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Attention Quad Terrain Racers and Enduro Cross Racers and Fans

Since the fall of WPSA I have been in search of a new series as I am a Quad Terrain Racer. Ive contacted many places and found a track that wants to run either a series or weekend event.  The track is an indoor arena outside of the Twin Cities (Minneapolis & St. Paul) in New Richmond, WI.  It is a new indoor arena next to a 3/8 mile dirt track where the dirt tract hosts events like World of Outlaws, late models, modifieds, ect. races Saturday nights, so they know a thing or two about racing. The dirt track is called Cedar Lake Speedway ( and the arena is called Sandbox Arena ( I have been talking to the track co-owner Rob Murphy (not related to Rick Murphy) and he wants more input from racers and fans who want to attend so he knows weather or not to pursue this event or series.

It will be set up either like an Enduro Cross or Quad Terrain Race.  It is early yet so no rules, classes or anything has been established.

Jennifer Rath from Rath Racing said the team will attend if there are no schedule conflicts with any other series.  Jesse West from West Racing and Factory Arctic Cat Racer also said the same.

So if you want to race or see Quad Terrain or Enduro Cross again please email or phone Rob Murphy at or 715-248-4755 track or 651-755-0017 cell.  Rob wants to know how many want to race and watch.

Looks like for scheduling between OMA, GNC, GNCC June 14, July 19 & 26, August 2, 16, & 23, and September 6 will all work for a race at the sandbox arena.

So its up to the racers and fans to decide if they want to see Quad Terrain or Enduro Cross Racing. All you have to do is contact Rob Murphy. Ill do what I can, but I need your help.

Thank You,
Jason Nucech

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