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ITP/Moose Racing AMA/ATVA ATV Motocross National Championship Series

Wimmer Moves Toward Championship after Capturing RedBud Round of the AMA Pro ATV MX Series

Buchanan, MI ( August 3, 2009) - Rockstar Makita Suzuki's Dustin Wimmer took what looked like an effortless win as he sailed to his sixth win of the year, in a methodical 1-1 win at RedBud MX in Buchanan, MI. Wimmer has run the gamut of luck this season, starting off exceptionally well, then sitting out two races with an injury, struggling trying to mount a comeback, and then winning the last two races back. Now, Wimmer stands close to winning back-to-back championships in the ITP Tires/Moose Racing AMA ATV Motocross Championship Presented by Parts Unlimited, this one his toughest yet.

Monster Energy Kawasaki's Josh Creamer and Chad Wienen were close behind, keeping the Kawasaki versus Suzuki fight alive for in the Manufacturer's Cup Championship.

Cody Miller took home the Top Qualifier Award.

In moto one, Creamer took the holeshot and led the first five laps while Harold Goodman, Wimmer and Doug Gust stayed close behind. Wienen had a rough start, starting back in ninth but in typical Wienen fashion, recovered to fourth place by the end of the moto. Wimmer passed Goodman on the 2nd lap and pressured Creamer until the 6th lap, when he took the lead for the win. Gust took a solid 3rd place. Honda's Joe Byrd crashed in the first turn and finished 13th, but bounced back in the second moto.

In that moto, Goodman continued to ride well, taking the holeshot while Wimmer, Creamer, Byrd and Gust followed behind. Wienen had another bad start in 9th place before he was able to recover. Wimmer passed Goodman on the second lap and took the lead, but his win wasn't easy. Byrd and Creamer pressured each other as they started to gain on Wimmer. At the last minute, Wimmer was able to dig a little deeper to hold onto first. Byrd took second, while Creamer took third.

Wimmer took to the podium with an escalated points lead. Creamer took second overall with teammate Wienen in third. Wimmer is now 45 points ahead in the points lead, so he needs to score just five points at the final round in two weeks, the ATV Dirt Days at Loretta Lynn Ranch. Wienen is in second in the points with Byrd only six points behind. Gust is only a few points behind Byrd in fourth.

As for the Manufacturer's Cup, Wimmer's win vaulted the Suzuki team further into the points lead, with 382 points. Kawasaki is still yet in second with 351 points. Kawsaki's big competition is Team Honda with 348.


1. Dustin Wimmer SUZ (1-1)
2. Josh Creamer KAW (2-3)
3. Chad Wienen KAW (4-5)
4. Doug Gust SUZ (3-6)
5. Joe Byrd HON (13-2)
6. Richard Pelchat CAN (8-8)
7. Jeremy Lawson CAN (10-7)
8. Josh Upperman HON (7-10)
9. Harold Goodman HON (5-14)
10. Jermie Warnia CAN (9-11)

Points Standings

1. Dustin Wimmer (385/6 wins)
2. Chad Wienen (340/2 wins)
3.Joe Byrd (334/ 1 win)
4.Douglas Gust (327)
5. Josh Upperman (301)
6. Josh Creamer (298/ 1 win)
7.John Natalie (258)
8. Jeremy Lawson (250)
9.Cody Miller (215)
10.Thomas Brown (203)

About the ITP/Moose Racing AMA ATV Motocross Championship Presented by Parts Unlimited
The ITP/Moose Racing AMA ATV Motocross Championship Presented by Parts Unlimited is the nation's premier amateur and professional ATV motocross series, and competes at top motocross facilities nationwide. The 11-round series features the Nation's best racers, teams and sponsors, and is America's largest and longest-running ATV National Motocross series with more than 20 years of competition. The series continues to expand and produce top talent from the amateur ranks, while keeping close to the grassroots fun that makes people love to go to the races. Check out weekly Motosodes of ATVision powered by Quad at For more information, please visit

About the ATV Promoters Group (ATVPG)
The ATVPG is composed of the individual promoters that host the ITP/Moose Racing AMA ATV Motocross Championship Presented by Parts Unlimited. The goal of the ATVPG is to raise awareness of ATV motocross through the production of professional and amateur championship racing events. For more information on the ATVPG and the ATV National events they produce, please visit

About MX Sports Pro Racing, Inc.
MX Sports Pro Racing, Inc. manages the Lucas Oil AMA Pro Motocross Championship, the Women's Motocross Association (WMA) National Motocross Championship, and the professional racing side of the AMA Pro ATV Motocross Championship. MX Sports Pro Racing, Inc. is a second-generation family owned business that has been in operation for over 26 years and is an industry leader in the segment of off road/action sports race promotion in the United States. Through its various racing properties, partnerships and affiliates, MX Sports fields more than 60,000 action sports athletes each year and attracts millions of active fans, spectators and enthusiasts. For more information on MX Sports, please visit

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