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Christy Racing

PRO 450cc ATV Team CHRISTY Wins SCORE Tecate San Felipe 250

Andy Lagdzins leaving Race Mile 167
Andy Lagdzins leaving Race Mile 167

Dave Scott was already headed back home so Steve Abrego, Andy Lagdzins and Craig Christy asked the Tecate girls to accept on his behalf.
Dave Scott was already headed back home so Steve Abrego, Andy Lagdzins and Craig Christy asked the Tecate girls to accept on his behalf.

Christy’s Racing enjoyed a flawless weekend in Baja.  The team rolled into town a week ahead of race day so they would have ample time to pre-run the course and formulate an effective strategy.  This years team included Los Angeles natives Craig Christy and Steve Abrego as well as Dave Scott from Belen, New Mexico and Andy Lagdzins from Baltimore, Maryland. The four rider squadron was strengthened by four chase crews equipped with spare parts, fresh fuel and necessary tools to facilitate a smooth race.

At 6:45 in the morning, Christy rider Dave Scott started the race as the 8th class 24 quad off the line.  Those that are familiar with this event know that San Felipe is synonymous with countless “whoops” that will fatigue even the most fit athlete.

The first third of the course is so brutal that many teams put fresh riders on at race mile 25 and/or RM 46. Dave was confident that he could maintain a competitive pace till RM 61.  After a splash & go pit stop at RM 46, Dave made it to RM 61, out of breath but grinning ear to ear as he told rider number 2, Steve Abrego, that he had passed 6 quads during his herculean ride!

Armed with the knowledge that the team was now in 1st place on time, Abrego rode like a man possessed.  He quickly overtook one quad and was neck and neck with 104A as he came within radio range of the next pit stationed at RM 122.  A crowd gathered around the Christy Hummer to listen to the colorful play-by-play commentary broadcasting from the race bike.  Steve and 104a swapped positions at least three times through the silt beds, even though the team was still in 1st place, on time, and only moments away from physically leading the race, the chase crew stuck to the game plan and calmly added fuel, changed the air filter and gave the quad a visual once-over before allowing Andy Lagdzins to start his 71 mile section.

It did not take Andy long to overtake 104a, thus putting the team physically in 1st place.  Andy stopped briefly at RM167 for fuel and some good news; he had created a 4 minute lead over second place.  Even though the chase crew advised him to relax and maintain the gap Lagdzins stretched the lead another 4 minutes by the time he passed the quad to team principal and rider of record; Craig Christy.

With the final race miles ahead, Craig put the cruise control on and swiftly picked his way through the  boulder strewn Huatamote wash and onto the final sprint to the finish. Christy must have been able to taste victory as he managed to increase the lead to 12 minutes.  Class 25 winner, Wayne Matlock, met Christy on the podium with a couple celebratory Tecate beers to toast both victories in classic Baja fashion.

This epic result could not have been achieved without the fantastic Duncan Racing / Honda TRX-450R equipped with Elka Shocks, ITP tires, PWR radiator, Fatboy 4 exhaust system and Sunoco Race Fuels.

Additional support from Rockstar, Cycle Gear, Joe Bernal, Beast Paddock Services, RGEAR, Instinct Charter Boat and The Dirty Patrol were sincerely appreciated.

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