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Wisconsin ATV MX
Sponsored by Janssen Motorsports
Round #6 Motozone - Tigerton, WI

Round #6 for the Badger State Quad Championship series takes us to the Doug Gust built track in Tigerton, WI. This track, along with the existing ATV park and trails could easily be voted the best event and facility in the state. This round of MX racing would be tied in with other events as this was an all quad weekend with gates opening Friday night and events not wrapping up until Sunday afternoon.

The other events going on would include Mud Bog racing, Dirt Drags, Cross Country, TT, and of course MX racing. There were also side events to include trail riding, wheelie contest, teeter totter contest to name a few. Troy Oleson of was on hand the entire weekend as well to provide the racers and family members with some great pictures of the action and pictures for this race report.

On to the race action………..As mentioned, the MX racing action would be tied in with two other disciplines this round. Those two disciplines would be Cross Country and TT. Racers could race any event or all three. Those racing all there were competing for the overall title for the weekend along with some nice size trophies going to the top 3 in each class. The first event to kick off the competition for the Triple Crown was Cross Country racing Saturday morning. The MX racers usually are kind of chomping at the bit to get a chance to take a shot at a different style of racing and Cross Country is one of the favorites. This CC race would be a little condensed on time with classes being split into 4 heats and each heat doing 45 minutes. For a lot of racers this was their first time doing a CC event and it’s always great seeing the look on their face after the first lap and you tell them to keep going. #990 Zac Zakowski, who currently sits 5th in the GNCC 4x4 open class, probably grabbed the most attention on his Can-Am as he easily won his heat and class. The Production A and Pro-Am class were low on the turnout side for the CC portion as those riders were gearing up for the TT and MX racing and wanted to ensure their quads were ready for the action Sunday to maintain their points battle for the lead. However, that didn’t stop Steve Runkel, Cody Janssen, and Adam Warren from duking it out in the trees. Steve Runkel would win that battle though in the end. The +25 class saw some really good entries as well. #85 Roger Brown came out to show him and his machine still had what it takes and he did just that. Scott Kinczfogel and Roger Pinkham rounded out the top 3 in the class. Blake Kreuser was the kid to beat in the mini classes.

As the racing wrapped up from the morning of Cross Country racing, the afternoon of TT racing would soon begin. With the Tigerton facility being more of a sand base it appeared the track would not become too blue grooved for the racers and most would run their MX tires. During the heat race Cody Janssen appeared to be the fastest racer along with Steve Runkel in the Pro-Am Production class. However, Steve Runkel would fall out of the main due to mechanical issues and Cody would limp to a 5th giving the overall on the TT track to Adam Warren, followed by Matt Mullen, Cory Gauthier, and DJ Spurling. One of the more exciting classes had to be the Production C class as the starting line was overflowing with racers anxious to grab that holeshot. In the end, Collin Beshel would be the racer grabbing the checkered followed by Brekken Kleinschmidt and Richie Olichwier. There was plenty of other great race action as well with plenty of excitement for the spectators. At the end of the first day of racing, some riders came out a little more beaten and worn out then the rest, but Sunday would be a new day.

Sunday the racers were treated to probably the best MX track in Wisconsin. You could tell some were moving a little slower coming to registration after the previous days beating on the CC and TT track, but the registration numbers were still good rounding out the weekend with over 300 entries for the Triple Crown event. The Fantasy Moto track crew put in a lot of time watering and prepping the track and it locked like the racers were in for a treat. In the Who’s Next Fight Gear Pro-am Production class the focus shifted slightly as top runner Steve Runkel would not be able to repair his quad in time for the MX event. However, current top runners Cody Janssen, Eric Wenzel, Joey Tomazevic, DJ Spurling and handful of other riders were anxious to get some air time on the big step-up jump. Cody Janssen would be the fastest and smoothest on the day though as he would go 1, 1 for the day to secure the win and also secure the current points lead in the series. Eric Wenzel would have his rear shock linkage fail him though in the Production A class in the first moto, which would allow Cody more security in his points lead as Eric Wenzel would not be able to race the 2nd moto of the Pro-am Production class. DJ Spurling and Cory Gauthier would be battling it out for both motos though. In the end DJ would best Cory with a 3, 2 for the day while Cory would follow behind with a 2, 3 finish on the day. Current leaders in the Pro-Am Production class battling for the pair of Fox Shox and the Who’s Next Fight Gear cash prize are Cody Janssen, Eric Wenzel, and Steve Runkel. However, Steve Runkel may not return for the last 3 rounds and leave the door open for Joey Tomazevic or DJ Spurling to fight for one of the top 3 spots.

As mentioned, Eric Wenzel was putting down some good lap times until a suspension failure would end his day in the Production A class. Joey Tomazevic also had a rough day with several get offs. With those two having a rough day, Cody Janssen would also secure the win in Production A with a 1,1 finish on the day followed by DJ Spurling (2,2) and Adam Zalewski (4,3). Every class had good entry numbers and great race action as well. #14 Tom Appleton was able to beat out 14 other racers in the Production C class, which was one of the biggest classes of the day. #22 Eric Decker didn’t have an easy task though either with 12 entries in the Production B class. He would take the overall win though with a 2, 1 finish over the 1, 2 finish of #811 Tj Timblin. #199 of Sky Volkamer made one of the longer trips of the racers present to race against some of the stiff competition in the pee wee classes in Wisconsin. Sky held his own finishing 4th on the day with a 5, 4 in the Mini Mod class. Finishing in front of him would be #38 of Sam Rowe, #8 Blake Kreuser, and #12 Gunner Tebon.

Full results are available at and current points available at

The next round of action will be at Gravity Park USA in Chilton, WI on August 15th. Reminder this round will once again be a night race with gates opening at 3pm and practice to start around 5:30pm. Racing action is coming to and end soon with only 3 rounds to go to include the schedule 1st round make-up race in Wittenberg, WI on August 23rd.

Visit for more information and upcoming races and the Badger State Quad Championship series.

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