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MotoX Nutrition

An Interview with MotoX Nutrition WORCS Pro Tim “TPQ” Shelman

Tim "TPQ" Shelman
Tim "TPQ" Shelman

Hometown: Bonney Lake, WA                               
Age: 37
Bike: Honda TRX450R
Mechanic: Kenny Sanford w/ S & S Motorsports
Stats: 2007 WORCS Pro-Earned # 8 Plate
2006 WORCS Pro-Earned #11 Plate
Nickname: “TPQ” for “Timmy Pro Quad”
What's your favorite track to ride: I like Taft, Ca. because of the big jumps and great WORCS-X section.
Occupation: I own a construction company with my wife Maria.
Favorite Food: Anything, as long as it is in a big pile in front of me.
Other Hobbies: Coach my daughter’s soccer teams, socialize and travel.

So Tim, what got you into racing ATV's?
Tim "TPQ" Shelman:
A friend raced dirt bikes and said I should give it a try.

You've developed pretty big fan base, what's that mean to you at the races?
Tim "TPQ" Shelman:
It’s almost a reverse; I am a fan of the great people at the track, from the new little 50 riders to their parents and on to the factory guys and girls. The dedication is the same and still, or at one time, they have fun in this sport. I want to show that we are all equal and having fun is what it is all about. My main goal is to try to help open doors for the kids coming up and make more opportunities from sponsors and locations to ride.

Where did "TPQ" come from?
Tim "TPQ" Shelman:
A friend of mine Scott D. said I am always introducing myself to every one no matter where I am. So when the question is asked “What’s your name?” my response would be “Tim Shelman, Pro Quad rider.”  Hence the Timmy Pro Quad. My motto is “You don’t know who you don’t know.” There are way too many interesting people in this world not to say “Hi”.

Tim "TPQ" Shelman
Tim "TPQ" Shelman

What do you think of the factory presence at WORCS these days?
Tim "TPQ" Shelman:
The factories are finally getting the big picture. The talent in the WORCS series is tremendous and the exposure is growing at an alarming rate. I am tickled that they are here and I can’t wait to see who is next.

Any chance we'll see you on a factory ride next year?
Tim "TPQ" Shelman:
I scare all the factories because no one can build anything that can stay together for more then 1 race. Just kidding! I am not going after any factory rides because I am keeping myself in check. The bikes and the money would be great and would definitely change my program, but I am afraid I would take myself too seriously and not be the person I am now.

What made you choose to follow the WORCS series and what other types of events do you race?
Tim "TPQ" Shelman:
WORCS is the most organized series ever run. Sean and Pepper Reddish do an outstanding job with every aspect on putting on a first class operation. Going beyond that, they make themselves approachable to anyone. To say that a promoter is still enjoys the sport is putting it lightly. Sean has been known to suit up and ride exhibition during one of his race weekends even though he’s been busting his butt keeping everything running smoothly, I admire that.    Second, to have a race course encompass ALL disciplines of racing from MX to XC to Enduro-X over a 90 min timed event is cool beyond explanation. It is a true test of man (or woman) and machine.

Your family is always right there with you, what's that like?
Tim "TPQ" Shelman:
I couldn’t have a better family if I tried. My beautiful wife Maria of 18 years and extremely talented 12 year old daughter Allie support me 100% .They also let me know when my highly inflated ego starts to get  the best of me. My wife works for WORCS to help supplement our racing habit. Allie keeps me grounded. She reminds me why we do this.

You have started promoting your own race series this year, what can you tell us a little about that?
Tim "TPQ" Shelman:
Yes, it is ironically called the TPQ 3 .It mimics the highly successful WORCS series on a local level. It is a three race series with bikes on Saturday and quads on Sunday all being held at the incredible ORV park named Straddleline in Olympia , Wa . We call it the warm up for WORCS because our August 2nd and 3rd race is the weekend prior to WORCS at the same location. It is no surprise to any one that Maria is the brains behind the whole thing along with Carol Kell, a successful local promoter for the past 20 years. WORCS is a major sponsor of the TPQ 3 and provide us with the transponder system for lap checking and results. WORCS members use their own transponders in our series as well. We are very fortunate to have many people volunteer their time and services to make this a finely tuned machine.

Tim "TPQ" Shelman
Tim "TPQ" Shelman

Your in a tie for 7th in the points right now with an early season podium, how is the season going this year?
Tim "TPQ" Shelman:
I was #2 in the PRO points going into my home track Pacific Raceways. After a crazy start I was in 12th when we got to the pro section when I came across a bottleneck. I shot right thru an ugly section going around every one coming out in 3rd. On the MX section my bike sputtered and died. I kicked on it for 30 min. My first DNF. My mechanic Kenny Sanford almost vomited. Come to find out it was a broken wire at the cdi box, a tough thing to prevent. With that, it put me back to 8th. In Hollister after a 1st lap rollover, I was able to salvage a 5th place finish. Next round is at Straddleline where I pulled my first main holeshot and led the first 2 laps last year then put myself deep into the blackberry bushes. I am excited about the remainder of the season. After getting on MotoX Nutrition supplements and having you chasing me around the pits saying “Here, eat this and drink this” has been instrumental in my endurance and strength. I have learned so much from you on how important taking proper care of the human body is at the ripe old age of 38.

You've added some new sponsors this year, how has this helped your program?
Tim "TPQ" Shelman:
I am so fortunate with all the help I receive from my sponsors. I was all out of pocket not to long ago and struggled to make it to and finish races, now I can compete on the pro level as a privateer with many less worries. The quad racing industry is changing for the better and their involvement goes hand and hand with the sport growing. My sponsor list seams to grow every week, and I am not complaining. I am in a very good time in my life; I have a beautiful wife and daughter who back me 110% we have surrounded ourselves with quality people. I tried to make it so my sponsors are not only “sponsors” but I know them on a personal level by contacting at least once a week just to say thanks.

Anything you'd like to add?
Tim "TPQ" Shelman:
I give riding classes for all ages and probably the thing I cover the most is to have fun, that’s why we do what we do. “Sportsmanship at all times” is a quote from Sean Reddish that he gives at riders meetings that everyone should live by.   Don’t be afraid to outreach a hand and introduce yourself to people, YOU DON’T KNOW WHO YOU DON’T KNOW. We are very lucky to be living in the US where we can enjoy the things we want, don’t take it for granted.  A person’s personality has a lot to do with who they associate with. Surround yourself with positive, motivated people and the sky’s the limit where it can take you.

Tim greatly appreciates these 2008 Sponsors: Maxxis, Fox, Motoworks, O’Neal, Wired Energy, Rekluse, S &S Motorsports, Hot Rod Fab, Klim, Scott, Hinshaw’s Honda, MotoX Nutrition, Team Money Shot, SCR Motosports, Fullbore Innovations, Bdawgs Plastics, Holz Racing Products, Tyre Johnnies, GPR Stabilizers, Dead Bat Gear, WORCS, ATV Insider, Mark Elliot Photography.

To contact Tim about his race series, racing school or sponsorships please e-mail: or contact MotoX Nutrition (360) 335-1790

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