)

1          Alex Szymborski   Holt, MI                             240 pts
2          Zachary Gyolai   Bethlehem, CT                    201 pts
3          Troy Smoot   Morristown, IN                          128 pts
4          Bradley Rose   Ripley, TN                              98 pts
5          Adam Szymborski   Holt, MI                          66 pts
6          Tyler Peters   Chippiwa Lake, OH                  57 pts

50 Production Auto (6-8)

1          Alexander Hammond   Palm Bay, FL                        230 pts
2          Cole Sepesi   Milan, MI                                   185 pts
3          Tyler Peters   Chippiwa Lake, OH                  172 pts
4          Adam Szymborski   Holt, MI                          151 pts
5          Nolan Cochran   Gastonia, NC                       136 pts
6          Conner Fuhrman   Brighton, MI                      104 pts
7          Troy Smoot   Morristown, IN                          92 pts
8          Bryce Alig   Murfreesboro, TN                       83 pts
9          Noah Adkins   Charles City, VA                     68 pts 
10        Lindsay Hutchinson  Caseville, MI                 52 pts

50 Stock Limited (4-6)

1          Nolan Cochran   Gastonia, NC                       225 pts
2          Jordan Digby   Fulton, MS                              196 pts
3          Amanda Szymborski   Holt, MI                      146 pts
4          Hunter Cook   Fremont, MI                            133 pts
5          Elijah Smith   Valley, AL                                 121 pts
6          Braydon Henderson   Gray, TN                     63 pts
7          Blaine Alig   Middleboro, TN                           58 pts8
8          Dylan Cook   Fremont, MI                              50 pts

About the ITP/Moose AMA/ATVA National Motocross Championships Presented by Parts Unlimited:
The ITP/Moose AMA/ATVA National Motocross Championship Series Presented by Parts Unlimited is the nation’s premier professional and amateur ATV motocross series, hosted at many of America’s premier motocross facilities. The series includes stops all across the nation, drawing the top racers, teams and sponsors in the sport, and making it America’s largest and longest running ATV National Motocross series. After over twenty years of growth, the series gained AMA Pro recognition in 2007, crowning Joe Byrd as the first-ever AMA Pro ATV Champion. The series continues to expand and produce top talent from the amateur ranks, while keeping close to the grass-roots fun that makes people love racing ATV’s.

Series sponsors include title sponsors ITP Tires and Moose Racing, and presenting sponsor Parts Unlimited.  Premiere and Feature sponsors include ATV Sport, Moto Tees, Scott USA, Maxxis Tires, and Elka Suspension.  Associate sponsors include Weekend Warrior Trailers, Denton Racing, Hinson Racing, H-Bomb Films and Division Four.  For more information visit

About the ATVA:
The ATV Association (“ATVA”) is the official sanctioning body of the amateur division of the ITP/Moose ATVA Amateur National Motocross Series Presented by Parts Unlimited.  The 9,000 member ATVA is the sister organization of the 260,000 member American Motorcyclist Association (“AMA”). ATV racing has experienced phenomenal growth at the rate of 25% in the past two years alone, and continues to gain momentum and support, outselling off-road motorcycles annually. Each round attracts hundreds of racers who compete for bragging rights to one of 32 amateur national titles. For more information about ATVA, visit

About the ATVPG:
The ATVPG consists of the 12 individual promoters that host the AMA/ATVA National Motocross Championships. The goal of the ATVPG is to raise awareness of ATV motocross through the production of professional and amateur championship racing events.  For more information on the ATVPG and the ATV national events they produce, go to

About AMA Racing
AMA Racing is the competition arm of the American Motorcyclist Association and is the leading sanctioning body for motorcycle sport in the United States. Its professional properties include the Amp’d Mobile AMA Supercross Series, the AMA Toyota Motocross Championship presented by FMF, the AMA Superbike Championship presented by Parts Unlimited, the AMA Ford Quality Checked Flat Track Championship, the AMA Supermoto Championship and the AMA Pro ATV Championship. In amateur and pro-am competition, AMA Racing sanctions over 4000 events in 24 different disciplines and supports over 110 thousand active members. For more information about professional racing, visit Accredited media outlets can also access an on line Press Room at For amateur racing information visit

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