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Jarrod McClure Pro Race Report “Yadkin Valley Stomp”

Jarrod McClure

“You’re going to the podium!” was all I heard as I crossed the finish line. I didn’t realize it at first because I had run in fourth place for most of the race, and after Bill Ballance got by me, I was certain I was finishing in fourth. Then it became clear that Brandon Sommers had dropped out, and I was actually third overall. What a feeling; my first ever Pro Podium! I haven’t been on the podium since 2005 when I won the GNCC Morning overall at Powerline Park in the Stock class.

This memorable weekend began We arrived at the track around 8:00 Saturday morning, and watched the morning races, which made it obvious that the afternoon race was going to be a dust bowl because the track was already dry and I mean very dry. Dry to the point that it looked like you were riding in powder. Also, I heard they were having the creek jump again this year and after the morning starts I went down to check it out. It was about an eight-foot drop onto a flat landing. I jumped it last year, but I told myself that I wasn’t going to do it unless I have to, because it was such a risk breaking something.

I got back to the trailer, and did some pre race stretching and got ready to go. I headed over to the start, and prepared to line up. My mechanic Jonathan Bowers told me, “Go inside, you always have a good jump, you just get pushed outside.”  I knew a good start was crucial today so I took his advice. The flag was thrown and I got a great jump, as I was beat to the turn only by Brandon Sommers and Bryan Cook. I fell into fourth place behind Adam Mcgill going into the woods, and I thought “Great, a good start!”

McGill and I were flying along in third and fourth, and we had a great pace going, but we just couldn’t hang with the dust. We came through the pro pits on the first lap, and Adam went wide on the last turn and clipped either someone’s tent or maybe one of the job johns (I hope no one was in there!) which put me up into third.

On the first lap, I had jumped the creek, just because McGill did, but after that I kept going around it because I didn’t want to break anything. I knew Ballance was jumping it, because I saw him gaining on me, but then I would pull away from him in the dusty sections. Finally, on the third lap Bill got by me. He made a nice clean pass right after the creek jump.

I was staying within view of Bill, but on the final lap right after Pro row, I clipped a tree and went down hard. Somehow when I flew from the bike I stayed on the path and didn’t hit any trees. I’d like to thank God for that one, as well as Shift because the chest protector saved me from my handlebars. Luckily, I recovered quickly and tried not to panic or ride over my head. I would just breathe and say “Smooth, smooth” over and over to get a nice pace rolling again. I did, and at the finish, I ended up on the box! I couldn’t believe it! I was first to speak so I had to try and remember all of my sponsors, and also how to open the bottle of champagne!

I really felt great today. I tried a new suspension setup recommended by Leumas Enterprises that worked great. I could also really tell my training was playing a huge part in how well I did. If you are serious about any ATV racing you need a trainer. is whom I work with, and since I have started, I have had nothing but great results.  I will be training hard the next two weeks, and hopefully get on the podium again in my home-state of PA at the final round before the summer break. I hope to have a lot of fans there cheering me on!

Finally, I’d like to give a shout to my sponsors: Bowers Motorcycle Supplies,,, Maxxis, Elka, HMF, SHIFT, DWT, Team-Ind, Tag, IMS-Roll, Clarke, DP Brakes, DBR Industrial services, Hinson, Laeger’s, Maier, Rage ATV Racing, 317 Graphics, Leumas enterprises, and my parents.

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