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WORCS Racing rolls into Mesquite, NV (Championships to be decided)

Washington, UT: 10/13/09-  The WORCS finals seem to be shaping up as Championships are up for grab in both the Motorcycle & ATV series.  The WORCS series, which will start its 10th Anniversary tour schedule next year, looks to be ending the first decade with no disappointments.  The Bike & ATV series has Championships to award over the next two weeks and Mesquite, NV is the place to be.

ATV Weekend:  Oct. 18th, 2009

MCR's Beau Baron has a gapping 21 point lead over the two time defending WORCS ATV Pro Champion- Josh Frederick.  Baron who showed consistency last year earning him the #3 plate for this year, has made a huge impact on the ATV West Coast Pro ranks, showing he has the ATV skills to take home the GOLD hardware aboard his MRC/Motowork's/Maxxis backed Honda 450.  Frederick who had a mid-season injury in the ITP series will definitely be looking at working on Baron to push him as he gives chase to his 3rd title in a row.  What does all this mean?  If Frederick was to win, Baron needs a 11th place or better.  If Baron happens to finish 12th and Frederick wins, it could get interesting as you then go to ties and believe it or not, Frederick and Baron are tied for 1st & 2nd place finishes. If that happens, the Championship would go to the best finish at Mesquite, interesting.  Then to top it all off, Frederick's teammate Jeremie Warnia is one point behind Frederick, which he could throw a monkey wrench into this whole situation. Other Pro ATV racers slated to show are the newly added Motoworks team members Chad Weinen & John Natalie. Also rumored is Dillon Zimmerman is turning Pro as he has already secured the Pro-Am Championship at the last race in Glen Helen.  Washington's race winner, Chris Borich is scheduled to return as we know he has the skills to win a 2-hr WORCS race.  What not many people know, Borich has a history of MX which the Mesquite track suites with the terrain it offers.  GNCC racer, Yamaha's Joey Gallagher and Jarrod McClure are making their way out west for the finale as well.  The final should shape up to be the best of the year for sure.

For more on this race and the 2009 WORCS series re-caps, please visit For a look at the 2010 schedule, click here to make your plans

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