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MotoX Nutrition

MotoX Nutrition Builds A Force with Top Racers

Washougal,WA. (06/02/08)- MotoX Nutrition is continuing to build a force of top racers which can now be seen throughout the entire ATV racing industry. Still in its infancy stages, MotoX Nutrition has helped many great riders take their performance to a new level. Its pretty fantastic, if you go to a national event, youll see our MXN decals on an enormous amount of bikes now, stated owner and racer Christian Chambers. Whats special is that most racers have found out about us from a fellow rider or favorite racer, which tells us that our MXN riders really believe in our products. MotoX Nutrition was founded on the principle that its not the bike, but the rider who wins races. The strong, focused, and fresh rider will be have the major advantage edge on the track every time. Eliminate the chance of falling back or making a crucial mistake as the race comes down to the last lap. Endurance, focus and recovery is the key to racing fresh every moto and all race weekend long. This is the most effective performance edge you can give yourself this season.

Here are some of the teams which our MXN riders race for including Factory Kawasaki, Factory Team EPIC Can-Am, Factory Team EPIC Can-Am Australia, Team Doug Eichner Racing, HGR Kawasaki, Team Excel Motor Sports, Factory KTM, Factory Polaris Rath Racing, Cernics Racing, LTE Racing, FZA Racing and Media All Stars.

The continued factory team interest has been fantastic. Here are some of our 2008 MXN Racers including:

John Natalie
Kyle Dammann
Michael Roycroft
Brent Sturdivant
Adam Clark
Brandon Brown
Orlando Otero
Derrick Sas
Aaron Meyer

Josh Creamer
Doug Eichner
Cody Anderson
Bryan Cook
Billy Cottage
Mike Machado
Robbie Mitchell
Denton Boyer
Chase Cunningham

Keith Little
Mark Kendal
Angela Butler
Santo Derisi
Kyle Bard
Trent Kandel
Cole Fite
Amy Thompson
Jay Corey

Tim TPQ Shelman
Jeremy Lawson
Mitch Reynolds
Ross Dantonio
Russell Shoemaker
Jamie Barkla
Alex Trompen
Kelly Winters
Mike Graff

Justin Waters
Drew Lattimar
Jorrie Williams
Curtis McNitt
John  Shafe
Mike MK3 Kelly
Conner J Sebesta
Reed Petchnick
Corey Atherton

We have a big presence at the WORCS series in particular, this format of motocross and off road really takes its toll on the mind and body, which was perfect testing grounds for addressing the needs of serious racers. The last WORCS round had 11 out of 18 Pros in the line now using MotoX Nutrition. The MXN riders do expand to many national series which now include GNCC, ATVA MX , PAMX, NEATV, ITP Quadcross, ATVA Extreme Dirt, NWQN and many more series from east to west coast. Were also very excited to be working with the Factory EPIC Can-Am Team Australia lead by Pro Michael Roycroft.

For more information or a FREE Sample kit, check us out at:

In Australia Contact:
Mick Roycroft   Pro ATV Rider/ Team Manager
Team Epic, highroller energy, Can Am, MotoX Nutrition
Ph 0438151748    Ph 0249554979       E-mail: a href="">

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