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2011 Pikes Peak International Hill Climb Welcomes Back Super Stars
Three Champions, Plus Millen, Dallenbach And Teenage Sensation Savannah Rickli Already Signed Up For 2011 Pikes Peak International Hill Climb On June 26 In Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs, February 23---------Veterans Paul Dallenbach and Rhys Millen have entered the Unlimited Division  for the 89th Pikes Peak International Hill Climb on June 26 in Colorado Springs, looking for yet another crack at the elusive ten-minute barrier on the legendary Hill.

They will join five-time Unlimited champion and record-holder Nobuhiro Tajima in the division, which expects additional high profile entries in what may be the best field in the historic event’s history. Tajima announced in December that he will return again this summer.

Dallenbach (Basalt, CO) and Millen (Huntington Beach, CA), finished 2-3 behind Tajima and his winning time of 10:11.490 last summer. Millen will compete for the 19th time this summer in the event. Dallenbach will be making his 16th Hill Climb appearance.

Also entered is last year’s Pikes Peak Open Division winner, Dave Carapetyan (Austin, TX), who is moving to the Unlimited Division this summer, Time Attack 2WD winner Jeff Zwart (Greenbrae, CA), and Super Stock champion and race vet Clint Vahsholtz (Woodland Park, CO).

Returning as well is last year’s big story, Littleton, Colorado teenager Savannah Rickli, who became the youngest female to finish the race when she piloted her 2003 Mini Cooper S to a third-place finish in the Time Attack 2WD division in 13:58.232 at just 16 years old. She’ll be attacking the Hill in June with SCR Performance manager Grant Barclay in the other seat.

To date, 95 motorcycle riders and 33 auto drivers have registered to compete in the event. At the same time last year, there were 20 drivers and 85 riders signed up, so a new record for overall competitors might be in the offing this summer. A total 169 were in the field last year.

The Pikes Peak International Hill Climb is the second oldest motorsports race in America behind the Indianapolis 500 and a long-standing tradition in Colorado Springs and the Pikes Peak Region. It began in 1916, and this year marks the 89th running of the "Race to the Clouds."

The race is run on a 12.42 mile course with 156 turns that begins at 9,390 feet and finishes at the 14,110 foot summit of America’s Mountain. As the drivers climb toward the summit, the thin air slows reflexes and saps muscle strength. The thin air also robs engines of 30% of their power at the summit. Competitors, vehicles and motorcycles must be in top shape simply to finish, let alone win!

The popular Fan Fest is scheduled for Friday evening, June 24 in downtown Colorado Springs, with a crowd of over 30,000 again anticipated.

Tickets, camping permits and all other information is available at the PPIHC website,
Prices start at just $40.00, a Family 4-Pack is an option at $125.00 and VIP ducats at $80.00.

A crowd of almost 5,000 spectators lined the Hill last year for the race.


UNLIMITED DIVISION: 1. Nobuhiro Tajima, Suzuki-10:11.490; 2. Paul Dallenbach, Chevy-10:39.534; 3. Rhys Millen, Hyundai-11:06.208

OPEN WHEEL DIVISION: 1. Spencer Steele, Wells Coyote-10:53.107; 2. Jimmy Keeney, Chevy-10:53.679; 3. Jimmy Olson, Wells Coyote-11:36.766; 4. Dave Wood, Wells Jerr Bear SPC-12:11.309; 5. Chris Strauch, Wells Coyote Stracoyote II-12:19.533; 6. Brian Scott, Datsun 240 Z-13:55.380; 7. Dan Novembre, Wells Coyote KMH-15:02.654; Andy Figueroa, Figwood-DNF; Lorie Wood, Wells Coyote Loopy-DNF.

PIKES PEAK OPEN DIVISION: 1. Dave Carapetyan, Mitsubishi Evolution-11:34.017; 2. Randy Schranz, Shelby Cobra-11:57.098; 3. Brad Lovell, Ford Ranger Pro-Light-13:17.323; 4. Davey Schmidt, Ford Mustang-14:05.580; 5. Gavin Skilton, Honda Ridgeline-14:50.273; 6. Ed Gaven, Factory Five Racer Challenge Series Racer-14:57.574; 7. Frank Maas, Mazda RX7-36:41.969; 8. Andrew Hawkeswood, Mitsubishi Evolution 8-DNF; 9. Dean Burling, Chevy S-10-DNF.

TIME ATTACK 4WD DIVISION: 1. Jeff Denmeade, Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution-11:53.212; 2. Karl Scheible, Subaru Sti-11:54.989; 3. Dave Kern, Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution-12:55.418.

TIME ATTACK 2WD DIVISION: 1. Jeff Zwart, Porsche-11:31.095; 2. Ken Stouffer, Nissan 240SX-13:19.056; 3. Savannah Rickli, Mini Cooper S-13:58.232; 4. Roy Tomkins, Toyota Corolla-14:04.268.

RALLY AMERICA DIVISION: 1. Dick Rockrohr, Subaru Impreza-13:13.898; 2. William Casell, BMW 318i-13:50.059; Andrew Comrie-Picard–DNF.

VINTAGE RACE CARS DIVISION: 1. Keith Davidson, Ford Fallon Sprint-13:21.437; 2. Thierry DaLatre Due Bosqueau, Ford Mustang Fastback-13:41.722; 3. Jess Neal, Plymouth Barracuda-13:54.834; 4.Michael Jones, Ford Mustang-13:56.921; 5. Bob Hill, Ford Mustang-14:08.041; 6. Robert Jimenez, Ford Mustang Coup-15:05.475; 7. Doug Allen, Ford Mustang-15:13.960; 8. Richard Bailey, Volvo 122 Amazon-15:15.812; 9. Don Adams, Chevy Camaro-15:17.768; 10. Tom Kreger, Lincoln Cosmopolitan-15:48.221; Richard Hockett, Austin Healey 3000/MKIII-DNF.

VINTAGE MODIFIED RACE CARS DIVISION: 1. Doug Mockett, Oldsmobile Super 88-13:05.710; 2. Charles Breed, Lister Roadster-14:47.941; 3. Gunter Sundag, Studebaker Commander-17:01.668; Ralph Murdock, Chevrolet Camaro-DNF.
SUPER STOCK DIVISION: 1. Clint Vahsholtz, Ford Mustang-11:33.320; 2. Layne Schranz, Chevrolet Monte Carlo-11:33.395; 3. Steve Goeglein, Chevy Camaro-11:53.797.

EXHIBITION CAR DIVISION: 1. JT Taylor, Raven JT Customs-14:07.620.

ELECTRIC DIVISION: 1. Ikuo Hanawa, EV Sports Concept-13:17.575.

EXHIBITION TRUCK DIVISION: 1. Mike Ryan, Freighliner Cascadia Truck-13:03.

1250 CC DIVISION: 1. Greg Tracy, Ducati MultiStrada-11:46.550; 2. Walker Pew, Buell XBSTT-12:35.551; 3. Alexander Smith, Ducati MultiStrada-12:53.381; 4. Rob Smith, Buell S1 Lightening-14:22.000.

750 CC DIVISION: 1. Gary Trachy, Ducati MultiStrada-11:33.710; 2. Stuart Sinclair, Aprilla SSW-SVX-11:57.575; 3. Jeff Grace, KTM 610 MR-11:58.254; 4. James McKay, Husaberg FS650C-12:46.483; 5. Rusty Wilson, Aprilla SXV550-13:09.320; 6. Chris Koxlien, KTM610SMR-13:21.400; 7. Dan Harmon, KTM 525 SMR-13:38.871; 8. David Montgomery, KTM 525MXC-13:43.034; 9. Ryan Sweeney, Aprilla SXV-13:53.209; 10. Malcolm Smith, Husaberg 570-13:58.733; 11. Jerry Brown, BMW G650X-13:59.350; 12. Loren Penland, KTM 525EXC-14:07.880; 13. Barry Brickner, KTM SMR-14:24.460; 14. Brianne Corn, Honda XR600R-14:33.459.

450 CC SUPERMOTO DIVISION: 1. Leeland Sinclair, Honda CRF-12:24.186; 2. Craig Gleason, Yamaha YZ426-12:41.351; 3. Rob Berendes, Honda CRF450-13:10.908; 4. Chris Thomas, Honda CRF450R-13:15.862; 5. Greg Nichols, Yamaha YZ450F-13:16.989; 6. Frank Potucek, Yamaha CRF450F-13:39.357; 7. Tim Vesely, Honda CRF450X-13:49.511; 8. Richard Sydney, Yamaha YZ450F-14:02.768; 9. Clint Magoon, Yamaha YZ-14:02.939; 10. Matt Whetton, KTM SFX450-14:24.557; 11. Josh Kennedy, Yamaha YZ-14:39.675; 12. Andrew Phillips, BMW G450X-14:50.997; 13. Mark Simpson, KTM SX-14:53.929; 14. Tom Specht, Honda CRF450-16:18.170; 15. John Scollon, Kawasaki KLE 650-16:55.800; Greg Chicoine, Kawasaki KX450 SPPR-DNF.

450 CC DIVISION: 1. Joe Prussiano, Honda CRF 450-12:15.883; 2. Travis Newbold, Honda CRF450R-12:27.926; 3. Darryl Lujan, Honda CR500R-12:42.263; 4. Mark Woodward, Kawasaki KX500-12:58.800; 5. Eddie Tafoya, KTM SX-13:01.260; 6. Tom McCarthy, Honda CRF450-13:11.000; 7. Teague Sawyer, Honda CRF450R-13:11.256; 8. Marty Stainaker, Honda CRF450R-13:15.243; 9. Doug Chestnutt, Yamaha WR-500-13:27.558; 10. Charlie Ford, Honda CRF450-13:30.182; 11. Dave Stock, Honda CRF450R-13:30.246; 12. Paul Lane, Honda CRFR-13:30.932; 13. Steven Krall, Honda CRF450-13:33.511; 14. Michael Fogarty, KTM 450 EXC-13:34.316; 15. Mike Kassebaum, Honda CRF 450R-13:40.436; 16. Mark Bartle, Honda CRF450R-13:59.197; 17. Mitch Trom, Honda CRF450-14:01.370; 18. Mike Scersella, Honda CRF450R-14:05.275; 19. Dale Vanderburg, Honda CRF450-14:31.300; 20. Kamsey Durelle, Honda CRF450-14:40.447; 21. Mark Niemi, Honda CR450F-15:06.842; 22. Dean Mizes, Suzuki DRZ400-15:19.759.

250 CC DIVISION: 1. Davey Durelle, Kawasaki KX250-12:27.239; 2. Daniel Berendes, Honda CR250F-12:56.270; 3. Jeff Dello, Yamaha YZ250-13:40.589; 4. Joey Hamilton, Yamaha YZ250-13:41.518; 5. Lloyd McGregor, Suzuki RMZ250-13:50.076; 6. Jim Buchner, Honda CR250R-14:03.062; 7. Brice Cooper, Honday CRF250R-14:28.057; 8. Jimi Heyder, Suzuki HRM250-14:29.485; 9. Sharon Maitland, Honda CR 250-14:29.813; 10. Daniel Perry, Honda CRF250R-14:30.722; 11. Randy Belisle, Yamaha YZ-14:40.151.

QUAD 500 CC DIVISION: 1. Michael Coburn, Honda 450R-11:44.460; 2. Theo Bernhard, Suzuki LT 500-12:09.153; 3. James Vidmar, Yamaha Banshee-12:14.642; 4. Alex Helton, Yamaha Duncan Racing-12:23.743; 5. Mike Tollett, Suzuki LT 500 R-12:33.386; 6. Chad Hazelton, Yamaha Banshee-12:59.407; 7. Chris Wagner, Yamaha Banshee-13:12.772; 8. Jim Goertz, Yamaha Banshee-14:05.430; 9. Tim Fleming, Can-Am DS650-14:10.766; 10. Joe Portillo, Yamaha Trackmaster-14:17.303; 11. Jason Mays, Yamaha Banshee-14:27.707; 12. Sterling North, Yamaha Banshee-17:44.151
QUAD 450 CC DIVISION: 1. Robert Kline, Honda 450-12:44.870; 2. Troy Smith, Suzuki LTR 450-13;00.149; 3. Michael Taylor, Suzuki LTZ400-13:38.583; 4. Craig Kilday, Yamaha YFZ 450-13:41.649; 5. Jeff Wright, Honda TRX-13:52.188; 6. Mark Wellauer, Can-Am DS450-13:55.637.

SIDECAR DIVISION: 1. Dave Hennessy, Suzuki EML-15:32.706; 2. John-Thomas Wood, Yamaha WASP-16:39.557.
VINTAGE MOTORCYCLE DIVISION: 1. Chuck Lee, Triumph Champion-12:58.670; 2. Eddie Mulder, Triumph Bonneville-13:32.910; 3. Mickey Alzola, Triumph E.M. Ltd.-14:04.000; 4. Bobby Spann, Triumph T120-14:06.845; 5. Herb Wolff, Triumph Eddie Mulder-14:49.145; 6. BJ Bjornsrud, Yamaha XS650-15:14.026; 7. Joe Blackwell, Suzuki LT 500 R-16:03.445; 8. Graham Foster, Triumph Metisse-16:06.716; 9. Ted Hubbard, Yamaha Eddie Mulder-16:46.101; Dan Beher, BSA A-10 Spitfire-DNF.

EXHIBITION POWERSPORT DIVISION: 1. Doug Siddens, Polaris RZR-S-14:03.458; 2. John Scollon, Aprilla RXV-16:55.849; Kevin Colwell, Can-Am Renegade-DNF; Paul Thede, Lightning DB2-DNF.

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