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Indiana XC Racing

Round #1
Badlands Off-road Park

Welcome back boy and girls!!!!  It’s been a long time since we all met up in the parking lot to talk some smack to our buddies about how fast you think you are.  And February 24th marked the first round of the Indiana Cross Country racing series.  We knew weather would be up in the air for this race but wanted to give everyone the chance to get ready for the upcoming season.  As expected it got cold the week of the race and made us wonder if we had made the right decision or not.  But the racers didn’t let us down!  Apparently the quad guys had a serious case of cabin fever as we had over 180 entries for the four wheeled freaks!  In the two wheeled world we had just over thirty who decided to brave the 7.5 mile ice and snow covered course.

The long straight start gave way to Florida styled whoops before you had a left hand turn into the woods.  Before to long you were running all out down an old set of rail road tracks and over the log jump.  Then it opened up for awhile and crossed a small creek.  The course then jumped over into the jeep park and that is where the real fun began!  I got a call on the radio from Cobb and he said “Garon, I don’t know where you are at, but get back here to the jeep park, I need help fast!”  My first reaction was someone had been hurt, however I was relieved and in disbelief to find about 20 bikes trying to make it up a small hill that had turned to a sheet of ice over night.  Cobb, Ric, and I spent the remainder of the race at this hill climb trying to get the bikers up and around this obstacle that was nearly impassable on a two wheeled machine.  I was able to have a nice little chat with just about every biker out there at this point.  I don’t think anyone made it thru without dumping it at least once in this area.  Even in the nasty conditions everyone seemed to be having a good time.  Josh Robison seemed to be having a great time as he finished up front overall for the day and in the Pro class aboard his Yamaha with Austin Shroyer on his Yellow Suzuki right behind him.  Third overall went to the B-Lites rider aboard his KTM Jesse Ford.  Pollard Electric Inc. rider Joey Stanley took his Yamaha to a 4th overall spot for the day and a “W” in the Vet 30+A class.  You may have noticed a bright green Kawasaki on the line sporting the IXCR #1 Plate!  That was none other than the 2007 overall bike champion Jeff Mote.  He took the win in the A Class and look for his interview coming up in the news letter.  Zach Malone was the man to beat in the A-Lites class along with Matt Price in the B-Class.  First Year Racer C class riders had to be asking them self’s what they were thinking to racing in conditions like these but it seemed to fit Dylan Borkowski just fine as he finished up front.  The older guys got in on the action too as Chris Grossen grabbed a W in the Vet 30+ B class and along with Sr Bike 40+B Rider Jason Fritz.  I have to hand it everyone who gave it a go on this course in these conditions.  We can’t control the weather but we hope it will be a little more fun for you guys next round!

On to the quad guys where we had a largest showing ever!  Donald Ockerman showed moving over to a GT Thunder backed Yamaha is the way to go for him as he took the overall win and the Pro class Victory.  Parker Jones was Second on the day and showed he is ready for the upcoming GNCC season.  Josh Beavers rounds out the podium for the quads.  The leaders on the day all did seven laps at a blistering pace as this was a fairly open course where you could really open your machine up.  And Michael Coker of Ill. Showed he wasn’t afraid to hang it out as he took the A Class win.  With a name like Ty Ramsey you better be fast and he showed the 16-25 B Class the he means business this year.  Last fall a new quad was introduced to the industry from a company called KTM!  They are no stranger to the off-road world and Chad Cockrell and Rocket Ron Elmore showed the quads are race ready as they took the wins in both the 26+ B Class and Vet 30+ classes.  Justin Kirchhoff took his Honda to the front in the 16-21 C Class along with Matt Williams in the 22-29 C Class.  Mike Muskopf won the 30+C Class and I have to get a shout out to someone else in this class.  We get all kinds of requests to have this or that at different tracks and we try to take the racers desires and put them in the tracks somehow.  Well, I was down at Dreyer Honda South (the presenting sponsor of the IXCR Series) back in early February and someone said let’s have a really fast track where you can just really go.  Well, we took that and ran with it on this course so I thought Bill Westrick would be a happy camper as this was his request.  As it turns out Bill had motor problems on his 450 and decided he couldn’t just sit at home for round one so he loaded up his wife’s 250ex and came out and raced.  He seemed to be having a great time even though he didn’t have the power to motor past his competitors.  In the First year racer class Jake Humpery won along with Jason Vanpatten and Austin Johnson in the sport and sport-lites classes.  BT100 Barry Taylor showed all the young punks that the old man still has it in the SR 40+ Class aboard the Suzuki.  Jay Dee Parker was the victor in the Utility class and Chris Sigman won the Utility Unlimited class.  We hope everyone had a great time and look forward to seeing you at round two on April 20th where we will be at the Lawrence County Off Road Park.

Until next time, stay between the trees!

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