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Dragon Fire Racing

DragonFire Racing Releases Aftermarket Products for the Kawasaki Teryx
What's new for the Kawasaki Teryx!

Kawasaki Teryx 750 Long Travel Suspension
14 inches of travel, 6 inches wider per side. Plated chromoly arms. Relocated rear shock tower. Rear shock mounted to lower A-arm. Kit includes Elka Shocks, axles, tie rods, brake lines and all new A-arms.



Price: $5500.00

Kawasaki Teryx Ignition
Kawasaki Teryx Ignition

Race Level CDI for 2008 Kawasaki Teryx 750
Race Level CDI for 2008 Kawasaki Teryx 750

Kawasaki Teryx Ignition
The Teryx does not use the flywheel pick-up from the Brute Force 750. The DragonFire ignition includes the proper wiring harness, increased RPM and new timing curve. This is a factory replacement ignition and works with all digital dashes and 4 wheel drive.

Price: $225.00

Race Level CDI for 2008 Kawasaki Teryx 750
57 MPH Top Speed; 31 Rear Wheel Horsepower at 9000 RPM

  • Shipped with machine specific harness that plugs directly into factory wiring harness.
  • Toggle switch on the unit allows user to switch between two preloaded setups.
  • Multi-Spark Discharge (MSD) allows for maximum power and virtually eliminates misfires, while giving you easy starts and crisp throttle response.
  • Preloaded performance map allows the machine to run cooler, produce more horsepower and more torque, while minimizing fuel consumption.
  • Default preloaded map keeps factory limiters (speed) and similar power when the toggle switch is in position #1. When the toggle switch is in position #2, all limiters are disabled, and the timing is optimized for maximum power on 87 octane fuel. Setups and maps can be changed and optimized for different fuel grades via the USB Memory Interface (sold separately).

Product is mapped for both stock and DragonFire Racing intake and exhaust.

  1. Get past the speed limiter
  2. Raise the rev limiter to 9200 rpm.
  3. Disable the under 5 mph timing retard
  4. Use a much more advanced timing curve for an increase in power.

In addition, the CDI comes equipped with six (6) optional connections:

  1. Engine kill tether switch connection. Active high input.
  2. Tachometer output interfaces to off the shelf, 12V input tachometers that require one (1) pulse per revolution.
  3. Four (4) configurable outputs to control shift lights, NOS controllers, or any other RPM sensitive outputs.

Requires optional USB Memory Interface for configuration.

Price: $400.00

DragonFire Racing
2330 W. Broadway Rd., #112
Mesa, AZ 85202
(800) 708-9803

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