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By: Tim Povenski
Photos: Tim Povenski

West Virgina State Harescramble CHampionship Series

WV State Harescramble Championship Series
Koontz Promotions HS @ Trans Allegheny Lunatic Asylum
Round 5: Weston, WV

Gabe Phillips (Hon)
Gabe Phillips (Hon)

T.J. Shaw (KTM)
T.J. Shaw (KTM)
The Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum ( in Weston, WV was the scene of the latest Koontz Promotions harescramble. Just as the dust was beginning to settle from the bike race, the ATV racers were lining up and getting anxious to try the big hill and tear into the new track. Gabe Phillips, Bryan Channell and a host of others showed up to see who could get the win and take home some points. The hilly terrain provided a challenging track. At the same time, there were many high speed sections that let the riders max out their machines.

With the drop of the flag, Channell took the hole shot and let the Open A class to the big hill, which waited about a half mile into the track. Channell slowly tracked up the hill with Phillips right behind him. At the top, Channell got hung up and that led to Phillips getting hung up. Channell was the first to get free and made up to the top and left Phillips behind him. This led to Phillips having to play catch up early on a fast track. Phillips talked about the hill after the race with Roy Dains, “The hill wasn’t that bad, but channel was the first to go up. I followed, Channel got almost to the top of it and got stuck, so that screwed me up there. Then, I had to play catch up for a lap.” Catching Channell on the hill was not an option the second lap as the course workers rerouted the track after havoc ensued on that hill for those who at least tried it.

Eventually Phillips caught Channell. Lappers happened to slow Channell down for a moment as Phillips whipped by and made a double pass to take the overall lead. He never looked back. “There was a road on top of the hill when I was behind him. We came up onto lap traffic. He waited to pass and I just passed them both at the same time and never looked back.” Phillips also talked about track conditions, “The track was really fast. There was a sweet jump on top where you could fly out this road and launch off it. The worst part was above the check in. I hit a tree trying to get around lap traffic, but other than that, I had an alright day.”

Channell eventually had to drop out due to a broken chain. This led to Open C (16-29) rider TJ Shaw to second Overall and Open B rider Jesse Kelly to take third overall. The top ten overall only saw two A riders and one B rider! Seven of the top ten riders were from the Open C (16-29) class.


1. Gabe Phillips (Hon)
2. T.J. Shaw (KTM)
3. Jesse Kelly (Hon)
4. Mark Moore (Yam)
5. Emery Cutlip (Hon)
6. Ryan Booth (Hon)
7. David Whitacre (Yam)
8. Tyler Armstrong (Hon)
9. Devin Bohon (Pol)
10. Chad Turner (Suz)


1. Gabe Phillips (Hon)
2. David Whitacre (Yam)
3. Bryan Channell (Hon)


1. Jesse Kelly (Hon)
2. Ritchie Thomas (Hon)
3. Richie Nolan (Suz)
4. John Marmol Jr. (Yam)
5. Travis Jones (Yam)

OPEN C (30 & UP):

1. Ryan Price (Hon)
2. Peter Dandrea Jr. (Hon)
3. Kevin Helmick (Kaw)
4. Ken Smithberger (KTM)
5. Jerry Arbogast (OTH)

OPEN C (16-29):

1. T.J. Shaw (KTM)
2. Mark Moore (Yam)
3. Emery Cutlip (Hon)
4. Ryan Booth (Hon)
5. Tyler Armstrong (Hon)

VET (30 & UP):

1. Kevin Doljac (Hon)

SENIOR (40 & UP):

1. Kenneth Kelly (Hon)


1. Chad Belt  (Kaw)
2. Gary Wiant (Kaw)

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