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Yorkley Racing

The River Ranch GNCC Race Report
River Ranch, Florida, March 1, 2009

William Yokley finished 13th Overall today in this tough Florida sand race.  There were 160 total entries with 21 XC1 Pro Riders.  Team Rider Mark Notman finished 110th Overall and 27th in the 36 rider XC2 Pro Am Class after experiencing some mechanical issues.


Its been a very busy several months since the last race getting everything ready for this season.  I am privileged to have the Army National Guard returning as the Title Sponsor of Yokley Racing; Polaris is providing 450 Outlaws for Mark and me this year, and we couldnt be happier with the machines.

Mark and I arrived at my usual place to practice in Florida a few days before the race to sort out our bikes and get used to the sand.  With my new program coming together, I was pumped to get on the new 2009 Polaris Outlaw and get some riding in.  Within the first 30 minutes, I clipped a stump and thought Id broken my wrist.  After a while, I was able to feel and use my fingers again, so I thought to myself that it was no big deal.  The next day I woke up with my wrist all swelled up and unable to ride.  I was totally bummed out; I spent all day getting it checked out at a hospital, and realized I may not be able to race.  I let it rest for a couple of days, and by race day I was able to use it enough to ride.  Even without much time to do suspension tuning, my National Guard Polaris worked pretty darn awesome anyway.

River Ranch Resort is a great place to hold a race; it is a 1700 acre Dude Ranch with all kinds of amenities such as hotels, restaurants, a rodeo, and an airport.  The course was typical Florida whoops and deep sand berms.  I got a great start and went into the woods in 3rd place.  I ran pretty good the 1st lap but as the track got worse and my shocks heated up, the lack of testing and my weak wrist started setting in.  I wasnt able to keep up the pace with the leaders, but managed to make a few adjustments while pitting to make the bike work better.

My teammate Mark Notman was excited and ready after a good winter of testing and riding his new Polaris.  He got a 10th place start and moved up to 4th going into the woods.  Mark started to get pretty bad arm pump halfway through lap 1 and had trouble holding on to the bike.  This was very unusual since he never gets arm pump!  He fell back to 7th and by lap 2 they were still pumped up and he was back in 14th place.  On lap 3, his spark plug cap came off which is another thing that never happened before.  He figured out what happened and replaced it, but had lost a lot of time.  The cap continued to pop off and would not stay on.  His crew decided it was best if he pulled in since he was already a lap down and outside the top 20.  We will get this corrected so this wont happen again.
We will stay in Florida and get our bikes ready for the next race in the Georgia clay.  Im very happy with my bike and program for this year.  The Polaris Outlaw has proven itself to me and the team that its worthy of going out on the track and kicking some ass!  I look forward to seeing you all at the next race.

Yokley Racing Team Sponsors are The Army National Guard, Polaris Industries, Kenda Tires, Elka Suspension, Roll Design, HMF Exhaust Systems, IMS/Roll, PURE Polaris Lubricants & Fuels, Intense Fabrication & Design, Douglas Wheel Technology, Moto Pro Training, Tire Balls, Andrews Cycle, Tsubaki Chains, IMS, Four Apparel, ASV Levers, CV4 Hoses, Hygh Octane Design, PIER Graphics, Universal Handlebars, Scott Goggles,, Hetrick Motorsports, Powermadd, and Rekluse Clutches.

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