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Team QLR / Maxxis / Elka / Duncan / IMS wins 3 championships!

David Scott
David Scott

Jeremy Sanchez on the gas.
Jeremy Sanchez on the gas.

Jeremy Sanchez
Jeremy Sanchez

3.3 gallons of VP C12 and a rider change.
3.3 gallons of VP C12 and a rider change.

When Dave Scott of Belen, NM. decided to contest three separate ATV championships he knew he would need some help.  During the winter of 2007 Dave began working on a plan with racers Jeremy Sanchez and Craig Christy.  The trio formulated a game plan that would allow Dave to race locally, regionally and internationally. Dave would take care of the NMDRC events, he would team up with Jeremy for the BITD events and the pair would combine forces with the Christy guys for the SCORE Baja series.1 year and 1,107 gallons of fuel later, Dave has three new #1 plates on his wall.

Best In The Desert - Quad #Q2

Race promoter Casey Folks invites racers to “live your adventure with Best in the Desert”  Dave and Jeremy did just that.  Riding the Quad Locos Racing 450cc bike in the Quad Pro class, the boys from Belen struggled to keep the blistering pace that was being set by Greg Stewart’s 650cc powered Q4 machine and the 700cc Q1 bike of Wayne Matlock.  While Dave and Jeremy were never absent from the podium their real performance secret turned out to be bulletproof bike prep and intelligent riding.  While the bigger bikes were haunted by mechanical issues, the QLR / TRX-450R always managed to reach the checkered flag in one piece.   Dave and Jeremy’s riding was put to the test during the Blue Water GP.  Their bike was last off the line and over 30 quads had to be passed before they would find any clean air to battle with the race leaders. Fortunately, the guys had their Elka shocks dialed in perfectly for the conditions and after a hard fought battle, they made it to the podium still very much in the points game!  During the Las Vegas 150 event, Jeremy was hot on the heals of another pro quad, so close, in fact, that when that quad blew a turn, Jeremy followed him 2 miles into the desert before either of them realized what had happened.  Fortunately, the Maxxis tires survived the off track excursion which allowed the team to spring from last place back to the lead group.  The duo put their heads down and clawed their way forward to a remarkable 2nd place!  Several times the guys ran into logistical issues where extra support was needed.  With almost zero notice, they could call upon Dave’s brother James Denton who was standing by in New Mexico.  James saved the day more than once embarking on 1,000 mile + road trips to deliver needed parts and human resources.

The championship was to be decided during the last race of the season.  Although the pressure was on, Dave and Jeremy knew they owned the lions share of the points in B.I.T.D.’s premier quad class.  The pair did not have the luxury of relaxing as this event was slotted to be a “double points” weekend.  A weak showing here could cost them the title.  With the Pit Crew keeping track of the competition, the Q2 bike maintained a conservative pace all the way to a 3rd place finish.  During the post race interview, they were joined by Wayne Matlock who conceded his 2007 “1 plate” by peeling it off his bike and sticking it on top of Dave’s Q2 decal.

15 hours later, the truck was loaded and pointed south to burn the final 54 gallons of diesel provided by Maurers Collision and Sunrise Builders.

New Mexico Desert Racing Club - Quad #1

Aside from the obvious bragging rights that come with a hard fought title, the NMDRC awards “the $6,000 jacket”.  The actual cost of the coat is substantially less than the implied value, this jacket earns its moniker from the thousands of dollars spent in entry fee’s, race gas, accommodations, transportation and missed days of work.

Looking at the calendar, there was only one schedule conflict, the SCORE San Felipe 250 was happening on the same weekend as the NMDRC Rio Puerco 100.  Skipping the 100 mile race was unfortunate as it meant Dave would have 1 less race to collect priceless championship points.  Somewhere between luck / skill and a great bike,  the man from Belen was able to win 4 of the 5 events that he contested.  The only exception being the Dunes GP in April, in his own words: “It was just not my day”.  Settling for 2nd place was difficult but the awarded points put him one step closer to owning a very expensive article of clothing.

SCORE International - Quad #101A

Perhaps the most well known and highly regarded off-road spectacle on the planet.  This abbreviated series offers only 3 races per year, failure to finish a race is championship suicide.  The proven combination of Dave Scott and Jeremy Sanchez linked up with Craig Christy’s tight knit ATV team, the joint effort finished both the San Felipe 250 and the Baja 500 in 3rd place.  Consecutive appearances on the SCORE podium is certainly an accomplishment but it was not good enough to win the coveted #1 plate.  The points chase was so tight that the only way they could achieve the Class 24 title would be to win the Baja 1000.

On a chilly morning in November, the 41st running of the Baja 1000 got underway.  The team overcame dust, rocks, weather and an electrical gremlin in the bikes ignition system to finish the race in 1st place.

Dave’s assault on the North American desert racing scene was by all indicators, a successful endeavor.  It could not have happened without the tireless support he received from his sponsors, his family and his friends.  The first step to this campaign was to assemble all the available resources.  Maxxis and Tireballs stepped up with a commitment to supply tires for the B.I.T.D. and NMDRC events.  This synergy was the right combination, as the crew never needed to change a wheel during a race. Duncan Racing agreed to provide a motor that lasted the entire year.  Race fuel was courtesy of Christy and accommodations were provided by Steve Abrego and Beau Nilsson. Fly Racing was in for apparel, IMS, Roll Design, Elka and AC Racing took care of the hard parts that transformed the venerable Honda TRX-450R into the competent desert racing machine it needed to be. Travel expenses were assisted by separate contributions from Maurers Collision and Sunrise Builders.  Of course the aforementioned support was crucial, but perhaps the most important ingredient to this result was the positive attitude of Dave’s wife Loretta and Jeremy’s wife Kristen.  Without their blessing, none of this would have been possible.

happy Holidays from Quad Locos Racing.

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