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By: Tim Povenski
Photos: Tim Povenski

West Virgina State Harescramble CHampionship Series

WV State Harescramble Championship Series
Koontz Promotions HS @ Bike Barn Raceway
Round 4: Reedsville, WV

Mud Stock 2008

Bryan Channell
Bryan Channell

Stuck in the muck!
Stuck in the muck!
After the bike racers tore into the track for two hours, the ATV racers were ready to tackle the five to six mile rutted out terrain. Bryan Channell took home another Overall/Open A win and did so in convincing fashion.  By the end of the race, Channell had over eight minutes on second Overall/Open A David Whitacre.

Channell talks about his race in the post race interview with Roy Dains. “I got the hole shot and lead the whole first lap. I was racing with second and third there a little bit. Out here there was a new path around the upper side and I clipped a tree there. I almost lost the lead, but I still held onto the lead.” From there on out it was a route as no one could hang with Channell. After realizing he had the big lead, Channell tried to set in and ride a smart race. “It was rough, but I just tried to pace myself and ride. It looks like it panned out here today.” The only thing to threaten Channell’s lead on the day was a loose front fender that could have provided problems. “I want to thank my dad, he tightened all the bolts and I think he forgot one, but it did not bother me.”

Maryland Honda rider David Whitacre took home second Overall/Open A on the tough muddy track. After a descent start, Whitacre stalled out and had to battle back all day to make up the time.  “I got a good start and then came up out of the crick there and my bike stalled. I just kept riding stronger and stronger and kept my head in it.” West Virginia Honda rider Justin Wood took home third Overall/Open A and had fun racing and getting on the podium. Wood also suffered an early set back but toughed it out.  “I got stuck in a mud hole there on the second or third lap, that about took it out of me, I stayed there for about ten minutes, it was a fun course, it is my first time being the top 3 overall, it feels good, but I got to get in better shape, I’m an old man.”


OVERALL: 1. Bryan Channell (Hon) 2. David Whitacre (Hon) 3. Justin Wood (Hon) 4. Robby Johnston (Hon) 5. Ryan Booth (Hon) 6. Nathan Yoder (Hon) 7. Ron Mann (Hon) 8. Garry Whitacre (Yam) 9. Brian Williams (Hon) 10. John Marmol Jr. (Yam)

OPEN A: 1. Bryan Channell (Hon) 2. David Whitacre (Hon) 3. Justin Wood

OPEN B: 1. John Marmol Jr. (Yam) 2. Nick Lambruno (Yam)

OPEN C (30 & Up): 1. Peter Dandrea Jr. (Hon) 2. Ryan Price (Hon) 3. Kevin Helmick (Kaw) 4. Jerry Arbogast (OTH) 5. Travis Arbogast (Hon)

OPEN C (16-29): 1. Robby Johnston (Hon) 2. Ryan Booth (Hon) 3. Nathan Yoder (Hon) 4. Brian Williams (Hon) 5. Ryan Goldzien (Hon)

SCHOOL BOY (14-17): 1. Anthony Allen (Hon) 2. Joshuah Dains (Hon) 3. Michael Spalding (Hon)

VET (30 & Up): 1. Kevin Doljac 2. Sean Stiles (Suz)

SENIOR (40 & Up): 1. Ron Mann (Hon) 2. Garry Whitacre (Yam) 3. Jon Barker (Suz) 4. Robert Williams (Hon)

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