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Rockstar Makita Suzuki ATV Race Team

The 2010 Rockstar Makita Suzuki Yoshimura ATV Racing Team

Dustin Wimmer & Josh Creamer
Dustin Wimmer & Josh Creamer

The ATVs

Dustin Wimmer & Josh Creamer

The Suzuki QuadRacer R450 can win races, and the Rockstar Makita Suzuki ATV racers know how to get the quad across the finish line first: they’ve won championships two years in a row, and plan to make it three in 2010.

At the helm of the championship-winning ATV motocross team is back-to-back champion Dustin Wimmer, who clinched the AMA ATV MX championship in 2008 and 2009. His fluid race style and his commitment to being the best make him a great racer. Dustin, who is 22 years old and from Center Valley, Pennsylvania, is preparing to hit the track at the first round of the 2010 MX series to continue his streak of wins. With Dustin’s years of experience racing the R450 and his fourth year on the team, he will be on top of the podium a lot in the coming season.

The new face on the team is no stranger to winning. Josh Creamer was a serious contender for the title in 2009, and has steadily worked his way up the rankings in the premier ATV class. His first year aboard the Rockstar Makita Suzuki team will be a great one, as Creamer has put in a lot of seat time on the R450 and already feels comfortable and impressively faster than he was last year.

Suzuki and Yoshimura ATV Racing History

Suzuki, along with Yoshimura, got serious about ATV racing soon after the release of the incredible QuadSport Z400 in 2002. This off-road trail quad, although not a pure racing machine, was a good platform to build on. Wayne Hinson, considered the “Godfather” of ATV racing and owner of Hinson Clutch, and Yoshimura got to work on making it race worthy. In 2003, Suzuki’s Rod Lopusnak got behind the team with some added support and the seed was planted. Racer Doug Gust won the inaugural Pro Production title and came close in the last year of the Pro ATV class with a QuadSport-powered, custom-framed hybrid.

When the 2004 season started, Yoshimura had built some incredibly fast engines that were nearly unridable for mere mortals. “Digger” Doug Gust felt right at home on these brutally fast Suzukis and in the end dominated the competition, setting many win records in the process. The QuadSport Z400 transformed from a trail quad into a full-tilt screaming racer thanks to Yoshimura. It simply decimated the competition.

In 2005 Team Yoshimura Suzuki shocked the ATV world again by showing up with a 53-foot semi tractor-trailer big rig, and with it the return to full factory racing. The company that started it all when it came to four wheels had come full circle. The following year, the venerable QuadSport Z400 racer retired and the revolutionary new Suzuki QuadRacer R450 arrived. This fuel-injected, race-specific ATV was groundbreaking. Designed with input from Doug Gust and the race team, this quad was built with one thing in mind: racing motocross. In spite of a slow start, Gust’s teammate Jeremiah Jones loved the new fuel-injected Suzuki and from mid-season on, Jones was the man to beat. No one could come close to his incredible raw speed on the R450. Tragically, Jones suffered a career-ending injury at the Unadilla round; his racing career was over, but his spirit remained the same. For the 2007 season, Jones returned as Team Coordinator for the Suzuki team.

In 2007, Doug and team newcomer Dustin Wimmer focused on the newly formed WPSA series. Both riders elected to race a few of the ATVA GNC Pro races, but the focus was on WPSA. Although neither won the title, they looked forward to dominating in 2008. Wimmer emerged as the ATV racer to beat that year. He quite simply owned the track from the beginning of the season until the end. He easily won the Pro ATV title.

In 2009, Wimmer came out of the gates and dominated in every way. However, a kink was thrown in when he was injured in a practice crash. His shoulder was operated on and it looked like his season was over. That’s when the ATV world learned that Dustin was not only fast, but he was also tough. He came back from his injury to miraculously win the title for a second straight year, leaving his competitors wondering what they had to do to beat this kid.

And here we are. The 2010 season will be an interesting year for Rockstar Makita Suzuki ATV racing. Original team racer and ATV legend “Digger” Doug Gust has hung up his helmet and retired. In his place Josh Creamer has stepped up and hopes to fill those mighty big boots. In the meantime, Dustin Wimmer looks to add title number three to his belt. Yoshimura is making the already dominant QuadRacer R450 even better and there is no weakness in the team. Look for them to be on top of the podium a lot this year.

Dustin Wimmer
Dustin Wimmer

Dustin Wimmer
Dustin Wimmer

Dustin Wimmer
Dustin Wimmer

Dustin Wimmer
AMA ATV National Championship
Rockstar Makita Suzuki QuadRacer R450

Personal Info

Born February 21, 1987. Single. Dustin Wimmer was born in Doylestown, Pennsylvania, and now resides in Center Valley. One of the youngest ATV Pro MX champions, Wimmer’s success is due to equal parts riding skills and intense fitness. The 6-foot 3-inch tall, 23-year-old Wimmer spends a good deal of time riding his road and mountain bicycles, both near his home and while on the road. And he relaxes with a not-so-physical round of golf.

Racing Biography

Dustin Wimmer began his ATV racing career at age 9, moving up to a Suzuki LT80, and graduating through the race classes with unmatched success. In 2001, Wimmer earned his first National Championship in the Open B class. The next season, Wimmer raced three different classes in both the MX series and the Tourist Trophy (TT) series, earning the Open A Championship in Motocross. Wimmer continued his championship run in 2003, earning National Titles in both the 250A and the 250 Pro Am classes. This level of success proved that Wimmer was ready to turn pro, and he did in 2004. One of the youngest pros on the circuit, Wimmer was still able to compete near the top and finish 4th overall for the season. The 2005 season was more difficult for Wimmer, and he finished ninth overall in the Pro class.
In 2006, Wimmer was runner-up to Doug Gust in the WPSA ATV MX series, and Suzuki quickly signed him to the factory team. He earned second-place overall again in 2007 in his first year aboard the Suzuki QuadRacer R450. In 2008, Wimmer returned to his title-winning form, as he captured the AMA ATV MX championship. His racing talent and hard work in the off-season led him to back-to-back championships, again clinching the title in 2009 in the AMA ATV MX series. Dustin’s 2010 campaign will be his fourth year on the Rockstar Makita Suzuki team.


2009    AMA ATV Pro Motocross Champion
2008    AMA ATV Pro Motocross Champion
2007    WPSA ATV Tour - Second place
2006    AMA ATV Pro Motocross – Sixth place
2006    WPSA ATV Tour – Second place
2005    ATVA Pro Motocross – Ninth place
2004    ATV Pro Motocross – Sixth place
2003    Sweeper Award GNC Series
2003    AMA Amateur Sports Rider of the Year
2003    ATVA Pro-Am 250 Motocross Champion
2003    ATVA GNC Amateur Rider of the Year
2003    ATVA 250 A Class Motocross Champion
2002    ATVA Four-Stroke A Class Motocross – Second place
2002    ATVA TT Four-Stroke Pro-Am
 – Fifth place
2002    ATVA 250 A Class Motocross – Third place
2002    ATVA TT Open Pro-Am
 – Sixth
2002    ATVA Open A Motocross National Champion
2002    ATVA TT 250 A Class – Third place
2001    ATVA MX/TT Open B Class National Champion
2001    ATVA MX/TT 0-200 Air-Cooled Class National Champion

Josh Creamer
Josh Creamer

Josh Creamer
Josh Creamer

Josh Creamer
Josh Creamer

Josh Creamer
AMA ATV National Championship
Rockstar Makita Suzuki QuadRacer R450

Personal Info

Born August 30, 1985, in New London, Connecticut. Single. Currently resides in O’Brien, Florida to take advantage of the year-round riding weather. When not racing, Josh enjoys hunting with his father for big game all over the world.

Racing Biography

The 2010 season will be the 24-year-old Creamer’s first season aboard the Rockstar Makita Suzuki QuadRacer R450. In 2009, Josh Creamer whipped up a lot of attention in the AMA ATV Pro class by putting the pressure on all the other racers in the series. By the end of the season, he won two of the 11 races that make up the series, including the notoriously tough Loretta Lynn’s final round in Tennessee. He earned fifth place overall in 2009 and has the potential to take charge and be at the top of the podium in 2010. He earned fourth overall in the AMA ATV National Motocross Series in 2008 with four podium finishes and two additional top-five finishes, and has a number of amateur titles under his belt.


2009    AMA ATV MX Series – 5th overall
2008    AMA ATV MX Series – 4th overall
2007    WPSA series – 6th overall
2006    WPSA series – ninth overall.
2005    AMA ATV MX Pro-Am Champion
2005    New England ATV series Pro and Pro-Am Champion

The Championship Ride
Suzuki QuadRacer R450

There’s a reason the QuadRacer R450 has been on the top of the podium more than any other quad since its introduction to the race track three years ago: it was bred to race, and born to win. With unstoppable power, smooth handling, and fuel injection that can’t be beat, this is the quad to ride if you want to win.

The fuel-injected engine has top-end performance like no other. With a strong pull throughout the rpm range, this quad delivers the power needed when it’s needed. The R450 also has an advanced chassis and responsive, long-travel suspension to soak up the jumps and bumps encountered on the way to a championship run. But, it’s not only the big components that are geared toward racing: new this year, the R450 even has an aluminum seat rail to reduce weight. From top to bottom, the 2010 QuadRacer R450 is built to be a champion.

2010 Rockstar Makita Suzuki Crew

Kory Ellis: Team Manager

Kevin Mummah: Crew Chief, Chassis Development

Gilbert Lujan: Lead Engine Builder, Engine Development

John Shelburne: Truck Driver, Team Chef

Dustin Wimmer
Glenn Schlude: Mechanic

Josh Creamer
Joe Havel: Mechanic, Practice Engine Builder, Test ATV Chassis Technician

2010 AMA ATV MX Schedule

March 27-28                Millcreek Raceway                             Pell City, AL
April 17-18                  Balance Moto X                                  Bowling Green, KY
May 1-2                       Birch Creek Motorsports                    Danville, VA
May 15-16                   Sunset Ridge MX                               Walnut, IL
May 29-30                   Steel City Raceway                            Delmont, PA
June 12-13                   String Creek Motocross Park              Millville, MN
June 19-20                   Muddy Creek Raceway                      Blountville, TN
July 3-4                       Pleasure Valley                                   Armagh, PA
July 17-18                   Unadilla                                              New Berlin, NY
July 31-August 1         RedBud                                              Buchanan, MI
August 14-15              Loretta Lynn Ranch                            Hurricane Mills, TN

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