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MotoX Nutrition

Team Moto X Nutrition 2nd in Baja 500 and Retains Points Lead for Championship

Team MotoX Nutrition Baja 500 ATV
Team MotoX Nutrition Baja 500 ATV

We have made our way back up North from the 2010 Tecate SCORE Baja 500!  Our week in  Mexico went rather well, we managed to get our pre-running and finale race bike shake down done early in the week and every thing seemed to be working quite well.  This left us pre-running the start on Thursday, contingency & sign up on Friday.  All went well we had our pre-race riders meeting on Friday evening and we were set.

The race started off well, with Nick Nelson making  his way physically to the front of our class and right on the heals of class 25 which starts in front of our Class 24 by the time we made our first rider Change @ Race mile 37 in Ojos Negros.  From there it was time for our bike builder Kenny Sanford of S&S Motorsports to get on the bike.  This was Kenny's first time on the bike during a race down there since he first started supporting our team in 2008.  So with this he would be playing double duty by both riding as part of the team as well as taking care of the bike as lead mechanic.  Kenny had a few pre-race jitters but I felt that he would do well regardless, once he got on the bike.  The pit and rider swap went well and he was off and making dust as well as eating a fair amount too.

This early in the race all the competition is fairly tight so there is a tremendous amount of dust to deal with.  Kenny got out and started charging immediately and quickly caught a couple of dirt bike's that had went by during our short pit.  A hard right hander snuck up on him while doing 60 plus and eating dust.  He then found him self and the bike wrapped up in what has since been labeled the "Barbed-Wire Straight Jacket".  This guy works wonders of magic with building our race bike's and his talent doesn't stop there, as he pulled off his best Houdini maneuver to get him self freed up from a seemingly hopeless situation.  He then untangled the quad and fortunately both he and our race machine weren't any worse for ware other than a few scratches and wounded pride.  Kenny then remounted the quad and showed the same amount of heart and determination that he showed in building the machine.  He charged hard never giving up a single position during the remainder of his ride to Race Mile 96 and passed one of the Class 25 bikes on his way too boot.

When we put Jorie Williams on the bike at RM96 we had roughly 6 minutes on the rest of our class and were keeping Class 25 honest.  Jorie made great time over the summit, however as he was heading into the rough stuff he noticed that the dry break on top of the gas tank was leaking terribly.  He stopped several times and either was able to make it stop or he had lost enough fuel that it wasn't coming out any more.  I tend to believe it was the latter, as he was on the lake bed a mile and a half from the pit physically passing into 4th overall quad position and ran out of gas.  He tried raising our pit by radio with no luck.  Fortunately for us this kid has no quit in him and he immediately started pushing the quad with every thing he had.  The pit eventually saw him a came to his aide.  They got the machine fueled up, made a quick duct tape fix to the cap on the dry break that we would have to replace at each pit for the remainder of the race.

Micheal Kelley got on the bike and went to work.  We lost an hour and change during this mishap and slipped back to 15th overall and 10th in class, so at this point every rider would be required to ride their hearts out the remainder of the day to try and salvage a decent finish and as many points as possible for the championship standings.  Micheal had a good run to Borrego and I got on and took a bath in the fuel leaking out of the dry break till San Matias where we had to change out a tire and up-grade our duct tape dry break cap.  From this point Micheal got back on and road his butt off to the Valley De Trinidad pit.

An extremely fired up Jorrie Williams got back on the bike at this point and hung it out over the cross to the Pacific side at San Vicente where we were finally starting to see that we were making our way up in the standings  Nick Nelson waded his way through several more riders on the coast section in route to Santo Thomas.  I would then get on for the final leg of the race and make my way back over to Ojos Negros then into Ensenada for the finish.  When I got on the bike Kenny let me know on the radio that I was physically 10 min behind 2nd place which on corrected time made it 17 minutes so I new all I could do was charge hard and see how the cards fell.

We lucked out due to attrition as the team that was leading broke an axle on their way from Uruapan to Ojos so that put us in 2nd.  We had a quick and flawless pit in Ojos for our final pit stop and I made my way to the finish line from there.  We ended up 2nd in class for the day just 12 minutes and 45 seconds behind 1st and 6th over all quad.  This keeps us in a solid 1st place in the point standings for the Class 24 Championship.

I am genuinely proud of my team and pit support crews for their never give up approach under the adversity that we experienced during this race.  It is this kind of perseverance that wins championships and I am confident that we will be duking it out for the overall near future.

Words: Brandon Brown (Quad75)

Thanks to all of our sponsors that made this effort possible!

Moto X Nutrition, S&S Motorsports, Quad75.Com, Klim, Fox Racing Shox, Teixeira Tech, Maxxis, Hiper Technology, Rekluse, IMS, PWR, Wiseco, Maxima, FullBore, Spider Grips, Power Madd, Crower Power, UPP, Trail Tech, Scott, Bling Star,  UNI, MotoSport Hillsboro, Pirate Insurance, SCR Graphics, TCS, Precision Racing Products, Hot Rod Bill, Mark Garrett, Water Well Developing, Kelley Blocks.

Support Crew

Paulina Nelson, Michelle (The Cookie Lady), Kelly Sanford, Mike Kelley II, Bill Nelson, Brad Aboltin, Chino & Kenny Sanford!


Brandon Brown, Jorie Williams, Kenny Sanford, Nick Nelson & Micheal Kelley III

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