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Mushin Racing

Mushin Racing's Impressive Youth Outing

Aston Ward
Aston Ward

Cam Covil
Cam Covil

Kodi Ward
Kodi Ward

Andrew Cicconne
Andrew Cicconne

(Reynoldsburg, OH - 5/10/2011) When a youth ATV team brings home two class wins, a second place finish, and two fourth place overall positions at an event, one would be hard pressed not to use the word "impressive" in describing that team's weekend of racing. Mushin Racing's Kodi Ward, Cam Covil, Ashton Ward and Andrew Ciccone, all played their part in improving the statistics of the team at Sunset Ridge MX during Round 5 of the 2011 AMA-ATV Motocross Championships on May 7th and 8th in Walnut, Illinois.

With a backdrop of corn fields being prepped for planting, these four Mushin Racing team members did a little on track planting of their own to bring home a total of four moto wins and three podium appearances. As they say in the statistical world...three out of four ain't bad...not bad at all.

Enjoying his second year as a member of the team, Kodi Ward continued his dominance of the 90 Auto Jr. (8-11) class by posting two moto wins and taking the overall Sunset Ridge event win in the class. Ward's performance added to his string of wins in the class, bringing his total to three. And, when you have three wins in a class during the first five rounds, you have the points lead. Kodi led the overall series' rankings in the 90 Auto Jr. class by 20 points over second after the Illinois round.

Not faring as well in the 70 Modified (6-11) ranks over the first four rounds of the season, Kodi stepped up his game in the class and with a 4th place overall at Sunset, found himself tied for fourth in the class rankings, a mere thirteen points out of a podium position in the series' standings.

When you stick with a winner you're team prospers in more ways than one. Acting as one of the senior member of the Mushin Racing Youth team, Cam Covil competes in the 90 Modified (8-15) class and, according to various pundits of the sport...could run with the big boys if he was old enough to compete in their classes.

Covil, a native of Florida, added another impressive run to his resume at Sunset Ridge MX. With 1-1 moto scores, Covil easily took the win from the drop of the gate to the wave of the checkers. His Round 5 win netted him his fourth win on the season in the class and a fifteen point spread between himself and second place in the overall standings.

Sporting the race number of his hero, Travis Pastrana, young Ashton Ward loves to mix it up with the competition in the 50 Limited Jr. (4-6) class. Grabbing the holeshot in moto one at Sunset Ridge, Ashton went on to finish third in that moto. After getting another good start in the second moto, he went on to finish second and took home second overall for the event. His consistent finishes all season long, finishing in the top five at all of the first five rounds, with three of those finishes on the podium in second and third, Ashton holds down the third place overall in the series' rankings...just five points out of second.

Mushin Racing's Andrew Ciccone had his share of mulligans during the first four rounds of the 2011 AMA-ATV Motocross Championships but didn't let that get him down. Putting on his race face and ready for competition, Ciccone went out at Sunset Ridge in the 90 CVT (8-15) class and put in his best performance on the season. With 5-5 moto scores, Andrew brought home the fourth place overall for the event, a place he should be, maybe better, and a place he plans to improve on in the upcoming rounds.

Due to his luck during the first four rounds, Ciccone has yet to break the top ten in the overall series' standings in the class. But, with a good run at the remaing six rounds, and, since he's only four points shy of tenth place in the rankings at this point, this young ATV racer from New Jersey should be able to overcome his early season adversity and finish well up in the standings.

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