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By: Tim Povenski
Photos: Tim Povenski

West Virgina State Harescramble CHampionship Series

WV State Harescramble Championship Series
Koontz Promotions
Round 2: Elkins, WV

McGill, Sturdivant, Sommers!

Adam McGill
Adam McGill

Brandon Sommers
Brandon Sommers

Brent Sturdivant
Brent Sturdivant
A tacky and hilly track met the ATV riders at round 2 of the 2008 WV State HS Championship held at the famous Kelly Mt., in Elkins, WV. The Mountain State Forest Festival saw a battle in the A class between some of the West Virginia’s native sons. By the time the bikes had worn in the track, the ATV’s got to battle the 6 mile track for 1 ½ hours.  Deep ruts, wet mud holes and slick hills that were left from the bikes.

KTM rider Adam McGill grabbed the hole shot leading Ohio Yamaha rider Brandon Sommers and 2007 Series Champ Brent Sturdivant. Coming to the big mud hole with the mud fleas, Sturdivant passed Sommers and shortly after that passed McGill. “Everything went good,” McGill said. “I got the hole shot and then I noticed someone behind me, it was Sommers, then we come down to the mud section and he blazed us both through the mud, I don’t know how he does it, but he just drills it." Once in the lead on the first lap Can-Am pilot Sturdivant started cruising only to run into mechanical problems. “I came down the downhill and my bike just shut off. They both got by me there,” Sturdivant says. “I had to turn the key on a couple times to get it to fire.” From there it was Sommers trying to hang with McGill, and Sturdivant on the charge. McGill talks about getting by Sturdivant. “Then I followed him down one of the down hills and his bike just stalled. He just pulled over and let me go. I asked him if he was ok and he said yes.  So, I just went. I don’t know what exactly happened.”

After being passed, Sturdivant needed to make up time quick if he wanted a chance of catching the leaders. The Can-Am pilot caught Sommers and then made the pass. McGill was hopefully next. “I put my head down and got back by summers,” Sturdivant said. “I caught up to Kurt then. We were just running back and fourth, back and fourth. Then it kept shutting off every 4 or 5 miles.” This enabled McGill the chance to get far enough away. On the final lap, Sturdivant tried to mount a one lap comeback. “The last lap I was going to try and put a little run together. He was just too far ahead.” McGill took home the overall, but loved battling with Sturdivant while it lasted. “We have done this for six years now, him or I one or two. My hats off to him. He had a good race.” Sturdivant took home second Overall/Open A and Sommers took home third.

Bryan Channell took home fourth Overall/Open A and put in a consistent ride following his overall win at Pheasant Run. In Parsons, Channell was battling with Sturdivant until the last mile when the Can-Am pilot’s chain came off. This opened the door for Channell. He explained in the post race interview. “Brent and I were battling for a while when finally, I came down the road and saw him. I have been an A rider for 4 years now. My Dad and I have worked and worked.  I saw Brent sitting there with his chain and he said your first. We only had about a ½ mile to go. It was so great to win coming into the Mt. State forest festival.” Channell ran consistently all day while battling a bad first lap and a ticking motor. “I had a descent start. I screwed up in the first couple turns and had a little trouble.” Regarding the motor, “I heard a ticking down in it and didn’t know if the motor was coming apart or not. So, I motioned for Dad and told him I thought the motor was coming unglued. He said run it and I kept on it as hard as I could, and we finished the race.”

As in the bike race, The B class saw the race of the day as WV Honda rider Jonathon Sheets edged out WV Suzuki rider Ritchie Nolan. The riders were tire to tire to the finish.


O/A: 1. Adam McGill (KTM) 2. Brent Sturdivant (Can-Am) 3. Brandon Sommers (Yam) 4. Bryan Channell (Hon) 5. Dave Naylor (Hon) 6. Jonathon Sheets (Hon) 7. Richie Nolan (Suz)
8. David Whitacre (Hon) 9. Bill Wilson (Hon) 10. Jon Marmol Jr. (Hon)

OPEN A: 1. Adam McGill (KTM) 2. Brent Sturdivant (Can-Am) 3. Brandon Sommers (Yam) 4. Bryan Channell (Hon) 5. Dave Naylor (Hon)

OPEN B: 1. Jonathon Sheets (Hon) 2. Richie Nolan (Suz) 3. Bill Wilson (Hon)
4. Jon Marmol Jr. (Hon) 5. Nick Regalia (Hon)

OPEN C (30 & Up): 1. Peter Dandrea (Hon) 2. Kevin Helmick (Kaw) 3. Gary Reel (Yam) 4. Marty Taylor (Pol)

OPEN C (16-29): 1. Mark Moore (Yam) 2. Aaron Graber (Yam) 3. Gary Sheets (Hon) 4. Tyler Armstrong (Hon) 5. Ryan Booth (Hon)

VET: 1. Matt Auville (Yam) 2. Sean Styles (Suz) 3. Chad Judy (Kaw) 4. Kevin Doljac (Hon) 5. Patrick Elza (Hon)

SENIOR: 1. Ron Mann (Hon) 2. Mark Oha (Yam)

SCHOOL BOY 14-17: 1. Canan Summerfield (Yam) 2. Michael Spalding (Hon) 3. J.D. Welch (Yam)

UTILITY: David Dumire (Kaw)

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