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Mushin Racing Scouting For 2011 Team Riders

Mushin Racing Scouting For 2011 Team Riders

Reynoldsburg, OH / August 9, 2010 /  Spit shine your ride and put it on the track with pride, performance, a good attitude and a racing character that will not only help Mushin Racing expose the sport but set the standard for sponsored racers who possess a positive presence both on and off the track.

Mushin Racing representatives will be at Loretta's Dirt Days on August 13th thru the 15th sizing up racers in all classes, including Pro, Amateur and Youth riders. Interested racers of all age classes may submit their resumes to Scott Ward, team owner, or Jody Bateman, team manager, at the Mushin Racing rig in the Pro pit area during the Loretta's event or email them to Scott at

"We're not only looking for racers who run the MX National series," Ward stated. "We're looking for quality racers with the right characteristics, demeanor and championship potential from all over the globe. We invite West Coast, or any coast for that matter, racers to submit their resumes to us. If you can't be at Loretta's, email them to us. We'll give you just as much consideration as someone we know."

Deadline for submitting Youth resumes is September 15th. Remember, Mushin Racing is very interested in how a youth rider does both on and off the track, but places the utmost interest on how a young racer is doing in school. Good grades are one of the things Ward looks at with considerable scrutiny. This applies to Amateur racers also.

Deadline for submitting Amateur (big bike) or Pro resumes is September 30th.

Once again, either hand deliver your resumes to Scott Ward or Jody Bateman at the Mushin Racing rig in the Pro pits at Loretta's on August 13th thru the 15th, or email them to Scott at

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