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Warnert Racing

Warnert Racing - GNCC  Round 6
Cliff Beasley Continues Series Sweep and Michael Swift
takes 4th Straight Win at The “John Penton”

Chris Jenks
Chris Jenks

Cliff Beasley
Cliff Beasley

Scott Kilby
Scott Kilby

Michael Swift
Michael Swift

Millfield, OH – Suspension limits were maxxed out and racer’s endurance was put to the test this weekend due to the added weight of thick, heavy mud that stuck to everything, and everyone, like glue. Despite the less than desirable track conditions, Can-Am/Warnert Racing’s Cliff Beasley and Michael Swift continued to dominate the 4x4 Lites and 4x4 Limited classes at round number 6 of the GNCC.

Cliff Beasley came off the line in 4th place of the 4x4 Lites class. Cliff had a battle on his hands for the entire as he and Jerime Dudding swapped places repeatedly throughout the grueling 5-lap race. “It was a rough race!” exclaimed Beasley. “I was getting caught in bottlenecks all day long.”

Beasley’s Outlander 500 performed well despite all the added weight of the mud and allowed his to cross the finish line with an overall time of 1:53:44, which was more than a minute faster than his nearest competition. Beasley went on to take 12th overall and hopes to take his 7th consecutive win at round 7 in Sparta, KY.

Michael Swift continued with his winning streak as well in the 4x4 Limited class. Swift took the holeshot and never looked back, which was a huge advantage for him as he avoided getting blasted with mud on take off. Swift ran a smooth clean race on his Outlander 800. Swift finished with a time of 1:53:29, finishing over 9 minutes ahead of 2nd place in his class. When asked what he would like to see happen in the future, Swift’s answer was quite simple, “I’m really hoping to win a championship this year,” he said. “And I’m also hoping it doesn’t rain in Kentucky!” he said with a laugh. Many racers would concur with Swift in regards to the rain, including Scott Kilby.

“There was so much mud on me! I think my helmet must have weighed about 15 pounds. It was so heavy it was hard to keep your head up after a while,” said Kilby. Kilby had a good go of things in spite of the mud as he took the holeshot in the 4x4 Open class and led for almost 3 laps until he got caught behind another racer. It took Scott over a minute to get unstuck and back on track, which cost him the lead. Scott still ran an impressive race finishing with a time of 1:52:33, only 6 seconds off the class leader. Kilby ended his day with an impressive 8th overall.

Rick Cecco ran a solid race in the U2 class. Rick was in 4th place at the end of the first lap, but was caught in traffic and had dropped back to 9th by lap #3. Cecco gave it his all and came back to take 4th in his class. Cecco finished with a time of 1:58:20.

Meanwhile, Chris Bithell and Chris Jenks did not fair as well as their teammates. Chris Jenks broke down in the 1st lap, and was forced to take a DNF for this round. Chris Bithell completed 4 laps in 1:28:11. Bithell was doing quite well as he had worked his way from 7th in the first lap to 5th in lap 2 where he claimed the fastest lap time in the Pro class, with a time of 00:19:50, but his luck would not hold. Bithell’s bike fell victim to the mud and stopped running in lap 5.

The Spartan round of the GNCC will be held May 31st in Sparta, KY where Beasley and Swift hope to continue their winning streaks, and also hope for the cooperation of Mother Nature.

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