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Mushin Racing

Gibson & Brown Perpetuate Mushin Racing Pro Presence

Cody Gibson
Cody Gibson

Kodi Ward
Kodi Ward

Maci Devenport
Maci Devenport

Thomas Brown
Thomas Brown

Reynoldsburg, OH - (July 5, 2010) - The 2010 AMA-ATV Motocross Championship season has been a slow, steady progression for Mushin Racing's Pro MX'er Cody Gibson. Like climbing a ladder, one rung at a time, Gibson has continued his quest to to keep Mushin Racing on the Pro presence radar, especially after recovering from an early season injury and nursing his ride back to his potential form.

Out of the gate, reminiscent of his '09 form when he won both national titles in the Pro/Am classes, Gibson charged off the line at Round 8 of the 2010 Motocross Nationals in Armagh, PA at Pleasure Valley MX on the 4th of July. In both motos he headed around the holeshot in the top three, a prime example of what's to come as the series progresses and Gibson regains his health and confidence.

When both Pro motos were in the Round 8 score books, Gibson, after experiencing strong starts but fading as the twenty minutes plus two lap races progressed, managed to bring down his second consecutive top ten overall finish in as many rounds.

Mushin Racing's Thomas Brown continues to highlight the team's commitment to consistency. Brown, with two podiums on the season in the Pro class at the 2010 AMA-ATV Motocross Championship series, has found that on any given occasion all his race factors will come together and he can, and will, be a podium factor in each moto of each event. At Pleasure Valley Brown pulled down 8-7 moto scores to finish 7th overall for the event. After 8 of the 11 round season, he holds onto the 6th place position in the overall points standings, just twenty or so points out of the top five.

Mushin Racing Youth Claim 4 Pleasure Valley Podiums

Reynoldsburg, OH / July 5, 2010 / More and more, Mushin Racing's youth team finds itself standing on the podium at more and more events of the 2010 AMA-ATV Motocross Championship series. On the 4th of July at Pleasure Valley MX in Armagh, PA during Round 8 of this year's national series, Mushin Racing's Kodi Ward, Tanner Stockton and Maci Devenport carried the Mushin Racing colors to the podium in three separate classes.

In the 90 Automatic Junior (8-11) class, Kodi Ward put together 1-3 moto scores to finish the event with a 2nd place finish overall. This noted Wards second consecutive 2nd place finish in as many rounds and, after missing two rounds of this year's series due to an injury, indicated his desire to continue to climb to the top of the rankings. After 8 of 11 rounds he found himself a mere 3 points out of 6th and a meager 5 points away from notching himself into the top five in the class overall series' standings.

Tanner Stockton, a 90 Auto Senior (12-15) class Mushin Racing competitor, brought down a solid 3rd place overall finish in the class at Pleasure Valley and continued his march toward a top three ranking in the class. After the Armagh, PA round, Stockton sat in 5th place in the overall series' class standings, only 4 points out of 4th.

She's got what it takes and, as the 2010 MX Nationals head into the latter rounds of the season, she appears to be on a brutal mission of agitating numerous young male egos. Competing in the predominately male infested youth classes, Maci Devenport shows no indications of allowing the boys to get the best of her. At Pleasure Valley MX during Round 8 of the 2010 AMA-ATV Motocross Championship series, Devenport romped and stomped her way to a 2nd place overall finish in the 90 Auto Senior (12-15) class and elevated her overall series' ranking in the class from 3rd to 1st. To add injury to insult to her male counterparts, she also pulled in a 3rd place overall finish in the 90 CVT (8-15) class.

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