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Can-Am GNCC Racing

Privateer Wolf Takes $10,000 Victory at Snowshoe GNCC
First-Ever XC2 Pro-Am Rider to Win GNCC Overall

Wolf took home a handsome chunk of change and maybe hopes of returning next year.
Wolf took home a handsome chunk of change and maybe hopes of returning next year.

The Snowshoe GNCC start is unlike any other round with a live engine start.
The Snowshoe GNCC start is unlike any other round with a live engine start.

Ballance is back on the podium for the first time since his win at Loretta's.
Ballance is back on the podium for the first time since his win at Loretta's.

Borich might have a lockdown on the point lead after his sixth win.
Borich might have a lockdown on the point lead after his sixth win.

The XC1 podium had a new member today.
The XC1 podium had a new member today.

Wolf had two podium appearances at Snowshoe.
Wolf had two podium appearances at Snowshoe.

Snowshoe, W.Va. (June 27, 2009)-In an unprecedented surprise, privateer Brian Wolf on a Yamaha took home the overall win at the Snowshoe GNCC, round 9 of the 2009 Can-Am Grand National Cross Country Series, making him the first XC2 Pro-Am ATV rider ever to take a GNCC overall win.

Wolf was welcomed on the podium with wolf howls and thunderous applause by the largest podium crowd the 2009 season has seen so far.

Wolf, speechless at first looked around at the crowd before making his victory speech.

"I'm so pumped, so excited to be here," he said as he accepted his $10,000 purse prize from "I'm really not going for the overall. I'm going for the XC2 Championship. This is just a bonus. "

Making the win even bigger, Wolf said this would be his last year competing in GNCC and when asked if he thought he would return for the next season because of his big win, Wolf still didn't have any definite answers.

"I always told myself, the pro guys are so fast," he said. "Bill and Chris are so fast. I said there would be no sense to keep racing if I can't be up here with these guys. I guess I stuck my foot in my mouth!"

"I just promised my wife some things though so... but she's phenomenal so maybe she will let me," he finished with a laugh.

Wolf took the first overall and first in the XC2 Class, while Rockstar/Makita Suzuki's Chris Borich took first place in XC1, followed by defending GNCC champion, Yamaha's Bill Ballance in second and Ballance's teammate Brandon Sommers in third.

Borich took the early lead, starting in the first line of the modified start, where a different line of riders started off every five seconds with live engines on a paved road beside the Snowshoe Resort Village. FRE KTM's Adam McGill, Yamaha's Taylor Kiser and Sommers, Ballance and Houser Racing's Bryan Cook battled the roughest course of the year, taking on mud bogs, fast trails and almost vertical climbs.

The twenty mile-double loop and the modified start are unique to the Snowshoe GNCC, and the Snowshoe race is considered as the toughest of the season.

"This event is strange with the way it starts and the time differences," Ballance said. "Maybe this should be looked at as a money event- not a point event. It was great to come up for this. It was like a Last Man Standing type of event."

Borich, the current GNCC points leader, fell back to 9th place in the second lap after he missed a trail and had to retrace his steps. Ballance also fell back in the second lap, falling into eighth place while Yamaha's Donnie Ockerman ran in first place physically on the track. Wolf, who started on the 11th line in the pack, roared to the overall lead with time adjustments and had a 45 second margin over Ockerman.

Ockerman fell back to fourth place in the fourth lap, and Borich and Ballance began making their recovery, with Borich moving back to second place in the third lap. Borich crossed the finish line physically first, less than a second ahead of Ballance with Sommers in third.

"We had a good time out there," Borich said. "I knew Bill was there. It was good to see him out there. I just wanted to get out and worry about the points. We're sitting pretty right now."

Borich accepted a $5,000 purse prize and Ballance earned an extra $3,000 with his for their second and third overall positions.

"They threw about everything out at us that they could," Ballance said. "I had a good time. It's a unique event for us." Yamaha's Jarrod McClure started the race in fourth, and held third in the second and third laps to finish fourth.

Cook finished in fifth, followed by Ockerman in sixth and Warnert Can-Am's Chris Bithell in seventh. Ryan Lane finished in eighth place while Taylor Kiser, who started the race in third, place fell back to 4th, and then eventually finished 9th. Duane Johnson on a Honda took 10th.

McGill, the winner of last year's Snowshoe race, finished the first lap in first, but broke a footpeg in the second lap, taking an extended pit for repairs. He didn't finish his second lap until more than an hour later. McGill finished the race in 19th place.

Wolf returned to the XC2 podium where he was joined by the familiar trio of FRE KTM's Josh Kirkland in second and Eric Hoyland on a Honda in third.

Walker Fowler continued his streak as Top Amateur.

Can-Am riders swept the A.M. race as Michael Swift took the GT Thunder Morning Racing Overall Award, followed by Jerime Duding in second and Scott Kilby in third overall. Their 4x4 machines took advantage of the rugged Snowshoe track.

In the Women's race, FRE KTM's Angel Atwell took first, followed by Yamaha's Traci Cecco in second and Jesi Stracham in third.

Overall Results

1. Brian Wolf
2. Chris Borich (SUZ)
3. Bill Ballance (YAM)
4. Brandon Sommers (YAM)
5. Jarrod McClure (YAM)
6. Bryan Cook (HOUS)
7. Donald Ockerman (YAM)
8. Chris Bithell (CAN)
9. Josh Kirkland (KTM)
10. Ryan Lane (Hon)

XC1 Results

1. Chris Borich (SUZ)
2. Bill Ballance (YAM)
3. Brandon Sommers (YAM)
4. Jarrod McClure (YAM)
5. Bryan Cook (HOUS)
6. Donald Ockerman (YAM)
7. Chris Bithell (CAN)
8.Ryan Lane
9. Taylor Kiser (YAM)
10. Duane Johnson (HON)

XC2 Results

1. Brian Wolf (Yam)
2. Josh Kirkland (KTM)
3. Eric Hoyland (HON)
4. Kevin Yoho (YAM)
5. Scottie Rich (KTM)
6. Parker Jones (HON)
7. Josh Konecheck (POL)
8. Gabe Phillips (HON)
9. Mark Notman (POL)
10. Josh Beavers (KTM)

XC1 Point Standings

1.Chris Borich (222/6 wins) 2. Taylor Kiser (182/1 win) 3. Adam McGill (160) 4. Bill Ballance (154/1 win) 5. Bryan Cook (148/1 win) 6. Brandon Sommers (147) 7. Donald Ockerman (119) 8. Duane Johnson (111) 9. Jarrod McClure (110) 10. Chris Bithell (89)

XC2 Point Standings

1. Brian Wolf (246/6 points) 2. Josh Kirkland (233/3 wins) 3. Eric Hoyland (154) 4. Parker Jones (124) 5. Rob Hertz (119) 6. Gabe Phillips (96) 7.Scottie Rich (95) 8. Dustin Canipe (88) 9. Kevin Yoho (81) 10.Josh Beavers (79)

About GNCC Racing
The Can-Am Grand National Cross Country series is America's premier off-road racing series. Founded in 1973, the 13-round championship is produced exclusively by Racer Productions. Cross-country racing is one of the most physically demanding sports in the world. The grueling three-hour GNCC races lead as many as 1,800 riders through tracks ranging in length from eight to 12 miles. With varied terrain, including hills, woods, mud, dirt, rocks and motocross sections, GNCC events are tests of both survival and speed. Riders compete for more than $3 million in prize money, which draws talent from all over the U.S., Europe, Australia and New Zealand. GNCC Racing is televised and airs every Saturday and Thursday on the Versus Network. For more information, please visit

About Racer Productions
A West Virginia-based motorcycle and ATV event production company, Racer Productions has been a leader in the off-road racing industry for more than 30 years. It's repertoire of events includes the 13-round Can-Am Grand National Cross Country Series, held since 1973; The Kawasaki/Monster Energy High Point National in Mount Morris, Pa., held since 1977; The ATV Dirt Days at Loretta Lynn's Ranch in Hurricane Mills, Tenn., held since 1985; The U.S. World Motocross Gran Prix at Steel City Raceway in Delmont, Pa. in 1987; The Monster Energy/Kawasaki Steel City National, held since 1988; The ATV Stampede National Motocross at High Point Raceway, held since 1994; The AMA Pro ATV Open at Steel City in 2007; as well as numerous other amateur motocross events. In addition, Racer Productions staffs the prestigious Air
Nautiques/AMA Amateur National Motocross Championship at Loretta Lynn's Ranch, held since 1982. For more information, please visit

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